After Shots and Tear Gas Brazil Calls on Haiti to Reconcile and Find Peace

In a note the Brazilian Foreign Ministry (Itamaraty) called on Haitian politicians "to reach an understanding within the law in a spirit of conciliation."

During the presidential elections last week there was chaos due to a somewhat disorganized voting process: too many people and too many lines (there were lines to check documents, lines to get ballots and lines to vote).

Brazilian soldiers, as part of the UN Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH), on duty at polling stations, were forced to fire into the air and use tear gas to control the multitude on various occasions.

The note from the Ministry expresses hope for the strengthening of democracy in Haiti "in a peaceful and serene manner."

The Brazilian general who commands the United Nations (UN) military troops in Haiti, José Elito Siqueira, declared that the UN stabilization mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) achieved its strategic objective, which was to guarantee security and stability so that general elections could be held.

A provisional government has been ruling the country since the February, 2004, political crisis that resulted in the ouster of President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Tuesday, February 14, the UN Security Council decided to extend the MINUSTAH’s mandate for another six months, coinciding with the initial phase of the newly elected government, which, as of this moment, is still incomplete, since the presidential race may have to be decided in a runoff election.

In general Siqueira’s view, this period will be important in terms of providing continuity to the effort made up to this point.



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    What about Brazil democracy….
    …when vote buying prevails ??????

    What about Brazilian law…with so much impunity in corruption……no guilty persons on thousands of killings ?.

    And about the colonel who was just absolved of having killed 102 prisoners in 1992.
    The trial needed 9 years. Then the colonel has been punished with 632 years in prison ! YES 632 years, no typing mistake !

    And after only 4 years in jail….he was just pardoned by the Brazilian Justice !!!!!!!!!!!


    Why then does Brazil wants to give lessons on democracy and justice to the world ??????

    Do you really wish that the world adopts your laws and democracy…with so much injustices, corruptions and impunity ???????

    You are the shame of this planet !
    The worst of the worst !

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