In Brazil, Bono Calls Lula Something the World Never Saw

Pop star Bono met with Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva this weekend for lunch at the Granja do Torto (a presidential retreat just outside the city of BrasÀ­lia). Bono said that he intends to donate the guitar he will use in his shows in São Paulo to the Zero Hunger program.

Speaking to reporters, Bono said that he believed Zero Hunger was a viable program. "It is something that is possible. But it has to be organized, it has to have a strategy. And it must not be seen as just a leftist thing. If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved," he said.

Bono said he meeting with Lula "was great and the lunch was marvelous." He went on to say that the 21st century should be Latin America’s century, "and Brazil is the Latin American leader." He said that Lula was something new in the world.

This was the second time Bono and Lula have gotten together. They first met in Davos at the World Economic Summit last year.

The Lula-Bono lunch consisted of typical Brazilian dishes and fruit. The beverages served were non-alcoholic.


Lula spoke with the pop star about the Brazilian National Biodiesel Program and measures to combat poverty in Brazil.

According to presidential spokesman, André Singer, Lula told Bono about the biodiesel project, which will provide the country with a new, clean, renewable energy source that will also create jobs. Biodiesel is produced from oilseed plants (castor beans, sunflowers, and soybeans).

The government estimates that for each industrial job, biodiesel will generate a thousand jobs in agriculture. According to Singer, biodiesel production has already spawned 60,000 jobs in Brazil. He said that the total number of jobs expected to be created by the end of Lula’s term is 100,000.

Agência Brasil


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  • gus

    My opinion
    well I’m an 18 year Brazilian who lives in the u.s. and kind have an perspective on both sides. One I don’t think Bono is trying to get popular by helping and two if he is then why does it matter isn’t he still helping people? if everyone was like that and helped people the we wouldn’t have a problem would we? I believe that Brazil is finally on its way to becoming a better country I wish it did that while I still lived there but really I believe it will be one of the world powers in a couple decades maybe less just as long as we can keep the corrupt politicians out of power. We have smart enough to people to make it work and our country has the space and resources and technology to do it all. Biodiesel is a great thing i don’t think it will solve the social gap but if we are smart about it we can make some changes. either way I think Bono is a good guy and is only trying to help if everyone that had as much power as him did the same things could be different.

    Gustavo Bessa

  • Jade Chang

    End proverty is my words.

  • Guest

    You are obviously arrogant and lack the sufficient intelligence to coherently formulate a paragraph without the improper use of profanity. Oh wait, I guess my words might be too big for your 8th grade level vocabulary.

    The truth of the matter is that some have the means to live lavishly and some do not. Bono has the means to travel in a personal jet and live in a big house but he does so without neglecting the issues around him. You, my friend, perhaps has never been heard of. Further more, your popularity and status is not doing the world any favors.

    So, instead of bickering about how much money Bono and the Edge have and how they do not have the right to speak on world hunger, why don’t you raise as much money and awareness to the issue and solve it yourself. Maybe then someone will feel sympathy to your bitter cause.

  • Guest

    To the writer above:
    Thanks for shining some light on the actual situation in Brazil today. It is refreshing to read some inteligent information based on facts as the one above. I find it however facinating the shear numbers of foreign experts that don’t have the minimum backround in the country’s economical, sociological history (and probably can’t even find the fucking country on the world’s map) much less to speak the language well enough to fully understand the economical and social leaps the country is experiencing at this point in it’s history.
    Let me say this again… it is not about Lula being a nought bad guy…or a good litle boy, but about a country with enormous proportions and prospects with it’s diversity of races and social stratus, finally politically maturing together as a nation. The sence of belonging and inclusion for all brazilians… and Lula is very much a part of that.
    Yes Brazil should had done that a few years ago…take the kids off the streets, open the schools and school’s programs 7 days a week, distribute and invest heavely on social programs, create jobs in all sectors, re-structuring of distribution of land and low interest loans… well guess what… they are doing exactly that now folks. They now understand that all the Embraer, Petrobras and Sao Paulo’s of the world don’t means shit unless the social disparity problem is solved once and for all.
    Take care guys and all the best to all of you.
    Jorge Correa

  • Guest

    Bono Calls Lula Something the World Neve
    In response to the comment above:
    that clearly comes from a Brazilian ultra-conservative who morally supports the military rightwing dictatorship which controlled the government for 24 years until 1988. The fact is, like him or not, Lula is the very first working class (or any non-wealthy aristocratic class) person to be elected president in Brazil EVER, and the only president to not be from a long line a wealthy, ultraright wing, corrupt puppies of the U.S.

    Moreover, thanks in part to Lula’s cracking down on federal level corruption Brazil is probably at its LEAST CORRUPT point in its very corrupt history. You can check this in the news by seeing how many federal agents he had arrested for corruption since he took office. We are talking about a country which ten years ago (under Fernando Henrique Cordoso) had police gunning down street children and getting away with it, as well as having a privatization plan which did nothing but increase enormously Brazil’s poverty and violence. And Fernando Cordoso did absolutely nothing to Right these Wrongs.

    The so-called “Vote Buying” hasn’t been proven yet (it is being investigated) and the participants are basically congressman and local politicians (like mayors) which involved ridiculous amounts of money like USD$10,000 for putting up campaign posters. Blaming the president for what congressman do is forgetting that the government is a three branch system (unfortunately, with checks and balances that didn’t work). The U.S. still buys election votes, so the practice didn’t start in Brazil under Lula, DUH!

    All of the right wing presidents since 1988 were aided by Vote Buying through the Brazilian media, totally munipulating the election in their favor. This is proven, and you can even get old tapes of the presidential debates to see how they were edited to make the media’s candidate come out on top of the polls. Lula is by far the LEAST corrupt politician to step foot in the presidency EVER. His problem is that he is an idealist in a country which doesn’t have ideals, and subject to the corrupt forces of past governments and a extremely corrupt media and corrupt local governments.

    By the way, Brazil is in fact at its best point in history economically (Brazil Risk is at it lowest since it was first measured!), inflation and unemployment are down. IF THE COUNTRY AIN’T BROKE, DON”T FIX IT, STUPID!

  • Guest

    So that twit Bono has donated a guitar. Good. That’s what hungry people need. I think hungry people don’t have enough guitars. And what’s best is, that it’s a really cheap piece of ‘feel-good’ for the publicity-seeking moron.

  • Guest

    The World Bank doesnt agree !!!!!
    The World Bank published a report entitled “Poverty Reduction and Growth: Virtuous and Vicious Circles”, which stated the obvious that very high levels of social and income inequality obstruct growth in Latin America and reduce investments. According to the study, the region will only be able to compete with China and other Asian nations when it deals with poverty and inequality more aggressively. Sadly, the greedy and corrupt in the region are unlikely to read the report and even if they do, they will say that they are doing very well thank you.

  • Guest

    still good for nothing . . .
    Just because the man raises money on the back of his music and reputation does not make him an expert on world hunger. I raised some money for Doctor’s Without Borders once- I think that entitles me to lecture the world on the plight of AIDS stricken sub-saharan Africa don’t you??

    I live in an enormous house(s) and travel the world on a laer jet – don’t tell me I can’t relate to the average starving Ethiopian . . . Wake up – you are bought and paid for by the mainstream media pal!

  • Guest

    Answer to ” Bono good for nothing”
    You almost had me believing in you…if it wasn’t for your obviuosly lack of reading… Bono for your information, has been involved in world hunger and other issues in the african continent for over twenty years… he is one of the few “celebrities” that actually uses his status to the good of needy and the under represented of the world… don’t take my word on that “read the man’s resume as well as the nobel’s price historical contenders and you will realize that “Bono” has raised more money and mobilized more missions than many of the world’s biggest philanthropists…so now we are going to slander the man because he can also play the guitar…???

  • Guest

    Bono Calls Lula Something the World Neve
    Bono is right !

    – Lula legalized corruption.
    – Lula invented the vote buying practice !
    – Lula has never ever done what he said he would do just six months earlier.

    Effectively, Lula is the biggest liar on earth !!!!
    Facts are that during his first 4 years mandate, he is on record to have accomplished the LOWEST GROWTH OF ALL
    And worse, he is on his way for a second 4 years mandate because he is proud of his achievements of total failure !

    Contrary to what he is telling you, your future is not rosy. And he is the one to blame.

    He betrayed his political friends and betrayed all the brazilian electors who voted for him !!!!!!

    True shame, sad reality !

  • Guest

    Has anyone else just lost any remaining shred of respect they had for this asshole? Bono Nox as in Bono Noxious. This faggot makes me want to puke lately. Fucking celebrity know-it-alls like him suddenly have the answer to poverty and hunger – THANK GOD we can call off the scientists and farmers (diletants) and leave the real work to a couple of morons who call themselves Bono and The Edge.

    I for one feel like we are right on the Edge – the edge of disaster when we listen to the same guys who made Achtung Baby and Lemon lecture us on hunger, especially when they endorse a lying scumbag like Lula. God bless rock stars. What’s next? – Maybe The Eagles will find a cure for cancer and Jennifer Aniston, Pamela Anderson and Sean Penn can also save us from some horrific fate. I heard that George Clooney is about to introduce a trial H5N1 vaccine!! I for one will sleep easier at night.

  • Guest

    Good for Bono
    I would like to say that I am glad something is getting done in Brazil. As a 14-year-old doing a study on Brazilian street children, I know a small fraction of the living hell these kids find themselves in. I’ve also been doing research on the death squad situation, and I believe that reducing the income gap and helping to boost the economy will help resolve the situation. Not completely, but it will help.

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