Bolivia Accuses Brazil of Using Venezuela to Get Cheaper Gas Prices

The president of Bolivia’s state petroleum company said Monday, February 20, that suggestions Brazil could buy cheaper gas elsewhere were meant to pressure his company as it negotiates new deals with neighboring countries.

Ildo Sauer, director of gas and energy for Petróleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras, said recently his country could save US$ 30 million per day by buying gas from Venezuela rather than Bolivia.

Jorge Alvarado, president of Yacimientos Petroleros Fiscales de Bolivia, said the possibility of Venezuela selling gas to Brazil at one-third of the Bolivian price is "unreal."

"I don’t find this information very credible and it seeks to pressure Bolivia while it’s trying to negotiate new prices with Brazil and Argentina," Alvarado said.

Alvarado blamed the Argentine and Brazilian press, saying they were looking to "damage the negotiations between the governments of Brazil and Bolivia."

President Evo Morales, who took power last month, has vowed to increase state control of the country’s vast natural gas reserves as well as get better prices for the gas it sells to Brazil and Argentina.

Brazil relies on Bolivia for most of its gas supply and Petrobras has begun talks with the Bolivian government on renegotiating production and sales contracts.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez recently proposed sending Venezuelan gas to Brazil and Argentina through a 10,000-kilometer (6,200-mile) pipeline. Venezuela has Latin America’s largest natural gas reserves, followed by Bolivia.

Oil experts say the pipeline project would be a huge technical challenge that could cost as much as US$ 40 billion and environmentalists say it could prompt massive deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon region.
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  • Zudus

    When something happen with a latin coutry everbody just criticize but what they don’t see is that coutries like USA, Germany, French what they is that they buy resources with very low prices from coutries like Brazil, Mexico, some Africans coutries so this is correct? Isn’t this the same problem that the Latin American coutris have? I THINK YOU GUYS SHOULD SHUT UP SOMETIMES AND THINK ABOUT IT!!!! BECAUSE IN THE END IS THE SAME THING!!!!

  • Guest

    TRUE DAT!!
    Brazil, Argentina and company love to complain about how America subsidizes its products but look how they make these sweet little deals amongst themselves regarding limiting imports of specific products. Can anyone say hypocricy? Can’t have it both ways you fucking pinko Mao wannabes. YOU WILL FAIL. YOU ALL ACT LIKE COMMUNISTS BUT STEAL AND DEAL LIKE CAPITALISTS (especially when it comes to exports like the last poster said). YOU ARE DOOMED TO FAIL BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY A ZEBRA CANT CHANGE ITS STRIPES AND LATIN AMERICANS ARE CRIMINALS AT HEART AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!

  • Guest

    but who is really surprised !
    Mercorsur members fight against each others.
    Uruguay and Paraguay are dissatisfied of how they are being treated by the 2 big brothers, Brazil and Argentina.
    Every one is against neo liberalism but nonetheless they want to buy at the cheapest price possible to their little brothers and sell at the highest price possible outside.
    They are against neo liberalism on their purchases but 1000 % neo liberalists opn their exports. quite a contradiction.
    Argentine is blocking bridges and roads at the Uruguay border because of the new pulp mills being built in Uruguay.
    There is some fight on trades between Argentina and Brazil. They “resolved” their problems by an agreement to limit exports of certain products both ways. That is totally contradictory not only to Mercosur ideology but also totally contradictory to what Argentina and Brazil are requesting at the WTO.
    Furthermore Argentina and Brazil want to “help” Bolivia, but by buying their gas at a lower price than International market prices ! Great “help” !
    Venezuela is helping Argentina, Brazil, Cuba with specialé favorable deals, but at the expense of the Venezuelian society, far poorer than Argentina and Brazil.
    Chavez is just buying and paying to gain more power in the region.
    Morales, the guy who said he is against neoliberalism and if elected will be the “nightmare” of the USA, is now himself asking to open negotations with the FTAA because he has goods to sell, as he said. Quite a contradiction there too.
    Before his election he said he is pro coca growers (even their leader for years) and just last week he signed a deal with the USA restricting the coca culture!
    Brazil is highly critical on the USA but is quite happy to have them not only as their biggest trading partner but also with whom they did by far their largest trading surplus of around US$ 10 billions.

    Simply stated Mercosur members have irreconciliable problems, they do the exact opposite of what they say, they lie between themselves, but sign deals between themselves that they are opposed to sign on an International level.

    All these countries have governments that no one should trust because they have absolutely no credibility !

    Mercosur countries will fail miserably in the not too distant future.

    The bill will be very expensive, but at the expenses of their own societies !

    BOOM AND BUST, BOOM AND BUST, BOOM AND BUST economies you have been for the the last centuries and so you will remain for the decades to come.

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