Brazilian Government Gets Record Revenue for January

Brazil’s Total government revenue in January was a record for the month: US$ 20.5 billion (43.7 billion reais). However, January government revenue was down 13.4%, compared to December.

The Social Security System (Previdência Social) had a 9.37% increase in its revenues, while income tax revenue for the government rose 7.25%, compared to January 2005.

Here is a breakdown on government revenue for January 2006. Income tax revenue reached 10.894 billion reais (up 6.66% over January 2005); the Social Security Contribution (Contribuição para a Seguridade Social) (Cofins) reached 7.952 billion reais (+ 5,10%); and the Social Contribution on Net Profits (Contribuição Social sobre Lucro Lí­quido) (CSLL) reached 3.035 billion reais (+ 12,69%).

The government also received 2.403 billion reais from its debit tax on financial transactions (Contribuição sobre Movimentação Financeira) (CPMF) and 2.250 billion reais from its Industrial Property Tax (Imposto sobre Propriedade Industrial) (IPI) and 2.086 billion reais from PIS/Pasep.



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