Brazil Accuses US and EU of Exporting Poverty to the Poor

Brazil is willing to show the "necessary flexibility" to successfully conclude the World Trade Organization Doha Round talks, announced Monday, July 17, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in St. Petersburg.

Speaking during the Group of Eight (G8) meeting in Russia, Lula said he would instruct the Brazilian negotiating delegation to show the necessary flexibility "with the purpose of achieving an ambitious and balanced Doha Round" to expand and liberalize global trade.

But, "I don’t expect less from my colleagues meeting here", added Lula addressing the leaders of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Russia.

G8 members invited Brazil, Mexico, India, China and South Africa, to participate Monday in a closed session to address among other issues, global trade in the framework of the WTO. Doha Round negotiations have been stalled because of the conflicting positions between the leading members of WTO.

Before the meeting the Brazilian president said that "lack of leadership" from the most powerful economies was behind the current situation in global trade negotiations.

"The Doha Round negotiations are in crisis. But it is political rather than technical, and mainly because lack of leadership" underlined Lula da Silva.

Import duties, which protect rich countries markets, and billions of dollars handed out to farmers are "excessive, illegal and inhumane" and only help to "export poverty" to developing countries struggling to have access to developed countries markets.

"Poor countries don’t need favors, rather fair trade conditions", he insisted.

Last week before flying to Russia the Brazilian president said WTO negotiations couldn’t advance further from a technical point of view, but to keep advancing a "political decision" from the leaders of the most industrialized countries was needed.

Over the past few months Lula has spoken by telephone several times with the U.S. President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and French Premier Jacques Chirac in an attempt to convince them that the developing world needs "a break".

Some 100 developing countries, among them Brazil and India, agreed July 1st in Geneva to negotiate as a bloc to save the Doha Round after talks in the Swiss city on global trade stalled.

Talks in Geneva stalled amid disagreement over how much rich countries should lower farm subsidies and tariffs and how much developing nations should open their markets for manufactured and industrial goods.

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  • ch.c.

    dead wrong !
    Brazil has far more import taxes, trade barriers and duties than developed nations.
    Agriculture exports represents a relatively small part, even to the Brazilian GDP. On the other hand you tax heavily the importation of cars, PC, services etc etc. You want that the developped nations builds plants in your country, so that you can produce cars yourselves.

    Thus why dont we do the same….in agriculture ! Just send us your farmers to produce here the agriculture products ! And also it will be up to you to make the investments….here !

    As to the poverty we “export” it is simply dead wrong !
    – you have less poverty than before because developed nations made heavy investments in YOUR country that created millions of jobs.
    – The EU is already importing a full ONE THIRD of your agricultural exports. Why dont you or cant sell more to others ? The EU population is only is 6 % of the world population but is buying 33 % of your agricultural exports !
    – Dont we have the same right to defend and protect our farmers as you protect your industries ?

    And finally coincerning again the “export” of poverty….sorry but you cant give a lesson to anyone : is Brazil not the country with the world highest poverty rate WHEN COMPARED TO YOUR GDP PER CAPITA ?????

    Yesssss……you are ! You are not a poor country with a PPP of $ 8800.- per capita !

    Your arrogance will be costly…in the not too distant future ! Even car manufacters wants to reduce their production due to your high costs and implements new plants elsewhere ! How can you be poor and be non competitive in cars production….for example ????????
    Volkswagen says your workers costs is 25 % too high and wants to move some production to Argentina, a country wealthier than you on a GDP per capita !!!!!!

    Strange….isnt it ????

  • guest


    “Import duties, which protect rich countries markets, and billions of dollars handed out to farmers are “excessive, illegal and inhumane” and only help to “export poverty” to developing countries struggling to have access to developed countries markets.

    “Poor countries don’t need favors, rather fair trade conditions”, he insisted.”

    Well one has to subsidize farmers when they’re competing with people making $150 per month!!! Excessive, illegal and inhumane? That sounds like the working conditions and the minimum salary in Brazil!! And as far as fair trade conditions, that works BOTH ways, you don’t see the U.S. or E.U. taxing many imports 100% and MORE than 100% than the very cost of the products!!!!!

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