100 Birds Die in Brazil. Country on Alert for Bird Flu.

100 birds died of unknown reasons in a farm in the city of Volta Redonda, southeastern state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

The city’s Sanitary Surveillance Agency sent for lab analysis, this Friday, March 3, samples collected from the birds, and from the water of the lake located at the Barreirinha Farm.

The Lanagro Laboratory, of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, located in Campinas, state of São Paulo, will analyze the material.

The Agency’s Coordinator, Carlos Amaro, said that ducks, geese, wild ducks and fish (totaling 10 kilos) died Monday, February 27, in that farm in the municipality’s rural area. He affirms that this occurrence is not common in the region.

As precautionary measures they closed the area, communicated the fact to the Ministry of Agriculture, collected material, burned dead birds and fish, and started monitoring neighboring properties, which have not had any problems. Amaro said that these sanitary procedures will be maintained in the region, until they get the lab result.

The Coordinator said that, before dying, those animals did not show symptoms of bird flu. And he added that, a week ago, a rat extermination procedure was conducted in the property.



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    the answer to your question MR could be “Media Brain Washing”. Everyday Media are hammering us with always the same news, making us believe whatever will be useful to strengthen social beliefs. The result is if today I find a dead bird’s body on my balcony with a bullet inside I might well think at first that it could be coming from Asia with Bird Flu illness. So I will not touch it and call immediately the Health Service… And I think I am not the only one here in this case. WE learn a lot to be ignorant in many cases if we only get the information from the Media TV, newspaper, etc…
    Being informed today doesn’t mean to be knowledgeable, certainely far from it…

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    The person that wrote that stupid comment must NOT be a Brazilian and knows NOTHING about the country. We do not need to call the U.S. for this reason yet because it is NOT said the birds were died from such flu. If you read the context, you will see it says they died of UNKNOWN REASON. Why do certain kind of people think we are not capable of coping with our own problems and do not mind their own businness? I think you, ferrou, should learn about Brazil and think better before you state your opinion.

  • Guest

    I hope that’s not Bird flu cause brazil has no way to deal with that right now. They should call the U.S. or someone to test those bird before just burning them. How stupid. Don’t burn all the birds without collecting data.

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