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Mato Grosso State Becomes Brazil’s Main Focus of Slavery

Mato Grosso, the largest state in the Center-West region and one of Brazil’s major agricultural frontiers, leads the country in the number of workers released from slave labor.

They were set free by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment’s (MTE) mobile inspection groups. According to MTE data, 1,411 workers were freed last year in the state.

The problem in Mato Grosso is aggravated by the struggle over land and the number of one-crop landed estates that recruit labor from other states.

That is why the Land Pastoral Commission (CPT), coordinated by the Catholic Church, considers Mato Grosso to be the state with the greatest agrarian conflict in Brazil.

On February 8, an action by the MTE’s mobile inspection group was received with gunfire by the Mato Grosso Military Police. The confrontation drew a note of condemnation from the National Commission for the Eradication of slave Labor (CONATRAE), which decided to hold its next meeting in the state.

Moreover, the governor of the state, Blairo Maggi, was invited at the time to participate in a meeting to discuss the situation, avert new confrontations, and engage in a mutual planning process.

The Minister of the Special Secretariat of Human Rights (SEDH), Paulo de Tarso Vannuchi, and the minister of Labor and Employment, Luiz Marinho, travelled to Mato Grosso Tuesday, March 7, to discuss the situation with the governor.

"The state of Mato Grosso is a state with a high incidence of complaints. That explains the decision to hold the CONATRAE meeting in Cuiabá (the state capital), as we did in Imperatriz to discuss the situation in Maranhão," Vannuchi affirmed.

On March 28, the ministers will be together again in Mato Grosso at the meeting of the CONATRAE, which is linked to the SEDH. There they will discuss a joint action plan, involving the federal and state government and the state’s productive sector, to eradicate slave labor in Mato Grosso.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    Stunned Tourist
    I must say I’m a completely stunned tourist!!! When I saw the title of this news piece I thought it was Historical.
    I recently returned from my first trip and Carnival in Brazil. I recalled visiting some of the historical sites and reading that Brazil was the last Country on the Planet to Abolish Slavery!!! But I didn’t think this could still exist TODAY!!!! KNOWN SLAVERY!!!! IN 2006!!!!

    The 70% functional illiteracy now makes sense!! The larger population must just not know that this @#$%^& exists!!! And the TV Media and Slave Masters are all probably in Bed together. So much for my beautiful thoughts of Brazil!!!! Yuuuuucck!!!!!

  • Guest

    I see where you are coming from and all the propaganda that exists, but don’t think everyone is fooled by the exotic tropical paradise which Brazil is sold on because this is only cosmetic

    Anyone who is intersted only have to do a search on the internet on human rights issues and inequalities etc and a whole load of depraved shit comes up which is mind boggling.

    If is any help to you please note this excerpt:

    “There are clear signs of a kind of creeping dictatorship by certain Presidents and Ministers, and signs of the use of parlimentary majorities to influence the decisions of speakers and efforts to influence the courts”.

    “There has also been a trend for most governments and Presidents to become arrogant and dictatorial where they are often known to disrespect their countries constitutions which are suppose to guarentee the true fundamental rights and freedoms of its people”.

    “They appear to show utter contempt for the rights and interests of their citizens, operate as if the governments belong to them personally, and as if the governments and its resources of its country are there for them and their chosen selected friends and associates”.

    “They also fail to realize that the power they hold and occupy is not their own personal power, but that power belongs to the people of its country and of which is entrusted upon them for the peoples of their country of who’s rights should be respected and not be bought, sold, or fooled at these election times by petty sentimentalites, by money or music”.

    On reflection I am saddend by what you guys have to put up with and only hope that there will a change…. of heart…

  • Guest

    but you see…
    This IS Brazil!!! The masses go to Carnaval, the beaches, you hear them talk about their tropical paradise, there is NO war, although more people die from gunshots in brazil every year than the 2 current WARS the U.S. is involved in. They talk about violation of human rights as the “cowboy” judge from Mato Grosso did in comparing the U.S. and its identification policies to the “worst horrors committed by the Nazis”!!! And yet in his very own state SLAVERY exists, TODAY, in 2006!!! You see brazilians point their fingers at others and cry “Racist”, while slavery still exists, and do you think these slaves are WHITE?? Their very own politicians have been caught using slave labor.It’s absurd and unjustifiable!!! You notice that there doesn’t appear to be any brazilians in this thread defending their so-called “paradise”, wonder why that is??

  • Guest

    Does Brazil really want to eradicate Slavery and Slave labour or is this just talk?

    This practice is barbarous in 2006.

    What kind of people are some Brazilians? These people are heathens who have no concept of Christ or his Gospel.

  • Guest

    Brazil is not a developing country !
    Brazil is a Medieval country, ruled by kings, barrons, and Lula….the emperor !

    And what is sad is that you will probably re-elect him, so his lieutenants will continue to do the dirty work !!!!!

  • Guest

    how the very judge that ruled in “reciprocity” in respect to the U.S.’s policy of identification when entering the country for Americans that enter brazil is from this very state!!! His quote was this concerning the new identification process of fingerprinting foreign visitors from 140+ countries when entering the U.S.

    “absolutely brutal, threatening to human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis.”

    Sounds like he’s describing the slavery situation in his own state!!!

  • Guest

    When Mato Grosso Military Police….
    …receive MTE mobile inspection people with gunfire….this shows how Brazilian society AND LULA government…are against…SLAVERY !!!!

    Brazil is a MEDIEVAL country with no rule of laws…except on toilet papers !!!!!

    Injustice prevails at every aspect on your daily life !

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