Brazil’s Industry Output Is Up 3.2% Thanks to Exports

Brazilian industrial production increased in 12 of the 14 areas included in the Regional Industrial Survey, of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

The data issued this Wednesday, March 15, by the IBGE show that, in comparison with January 2005, national industry went up 3.2%.

The best result was in the state of Pará, which registered a 10.7% increase. Industrial production only dropped in the southern states of Rio Grande do Sul (-2.0%), and Paraná (-5.3%).

The survey coordinator, Isabela Nunes Pereira, evaluates that the beginning of 2006 presented a higher growth rate than the average of 2005 last quarter (1.3%), and that this "movement" happened both nationally and regionally.

She recalls that January industrial performance remains related to the production of durable and non-durable goods, such as automobiles, cell phones, television sets, medicine, and exports of cellulose and iron ore.

On the basis of this growth profile, an expansion of internal consumption is observed, based mostly on credit and on the improvement of the salary mass, and on the maintenance of the so-called "vigor" of exports.

Agência Brasil



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