Brazil’s Lula Gets Quite a Jump on the Polls

The latest CNI/Ibope opinion poll which was released, Wednesday, March 15, shows that there has been an improvement in the approval rating of the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The percentage of interviewees who said the government was doing a good job rose from 29% in the last poll, in December 2005, to 38% now. And the percentage who said the government was not doing a good job fell from 32% to 22%. The percentage who said the government was average went from 37% to 39%.

Asked if they approved of the way Lula was governing the country, 55% said they approved and 39% said they did not approve. In the last poll those numbers were 42% approved and 52% did not approve.

The latest CNI/Ibope poll also showed that confidence in the president has risen as well. In December the percentage who had confidence in Lula was 43%, now it is 53%. And the percentage who do not have confidence fell from 53% to 43%.

The same poll also found that Brazilians are more optimistic about their income situation. The percentage of those interviewed who thought they would be making more this year rose from 31% in the prior poll, in December, to 32% now.

The poll also found stronger approval of government action against hunger and poverty, and its social programs in general, such as in the areas of health and education. The approval rating went from 47% of those interviewed in December, to 55% now.

Where there is disapproval, according to the latest poll, is in the area of public security. Between December and the latest poll the percentage of those who said the government was not doing enough fell, but only slightly, from 65% to 63%.

The CNI/Ibope poll interviewed 2,002 people, aged 16 or more, in 143 municipalities, between March 8 and 11. The poll has a margin of error of give or take two percentage points.

Agência Brasil


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