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Brazil Wants to Build a Disneyland in Capital Brasí­lia

Brazilian officials are talking with the Walt Disney Co. about a deal that would bring the entertainment company’s first theme park in Latin America to BrasÀ­lia.

The Federal District’s government has put a proposal on the table for Disney executives, who "have responded positively" in early discussions, the Jornal de Brasí­lia newspaper said.

The capital’s government has offered Disney a 30-year lease on 175 hectares (432 acres) in Burle Marx Park for the attraction.

Although the park is a nature preserve, the decree under which it was created set aside the land in question for an amusement park that could become the Disney attraction.

Disney Parks and Resorts operates or licenses 10 theme parks on three continents, with an 11th park now under construction in Hong Kong, along with 35 resort hotels, two luxury cruise ships and a wide variety of other entertainment offerings, according to the company’s Web site

The first amusement park, Disneyland, opened in 1955 in Anaheim, California.

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  • Scoth Phelps

    (British Brazilian)
    Im from European Valle (Pomerode) – SC – Southern Brazil.
    No Please.. there are gay enough in Brazil,
    I hope they don’t bring the DISN.., I mean the GAYLAND the Golden Country.
    Why don’t they build a “Beto Carrero World”. Why to import a copy. . why not just remake something very brazilian
    with brazilian artists, performance and shows..
    … we absolutly don’t need to do that.
    😮 😮

  • Nadi

    I’m brasilian too
    hi, how are you? 🙂
    so, i don’t speak english very well
    but i think you can understand me.
    i know Brazil need more things than a park
    but a disney would be a good thing for the country!
    so much things would be better!
    we would have more tourism, and with this, more money
    i know we can’t forget the social problems
    but if they made a park here, much brazilian, like me
    would stay happy!
    and brasilia would be the perfect place.
    kisses and thanks

  • Guest

    eu sou brasileiro, e daÀ­…
    eu acho uma otima ideia colocarem uma disney aqui em brasilia e eu nao to nem ai pra o que voces falam.

  • Guest

    You really don’t know Brazil. To attract a business like Disney will feed a lot of people. Includng those who invades lands. Also the
    are a forf the park is like a drop of water in a bay Brazil and Brasilia has plenty space. Your comments – Disney Joke – is bullshit.

  • Guest

    Strange how the government can find land for this Disney park but cant find land to settle the poor or re-distribute land to the right owners.

  • Guest

    Yeah, I’m sure Disney is going to agree to pay 148% of their gross in taxes to the brazilians gov’t.

    Disney can open up a theme park anywhere in the world, why would they choose a place as bureacratically cumbersome and tax-laden such as brazil.

    Notice that the brazilian gov’t. went looking for disney, not the other way around.

  • Guest

    Fuck are they kidding? Brazil is already the world’s largest amusement park. Or should I say bemusement park

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