Brazil’s Civil War: 81 Killed, Hundreds of Hostages, Curfew Considered

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva met this Monday, May 15, with the Minister of Justice, Márcio Thomaz Bastos, to discuss the measures that will be taken in reaction to a series of prison attacks in the state of São Paulo and other instances of violence.

One of the measures to contain the wave of violence in the state was announced this weekend. The minister of Justice placed the four thousand members of the National Force at the disposal of the São Paulo government to help in combating the violence.

The attacks began on Friday, May 12. and so far have left at least 81 people dead. Over 56 buses have been burned. There have been 180 attacks on government buildings and civil and military police posts around the state.

The fatal victims include more than 30 police officers. More than 4 thousand buses failed to circulate today in São Paulo out of fear of the wave of violence. 30% of students didn’t go to school. In some neighborhoods store owner afraid of violence closed their doors.

According to the State of São Paulo Bank Employees’ Union, around 18 bank branches have been targets of acts of vandalism since the attacks began. Some of the branches were set ablaze by Molotov cocktails.

Authorities had an emergency meeting in which they considered the imposition of a curfew starting at 8 pm this Monday. São Paulo governor Cláudio Lembo and his aides continued refuse to accept Federal help while saying that everything is under control when there all evidences to the contrary.

According to the latest partial reports, there were 82 rebellions in prisons throughout the state of São Paulo. In dozens of these jails the situation is still being controlled by the prisoners who are holding 273 hostages.

The attacks also spread to the states of Mato Grosso and Paraná, where prison rebellions occurred.

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  • baylee

    I hate Brazil
    I hate Brazil so bad.

  • Guest

    re; lets all take a deep breath
    are you a fucking idiot?

    I’m here jackass, in Sao Paulo, I’m an american! The universities are letting people out early, 30% of schools did not mandate attendance nor classes. 70+ Buses have been set ablaze in the city streets….imagine that happening in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, or whatever other american city!!

    Brazil is RIPE with corruption… you understand that?? It happens at every and all levels of local, state, and federal gov’t. to a degree that is incomprehensible to the average american.

    9/11 was a “created” disaster?? What kind of drugs are you taking?

    Idiot leftists like yourself only worsen the situation.

    When you keep percentages that reach the 30-40 percentile range making less than 2 dollars per day, and living in “miseria”, what can you expect??

    Brazil has never looked after its people, at least the U.S. does look after its own. We don’t have threats of civil war because we’re keeping masses living in conditions of starvation and dying from hepatitits and other diseases of filth!

    Wake up and spit man before you open your ignorant mouth!

  • Guest

    yes, we need more police, but also higher wages for them, and to die working should not be an option, there is a need to include the people of Brasil in the system, children should be able to connect to the police force by means of school visitation and other programs, neighbourhood watch should be promoted and the safety of all should be the main aim for this government. Prisoners constantly rioting is not the way to go, overpopulated cells, can not bring any good to the society. Fines for small non violent crimes should be imposed, and get some of these men/women in prison do have a say in the mechanism of society. Equalitarian ideas should be transform in reality. Go Brazil, we can do it. We as a nation has gone a long way, and this is the time now in history, where is up to all to make a difference, and bring the country to 21 century. First on my list is: Workers need more money for their families, the wages is Brazil is a laugh, laboures are ‘piao’, people has to see a future, where work hard will bring progress, that is not the case now.
    Vamos Brasil.

  • Guest

    Let\’s all take a deep breath
    This is tragic, but the inflammatory, knee jerk reactions here and in the press arent helping a bit. This reminds me of New Orleans – ohh the tall tales of murderous thieves and crimes against humanity – virtually all proving to be completely unfounded and untrue. The media circus of New Orleans so wanted a story with blood and gore. So they created it for their amusement, their stockholders. Same thing happened with 9/11. Are we seeing the same here?

    This moment is obviously a very serious meltdown, but the term Civil War is ridiculous. These are prison riots, street thugs, common poor criminals. It happens everywhere. The same words were applied to the LA riots, and that was just a bunch of lazy thugs enjoying a few days of anarchy, with no results to show for it. Blaming everyone but themselves for their problems.

    Brazil is considered one of the most violent country in the world.
    Sao Paulo is the the most violent city in the world.

    I would love to see the statistics proving these statements. Sao Paulo is up there with Baghdad, Manila and Jakarta? I’ve been to Sao Paolo many times, all areas, rich and poor. Yes, it isnt the safest it could be, but it certainly isnt Baghdad. It doesnt feel much different than walking the streets of New York. In fact, in several ways Sao Paolo and Paulistas are more civilized, polite and intelligent then much of the US (in which I live).

    So my guess is the rattlers of this hyperbolic language are agitprop leftists, with their backs to the wall, desperate to revive some pathetic notions of revolution long since dead. The same people who think the nutcase Chavez is a hero.

    Let’s keep our heads together and not add more hearsay and histrionics to a media who already is trying to scare you into buying more newspapers.

    Lula has been great for the country, the economy is strong, Brazil is petroleum independent, a strong middle class is growing, the people are wonderful. Lots of challenges ahead, lots of corruption to eliminate, lots of problems to fix, I agree.

    But frankly Im tired of seeing such a rising success of a nation being vilified and portrayed as an impoverished 3rd world nation who only have soccer stars and samba schools to offer.

  • Guest

    Strange !
    2 months ago there were hundreds and hundreds of military people looking for the few stolen guns !

    NOW that the situation is dramatic…there is NOT ONE MILITARY….YET !!!!

    Good Organization Brazil !
    Viva Lula and his government of puppets and clowns !

  • Guest

    listen to this, I’m here, in brazil, watching the news live from sao paulo. There is a police station in zona norte in sao paulo that has turned off it’s lights, as if no one is there!!! They don’t want the organized crime groups to think “they’re home”, LOL!

    WTF is that???? Wouldn’t you think they secure the perimeter?? Put up road blocks with police securing it??

    Wouldn’t you think they would call in the military??? Because this is exactly what is needed!! There is a CIVIL WAR being waged in Sao Paulo at the moment!

    Thank god that a faction of the people have finally had enough!

  • Guest

    Wait a second !
    Brazil is considered one of the most violent country in the world.
    Sao Paulo is the the most violent city in the world.

    In another article, it says that Sao Paulo has around 6000 policemen for a population of 20 million (city only).

    Simply stated, my city in the EU, quite calm, with a population of 400’000 has 500 policemen.

    It means that Sao Paulo should have 25000 policemen to be equal.
    And this number is the minimum since my city cannot be compared with the most violent city in the world-

    Also when criminals know that nothing is done either for the police force or nothing is done against corruption, what do believe they think ?
    – policemen are short staffed.
    – judges are quite busy with all the corruptions that go nowhere anyway.
    – government is weak. They have other things to do.

    Therefore criminals have only a little risk and they enjoy what they do !

    The PCC has been in existence for almost 10 years. What has been done against them ? VERY LITTLE, THEY ARE STRONGER THAN EVER ! And your police, justice and government are weaker than ever !

    Very sad !
    There is no rule of law. Injustice prevail at every level of your society.

    Brazil is a paradise…for criminals !

  • Guest

    This is a terrible thing, but what can people expect??? You can’t expect 40% of your population to live in “miseria” and like it!!!

    It’s a terrible thing, like war, but it is necessary!!!

  • Guest

    TO THE HONORABLE SAO PAULO GOVERNOR! The stigma of a poor society translates shamelessly into not knowing who should live or die.

  • Guest

    Take Control
    Very Sad to see this happening. Depending upon how the government reacts will tell all of the world who is in control of Brasil, the drug dealers or the government.

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