In 20 Years, Death of Young Brazilians Grows from 30 to 55 per 100,000

The number of young people murdered in Brazil nearly doubled in a little over 20 years, according to the Brazilian anthropologist, Alba Zaluar.

She said that, between 1980 and 2002, the number of homicide victims per 100 thousand youths in the population rose from 30 to nearly 55. 93% of the victims were males; only 7% were females.

According to Zaluar, this index shows that the situation in Brazil cannot be compared with a civil war, even though the number of deaths is similar.

"In a civil war, men and women and children and old folks die alike," she observed. In her opinion, what is going on is a private war.

"Here the war isn’t among social or ethnic groups but among rival gangs and between them and the police."

The factors leading young people to dedicate their lives to crime, especially drug and arms trafficking, should also come under scrutiny, Zaluar argues.

That means taking into account not only the monetary rewards that attract people from poor financial circumstances.

Uruguay Agreement

The Brazilian and Uruguayan governments will take the first step today, May 19, to try to resolve mutual problems affecting children, adolescents, and their families, especially in the border region.

They will sign a protocol of intentions in which the two countries assume the commitment of exchanging experiences related to the formulation of programs, plans, and projects in the area of child and adolescent care.

The document will be signed on behalf of Brazil by the head of the Special Secretariat for Human Rights, minister Paulo Vannuchi, during a visit to the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo.

Vannuchi has meetings scheduled with the Uruguayan minister of National Defense, Azucena Berrutti, and the presidential secretary, Gonzalo Fernandez.

Agência Brasil


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  • Ana Kissed

    Yankees, what about your poor
    I heard the police chief of LA say it is worse than the 3rd world in some parts of L.A.

    I have also watch and seen how the people of New Orleans have been treated by this world super power.

    Get your head out of your arse and look at what is going on in your own country, yankees all over the world are telling everyone else what is good for them; but don’t even look after its own people.

    I would rather live in Brazil than the USA any time, I have lived in UK, USA, Japan and Brazil and I can tell you Brazil is 100% better than the USA.

    It has its problems but what country doesn’t?

    I’d rather live poor in Brazil than rich with a load of dead heads in the USA, outside the citys there is massive poverty in the USA; that being the case why don’t you feed and educate all your citizens? Why are Yankees seen around the world as stupid and ignorant?

    Typical Yankees telling everyone else what is worng with there country while ignoring the massive perblems you have at home.

    Ever asked youself why Yankess are so hated around the world, its because you all have big mouths and small brains and think the world starts and stops with the USA

  • Guest

    re; are you yankees?
    yep, I’m a yankee, and have spent the last 8 years in brazil, although I travel back to the U.S. at least twice a year during these last eight, and please, don’t try and compare brazil to the U.S…..because there simply isn’t any. Two different realities.

    As to why people are responding about brazil, isn’t that what this site is for? Look at the title of the topic bonehead!!

    Can I not complain about brazil because I’m not brazilian Fidel??

  • Guest

    Furthermore ….
    …why dont you ask a poor Brazilian what his dream is ?????

    Most of the time they will tell you : to get out of this fucking country at whatever cost and go elsewhere…in USA or the the EU in particular !

    Guess why !!!!! And then please explain the whys !!!!!

    Why are millions and millions of Brazilians ready to immigrate mostly illegally in the USA or the EU ????

    Why are they even willing to pay large amounts of money (even borrowing because they dont have the cash) to enter illegally in these regions ?

    Again, most the time the answer will be : to get out of the fucking country that Brazil is and to have a chance to start a better living than in Brazil because they no longer have hopes in their own country .

    Brazil has always dreamed to be a country of the future and continue to dream so ! But dream was not and is not definition !
    Words remain words too !

    Just look at every statistic of :
    – corruption, you excel
    – violence, you have a record
    – crimes, a record too
    – lack of education, another record
    – lack of infrastructure, shameful
    – healthcare, shameful too
    – poverty, abject rate for a developing country
    – under nourrished or in hunger population rate, quite strange for a coun try that proclaims itself the world garden and export so much agriculture instead of feeding first their own citizens !
    – lack of proper transportation infrastructure, with potholes by the millions as large as swimming pools, and so many thousands of kms of unpaved roads.
    – standard of living (except for the minority)
    – bureaucracy, you excel so much !
    – red tape, almost a record.
    – wealth inequality, the worst after Sierry Leone
    – injustice, a daily life.
    – impunity, a fact of life.
    – lack of decent housing for the majority of population
    – children labor, dimishing but still very high

    This is just to name a few !!!!

    Then you compare with what you call the third world country that is part of the USA as you suggest.

    Pleaaase come up with comparative facts !

  • Guest

    USA part is thirld world ???
    Why dont you make comparisons with facts ?

    Do poor Americans have a worse living that poor Brazilians ?

    Is the hunger in the USA ? Just scroll the site to May 18 news : 72 millions of Brazilians are under nourrished and 14 millions live in hunger.
    This represents 45 % of your population.
    Why dont you then compare education between the 2 countries ? And compare the living standards of a poor american against a poor brazilian !
    A poor american has at least 2 cars, is not under nourrished and oesnt live in huts or favelas.
    Why dont you ask to poor brazilians if they would prefer to be poor in Brazil or poor in America ? Then you ask the same question to poor Americans.
    Curiously they have the same answer !

    Strange, isnt it ?

  • Ana Kissed

    Are you Yankees?
    If any of the people who wrote the above messages are Yankees than you are a hypocritical bunch of arseholes!

    Look at what is going on in your own country, you are meant to be a world power but parts of your country is like the 3rd world and you couldn’t even handle what happens in your own country to your own people.

    So maybe you should get your own house in order before you make ill-informed comments about the rest of the world.

    Look what is happening right now to your citizens in your country, wankers!

  • Guest

    brazil is in the state of civil war, however one wants to define it, look at the numbers.

    And so many here want to portray brazil as a paradise….it’s anything but.

  • Guest

    Last week chaos….
    was not against the Brazilian police but against your Justice and your government !

    Therefore the war is not so private when it involves the country institutions !

    Sorry M’dam !

  • Guest

    Then people complain about the US going to war.

    Look at the problem INSIDE the country before looking at other people’s problems.

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