Brazil’s Super Gisele Against the Amazon Wreckers

A campaign to protect the Amazon’s Xingu River from deforestation and pollution has a fashionable new defender: supermodel Gisele Bündchen.

Bündchen has endorsed a campaign by the Socioenvironmental Institute to protect the endangered headwaters and the rain forest along the Xingu River in the southern Amazon, she said on her Web site.

The campaign is called "Y Ikatu Xingu," which means "clean and good Xingu water," in the native Kamaiura language.

Bündchen will "tell the world that the Amazon’s waters are in danger," the Kaxi Amazon News Agency said Monday, May 29.

The Xingu River extends about 1,700 miles through the southern Amazon, including Brazil’s first Indian reservation, the 2.8 million-hectare Xingu National Park.

Ranchers and loggers have encroached on the park and threaten to pollute the river, which has tributaries in 35 cities and towns, the agency said.

Bündchen is one of the world’s most sought-after models, with credits that include Christian Dior, Bulgari, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret.

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    you know the raven – Never more, never more, never more…?

    Well, …”For at least 18,000 years, North America´s ancient temperate rainforest stretched over 3,000 MILES ALONG THE PACIFIC OCEAN COAST, connecting Sitka Spruce in the alaska now called Alaska with the redwoods of what is now called California. Today, outisede British Columbia´s Great Bear Rainforest, ONLY 10 PERCENT OF THAT ANCIENT RAINFOREST REMAINS.”


    It is a shame. But, let´s blame on others. How about the Amazon region. Vast areas are not spoiled yet.And, they´re real rich. Petroleum abounds, iron ore, precious metals, niobe,oh. man, the forests and the bio-diversity.
    Think about our labs. They wil get richer and richer. We´ll store up petroleum for 500 hundred years to come.

    How about this plan?

    1. We spread the news that the rainforests around the globe are dying because the national governments are corrupt, negligent, lack administrative capability, etc., etc. That´s a business for TV and radio broadcasts, newspapers, magazines, academic papers, nice american nationals visiting foreign countries, and the WWWeb most precisely!!!
    (Our readers are ignorant and will believe every word we say, as usual )

    2. We can offer a helping hand ( how about setting up airbases everywhere) to eradicate marijuana plantations and, most importantly, help our good friends.

    3. When our campaign is a success and every citizen believe and understand our superior reasons, we INVADE THE FRIENDLY COUNTRY TO SAVE IT FROM THE NASTY , CORRUPT BAD GUYS ( You know, those guys with big moustaches, r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s
    pancho vila hats and undeveloped culture). Well, who cares (?), they´re just stupid indians and black people.

  • Guest

    ” Oil from Ecuador, hardwoods from Bolivia, and from Honduras to Costa Rica to Brazil, beef cattle raised where forests once stood: We had stumbled onto another kind of gift trail, this one leading back to the United States. The savanna surrounding Bogotá, Colombia, with some of the finest soil in Latin America , produce not food but bargain-priced roses, chrysanthemus, and carnations to sell on street corners and supermarkets of the United States and beyond. To meet the high standards of the international marketplace, the blossoms …with the women who tend them inside plastic-covered hothouses , are regularly GASSED WITH PESTICIDES . THE CHEMICALS LEAK into Bogota´s savannas´s streams and aquifers, which are also being depleted as business … and more flowers must be watered. “

  • Guest

    Sorry. I meant a DRIED codfish.

  • Guest

    …What the companies neglect to mention – adds Williams – is that pine farming , like other large-scale, industrial agriculture, harms the environment and the economy. Oine plantations require ENORMOUS amounts of FERTILIZER and HERBICIDE, much of which winds up in streams and drinking water. They impoverish soil and destry habitat, including wetlands. And they rob communities of valuable sawtimber for lumber and oF real forests that produce clean water and provide recreation. FEW OF THE PROFITS END UP IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES, AND MANY OF THE COMPANIES ARE MULTINATIONAL “.

    HA.HA. 09/07/2004

    By now you just have plantations in the South .
    Just watch out.
    Take a look at your own ass..

    If you are not a monolingual:

    Leia um interessantissimo artigo de Paulo FranÀ§a chamado “Mitos da Imprensa sobre a Amazonia”

    VocÀª o encontrará em: – 27/5/2006

    Estão enchendo o mundo de noticias negativas sobre a região.
    Panacas como esse acima caem logo em cima. Acontece que na casa deles a situaÀ§ão não é melhor, e já vem ocorrendo há muuuito tempo.
    A sua ignorÀ¢ncia tem utilidade para polÀ­ticos desonestos.
    A Amazonia é brasileira e assim será.

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    A solution.
    ” If we let the loggers go in and cut down all the trees we wouldn´t have a problem with forest fires” – GWB II

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    Bad taste.
    Jolie´s back reminds me of a codfish. It´s flat and unattractive. Her face, hum…

    Quote – “Destruction of forests to make tree monocultujres is a well documented fact in many Southern countries. A similar but less known process is also happening in the southeastern region of the USA.
    The states of Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and North Carolina have been and continue to be invaded by huge loblolly pine (pinus taeda) plantations. This species is native to the region, but specifically to the moist piedmont between highlands and the sea.and a stranger to the hills where it is being installed. But these aren´t just loblollies. They arte cloned “supertrees”, selected for swiftness of growth, straightness of trunk, and resistance to drought, disease, and insects.
    Ted Williams, author of an excellent article published in “Mother Jones” magazine, begins his analysis with the following question: “What´s green, full of trees, and worse than a clearcut? The answer is: Vast pine farms, which are rapidly replacing the woods with a new kind of Southern plantation.

    …Before ´planting the superseedlings, the companies clearcut and bulldoze the site…

    …Native trees that return from roots or seeds are cut or killed with herbicides. Frequently the pplantation is bombed with fertilizer pellets. The, 15 to 20 years after they were planted, the pines are clearcut, and the process begins anew.

    …Some figures show the ALARMING DYNAMICS of the CONVERSION OF FORESTS TO PLANTATIONS. Nowadays there are 156 chip mills in the region, being 110 of them less than 10-year old. Some can grind up to 3,000 acres of wood per year, clearing the way for vast tree farms. Between 1989 and 1995, exports of Southern hardwood chips grew 500 PERCENT. The US Forest Service estimates that plantations, which today are 36% of all pine stands in the South, will make up 70 PERCE3NT within 20 years. “

    I propose a WORLDWIDE campaign to SAVE THE us SOUTH FORESTS.

    Maybe the Jolie could give a hand. Oh, no… She is busy now in Africa.

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    Give her credit
    If more prominent Brazlians did what Gisele did, maybe politicians would be forced to react to the unwanted exposure because of the actions of these types.
    How do you know anything about her intellect anyway, have you met her?

  • Guest

    Could she even find the Amazon on a map? Oh well, I won´t rain on her parade. The more focusing on issues in this part of the world the better. I would prefer it was Angela Jolie though!!!!!! OBA!!!

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