Lula Is Simply Unbeatable, Show Brazilian Polls

Brazil’s incumbent socialist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva seems comfortably on track to re-election elections next October reveals a new public opinion poll released this week by Rede Globo the country’s main network.

The survey, carried out by the Ibope Institute showed that if voting was held this week, Lula would win the first round with 48%. Runner up with 19% figures Geraldo Alckmin, the Social Democratic former governor of São Paulo state.

If undecided votes were set aside, Lula would take 63% of the ballots in the first round, avoiding a runoff and Alckmin 25% percent. In a hypothetical runoff between Lula and Alckmin, the score would be 53 and 31%.

The survey interviewed 2.002 eligible voters in 140 towns and cities May 28/31 with a margin error of 2%.

Alckmin received the endorsement from the conservative PFL party with Senator José Jorge de Vasconcelos Lima running as vice president in the ticket, as part of the deal.

"Lula has abandoned ethical principles," claimed Alckmin at a gathering of leaders from the Social Democratic Party and PFL.

Lula, a former Marxist union leader who took office January 1st, 2003, and has overseen the implementation of conservative orthodox macro-economic policies has not yet formally thrown his hat in the ring but is expected to do so soon.

Speculation about an official candidacy announcement followed President Lula da Silva’s meeting Wednesday with an influential figure, former governor of Sao Paulo Orestes Quércia, from the conservative PMDB party, which still has to decide on fielding a presidential candidate next October.

Quércia acting as a PMDB spokesperson said Lula told him he would be prepared to consider a running mate from the PMDB if the party agreed to back him for re-election, and told reporters the proposal would be considered in the party.

However Quércia did not venture any outcome since some PMDB factions strongly oppose Lula and would like the party to nominate its own candidate, while others are toying with the idea of supporting Alckmin.

For years Lula’s Workers Party (PT) prided itself on a reputation for probity and transparency amid rampant corruption in Brazil’s political system, but the organization has been battered by revelations of slush funds skimmed from government contracts to finance political activities and ensure a majority in Congress with handsome financial contributions to legislators.

The scandal involving several tens of millions of US dollars forced the resignation of President Lula da Silva’s closest advisors, several ministers and the whole cupola of the Workers Party.

"The administration of President Lula da Silva is a fraud and has implemented neo-liberal conservative policies that only support the rich," blasted Roberto Freire from the small Popular Socialist Party and a one time ally of the ruling coalition.

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