Brazil Opens First Maximum Security Prison at Cost of US$ 10 Million

Brazil’s Minister of Justice, Márcio Thomaz Bastos, and the director of the Department of Federal Penitentiaries, MaurÀ­cio Kuehne, will inaugurate today the country’s first maximum security prison in Catanduva, Paraná state.

The prison has 12,600 square meters and a capacity for 208 inmates who will be submitted to what is called the Differentiated Disciplinary Regime (RDD).

The regime, used for dangerous inmates and gang leaders, seeks to keep them isolated while reducing tension in the prison.

Another four new maximum security prisons will soon be inaugurated. Campo Grande, state of Mato Grosso do Sul and Mossoró, in Rio Grande do Norte, will be ready before the end of this year; and two more, in Porto Velho, Roraima, and the state of Espí­rito Santo, will be ready in 2007.

Each of the new prisons costs US$ 10 million (20 million reais).



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  • Luiz

    What do we think about it….sorry for my english!!
    You guys are right…I’m Brazilian and I’m deeply ashamed of my country’s prison system. It’s just sad how the government can let dangerous inmates to go out for holidays. That’s a ridiculous thing and it only exists because some stupid house-wifes went to the prison doors crying for “their poor innocent husbands, who are wrongly accused of crimes they never committed.” That’s what they say to their whore wifes and they buy it. And that pisses me and every thinking Brazilians off!!!!

  • Guest

    not only that, but rapists, murderers, the most dangerous criminals in brazil, are given “holiday passes” to go to their homes during holidays such as christmas and others!!

    No electronic ankle bracelets, nothing to keep track of them….they’re on their “honor” to come back to prison once the holiday is over!!

  • Guest

    Funny !
    Quite funny that a country with a population of 190 millions, a country with one of the highest violences and crimes on the planet, will open the FIRST Maximum Security Prison……in 2006 !!!!

    Were where the most dangerous criminals….so far ??????
    On Holidays jails ?????

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