Brazil’s GDP Reaches US$ 215 Billion. Industry Brings US$ 76 Billion.

The Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was of US$ 214.8 billion in the first quarter of 2006. The value, which corresponds to the sum of the country’s riches, was released Thursday, June 29, by the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

According to the institute, the rate of investments represented 20.4% of the GDP. The number is the largest since 2001 for this time of year.

The sectors of the economy which contributed the most for the GDP were agriculture and livestock, which reached US$ 13.8 billion, industry, with US$ 75.6 billion, and services, with US$ 111.4 billion.

US$ 15.6 Billion a Year

Brazilian franchises went from yearly revenues of US$ 10.5 billion in 2001 to US$ 15.6 billion last year. The information was presented by the Relationship manager at the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF), Rogério Feijó, in the seminar "The Ways to Internationalization of Franchises in the Arab World."

The seminar is organized by the ABF, the Arab Chamber and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex), within a program to motivate the expansion of Brazilian franchises to the Arab market. The ABF started two years ago, together with Apex, a internationalization project for Brazilian franchises.

Currently there are in Brazil 971 franchise chains with 61,800 units. Eighty percent of them are of national origin. According to Feijó, the Brazilian franchises started expanding to the international market about 20 years ago, but from isolated initiatives from the companies themselves. Now there is a group effort in the sector to take them outside Brazil.

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  • Guest

    The article atats that the Brazilian GDP was two hundred billions USD for the first quarter. The article should have said that the GDP was up two hundred billions for the first quarter.

  • Guest

    MR. stupid!!! is that youuuuu????
    A stupid comment like this one above my can only comes from one litle miniscule mind… YOURS!!! Your insicurity florishes and manifests in a strange way by disrespecting anybody around you… You are a fucking mindless stupid shit!!! I’m on to you again body!!!!

  • Guest

    Sorry for the repeated…

    PC communication problems

  • Guest

    4 Brazilians readers read the same article and disagree.

    Simply because NONE of them saw that it is for the first QUARTER.

    Not very smart and not very litterate !!!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    But the article says :


  • Guest

    $ 215 billions…..
    ….IS NOT for the first semester and not for the the full year either !

    It is clearly written that it is for the first QUARTER !!!!

    Strange that 3 readers CANNOT read correctly and mix up everything !!!!

    To what school have you been and what education did you get ???????

    Just basic education or not even ????????

  • Guest

    But still wrong !
    Just your agriculture exports amount to around $ 40 billions annually.

    So, if during the first quarter the agribusiness exported around $ 10 billions, it would mean that YOU dont produce anything….for yourselves !

    Dont you eat ????? smile

    Simple demonstartion that numbers in the article CANNOT be accurate concerning the agriculture and livestocks !!!!

    Secondly, to the forum member talking about the Purchasing Power Parity : why dont you read yesterday article on this samer site from the World Bank !!!!
    Just scroll down.



  • Guest

    That person is right, the article doesn’t say that. The article should have said the first quarter.

  • Guest

    guaciara oliveira
    so, is it wrong?
    could you tell the truth?
    the guests above
    don’t agree with this article…….sorry.

  • Guest

    I think you might have it wrong, the 215 billion dollars is just for the first semester of 2006…the Economist figure is for the entire Brazilian economy for whatever year you found that information.

  • Guest

    Cesar Medina (Peru)
    The Economist says: Brazil GDP is US $ 795.7 bn (market exchange rate) and US $ 1558 bn (purchasing power parity). See

    The IBGE must start reading The Economist.


    Cesar Medina

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