In Brazil, Morales Calls on LatAm to Expel US Envoys to Force End to Cuban Embargo

Lula and Amorim at Mercosur summit Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, who went to Brazil for a summit of 33 Latin American and Caribbean leaders, including Cuba's Raul Castro, said that Latin American nations should expel their US ambassadors until Washington lifts its decades-long embargo against Havana.

The US and Canada were not invited to this week's summit in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, which was aimed at deepening economic and political ties in the region, without American interference. The US wasn't allowed to send even an observer.

Morales, in September, had expelled the US ambassador from La Paz, accusing him of fomenting unrest. The US retaliated expelling Bolivia's top diplomat.

Together with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Morales has expressed hope that President-elect Barack Obama might end the Cuban embargo. Castro himself has discussed his interest in holding talks with the new American leader over the issue.

Obama, on the other hand, has said that he would be willing to talk with Cuba's leaders but that he would maintain the nearly 50-year-old embargo as leverage to push for democratic change on the island.

Still the Shoes

The Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, at the end of the summit at the Costa do Sauí­pe beach resort. joked about the recent incident in Iraq when George Bush was the target of a journalist's shoes:

"People, please, nobody should take their shoes off. Since it's too hot here, we'll notice before it can be thrown due to the bad odor."

A little earlier, the Brazilian leader had asked his colleagues to not be "servile" to the United States.

"I believe that often the subservient behavior in politics is what makes people to not get proper treatment and respect."

He then told a story that happened to him in 2003 during a G-8 meeting:

"I arrived and everybody was sitting down, I went and shook hands. Then when president Bush came in, everybody got up. But I together with Kofi Annan (then UN's secretary general) didn't get up. Bush came to greet us without any problem, without any difference.

Venezuela and Mercosur

By 265 votes to 61, Brazil's House of Representative approved this Wednesday, December 17, the admission of Venezuela to the Mercosur trade market, which now is comprised of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Those who voted against the approval argued that due to president Hugo Chavez controversial persona, the admission of Caracas could hurt commercial deals of the South American bloc.

Venezuela, however, will only be allowed into the group after the Senate also votes. Chávez, in 2007. after being criticized by Brazilian senators for closing the television station RCTV, compared the Brazilian Senate to "a parrot that repeats whatever Washington says" adding that the Brazilian Congress was controlled by the right wing.

The Lula administration was able to get the necessary votes only after agreeing with the opposition to vote subjects of interest of the minority, including the nomination of former senator José Jorge as minister at the TCU (Federal Audit Court).

The process to admit Venezuela to Mercosur has been dragging since July 2006, when that country was admitted provisionally to the bloc.


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  • João da Silva

    [quote]interesting points, gringo. but, i would say one word to be wary of and why , while i dont see cause for alarm , i do see the need to be vigilant and informed and not to sluff it off.[/quote]

    Words of wisdom. Always be on the alert.Good advice. 🙂

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The President which you wish to see our (what did you call them? À¢€œGuardians in uniformÀ¢€Â? I think I threw up a little my mouth) execute has an 80% approval rating.[/quote]

    By mid 2009, the rating may go up to 150% !

  • asp

    interesting points, gringo. but, i would say one word to be wary of and why , while i dont see cause for alarm , i do see the need to be vigilant and informed and not to sluff it off.

    the word is “farc”…not that farc is such a big threat, but that they are being aided by people like chavez and correa and that farc does contribure to decay in the big cities of brazil. they are not the only ones dealing with the huge drug gangs in these cities, but, the ties with beira mar and the pcc, which are proven, are very incriminating and kind of 1 plus 1 equals 2 situation in that , farc deals arms , drugs and urban guerilla ideas to the gangs ( surly you noted that the bus burnings in rio seriously escolated around beira mar’s capture and the urban guerilla like asault on the police in sao paulo bears hallmark resemblances to farc like attacks on columbian police, i can see the connection), so, yes, they are contributing to the decay and dangerous gun battles , and war with each other and the police ,that plaugue the big cities. farc didnt start it , they arnt the only ones , but, they are deeply involved.

    add to that the money peddling chavez is always trying to use to influence elections in other countries, something that people would scream bloody murder if the the usa was doing, and , worse of all, these sweeping mandates he is always trying to bring out on his people and the area around his country. that are copied by morales and correa. things like what morales sais here, and, those three screamed about cia ghosts, etc etc. and, it makes for something that people need to be aware of , vigilant of, and informed of to be able to be on top of what is happening in south america

    its actualy very lucky to be in south america now, the dynamic is very volitable and important to what will be happening in the world. if you were in europe or the usa , it would be hard to stay on top of it, because the media is really weak as to what is happening down here.

  • Gringo

    Smoke and mirrors
    Augustus that was probably one of the best written, eloquent and charmingly constructed ideologically pieces of Tasmanian Devil dung I have ever read on these boards. Thank you, I needed the chuckle. I have learned over the years to snicker at the remarks, rants and distorted reality generated by those from the extreme right as well as the loony left. Both poles of ideological delusion offer nothing really valid in discussing current affairs or crises. Politics is a pay-per-view ultimate fighting match for those who like extremes; lots of guts and gore to attract attention and support, raw emotion to get the blood boiling, but vapid in content, outdated in context and simply low brow entertainment. That leaves us folks in the middle to generally run things, decide the fate of governments during elections, be that voice of reason in a sea of hyperbolic rhetoric and so forth. It is indeed a daunting task. Sigh.

    Augustus, I feel comfortable and justified in referring to you as an extreme right wing nutjob (no offense intended) given your post yesterday screaming for the military to topple the Nation and assassinate its sitting President. Your justification? You donˢ۪t like the guest list for a political junket the rest of world deems insignificant and is probably ignoring. To be honest, when I read that rant I plead Poeˢ۪s Law and left the blog baffled. Seeing the newest chapter in your manifesto has cleared that up for me, somewhat.

    The President which you wish to see our (what did you call them? À¢€œGuardians in uniformÀ¢€Â? I think I threw up a little my mouth) execute has an 80% approval rating. Ya, it surprises me too. Still it is what it is. And in a democracy, as much as it displeases NeoCons, that must be respected. He was elected with an absolute majority and maintains unprecedented ratings of support not only from his own constituents, but (gasp, oh the horror), other world leaders, too. IÀ¢€™m not a fan of his at all, donÀ¢€™t get me wrong. I think heÀ¢€™s a corrupt bugger, but then again, I doubt Brazil can have an honest President. And thatÀ¢€™s where you should be focusing your venom if you wish to see this country improve further. More on this below.

    But letˢ۪s get to the root of this casus belli of yours, the 3 stooges: Morales, Castro and Chavez. Yes, they are fools. Thatˢ۪s a given. But do they pose a threat to freedom and democracy? I really wish someone could explain to me why these men are so dangerous, and do so without using the bible, GOP talking points or without screaming COMMIES repeatedly and loudly. Certainly they have a following of demented Che guevera t-shirt wearing pimply faced dope smoking university liberals arts majors, but the rest of the world sees them for what they are: harmless buffoons with no game and no play. A pain in the ass at times, but more often than not, comedic fodder.

    Sadly the rabid right (as we see with your posts) seethes with bile and rage at the mere mention of their names and they at times focus that rage at more pragmatic folks because we donÀ¢€™t see the horns, smell the sulfur or more importantly, we arenÀ¢€™t willing to give our sonsÀ¢€™ and daughtersÀ¢€™ lives to fight yet ANOTHER manufactured À¢€œthreat to freedomÀ¢€Â (trademarked GOP), and we donÀ¢€™t necessarily fall to our knees a worship those who blindly do. BTW, your lionizing of the military is simply frightening, but it is a growing trend around the world in neo con circles, so itÀ‚´s textbook.

    Lula doesnÀ¢€™t preside over Brazil using some liberal leftist ideology in cahoots with a cabal of like-minded Stalin worshippers waiting for the right moment to turn the table of global hegemony, he runs Brazil like a Brazilian using the À¢€œLei do GersonÀ¢€Â as every president, and Military General has before him. He sees fit À¢€œlevar vantagemÀ¢€Â over whomever he can to achieve what he wishes or needs (politically and personally). ThatÀ¢€™s Brazil. All this cussing and spit about lefties and commies and socialist plots, itÀ¢€™s all smoke and mirrors. YouÀ¢€™re missing the real driving issues.

    As for my take on why Frik, Frak and Spongebob Squarepants are sucking up caiparinhas in Bahia with Lula? Lula is using these three stooges to generate interest in Latin America, more specifically Brazil. Thereˢ۪s a new administration to the north (in case anyone missed that) that after 8 years of ignoring Latin America, is showing signs of opening up an atlas again. Christ, Obama knows what an Atlas is! And Lula is sending a shout out. Itˢ۪s an unclear message, but what is clear is he is trying to attract attention and SUCCEEDING. Having the rank and file of the conservative movement screaming commi pinko plot, is only helping him. Lula has a plan alright, but itˢ۪s not stuck in the 60s. Heˢ۪s shrewder than that. Lei do Gerson.

  • Augustus

    [b]A Tribute for a Great Brazilian Hero: General OsÀƒ³rio, the Marquis of Herval À¢€“ Bicentennial Celebration[/b]
    The Brazilian Nation proudly celebrates in 2008, with great pride and affection, the birth of one of its most memorable sons – the esteemed Marquis of Herval (born in May 10, 1808, at his MotherÀ¢€™s Ranch in the state of Rio Grande do Sul), who would grow to mark its place in the nationÀ¢€™s History as General OsÀƒ³rio.

    All Brazilian patriots, who conscientiously qualm about the future his/her country in times of À¢€œgreat perilÀ¢€Â, undoubtedly honor the historical significance of valiant individuals whose lives and examples had profound influence upon the formation of their very character. Consequently I must join my compatriots by warmly remembering this greatest of all heroes, who represents a Models of Courage and Valor whose life-time devotion is responsible not only for the strengthening of its institutions, but for contributing for the creation of the national identity!

    After spending his entire youth in dedication for the service of his country, the Marquisˢ۪ greatest contributions transpired at an advanced age, when courage and valor became legendary among Brazilian and allied soldiers during the War of the Triple Alliance, a.k.a. Paraguayan War (whereby Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Defeated Paraguay Р1864-1870).

    The example of this great Brazilian enhances the absence of wisdom and patriotism noteworthy in the deplorable state of the current Brazilian political arena, where corruption, deception and weakness abounds vis-ÀƒÂ -vis the dangerous ideological menace posed by Venezuela and Cuba, whose increasing influence in Brasilia not only alarms the nation but jeopardizes the national honor, peace and integrityÀ¢€¦

    Yet, echoing the views of General Gilberto Baborsa de Figueiredo,

    I trust that Brazil is much bigger than the feeble entity which À¢€œthese people without patriotism and characterÀ¢€Â that infests Brazilian politics today. Similar to this illustrious general, I firmly believe in the capacity of people to react against great adversity, as already demonstrated in diverse episodes of our history. Although we believe that the rule of law, along with the existing democratic mechanisms should enable Brazilians to revert this perverse situation, because Brazil deserves our collective faith in its future, it also demands close monitoring!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Hey…hey…. Not bad !!!!! [/quote]

    No not bad at all. Your X-mas looks good (hope you open your purse and spend on some good things).

    [quote]Brazilians, please stand up and tell us your opinions…if you disagree !

    after reading the following anectode in this article, do you still want us to [i]stand up[/i]?

    [quote]Then when president Bush came in, everybody got up. But I together with Kofi Annan (then UN’s secretary general) didn’t get up[/quote]


  • João da Silva

    [quote]If only one of our fellow bloggers, with the “necessary connections” could talk to Senator Sarney, whom, despite any possible links to corrupt politicians, is undoubtedly a logical man![/quote]

    We already have one with necessary connections, in case you forgot. He is the logical man. He does not place much faith in this UNASUL either!!

  • Augustus

    Joao – what about…?
    My sole with is that something could be actually done (at our level) to convey our thoughts to those who might profit from such À¢€œideasÀ¢€Â, feelings, and À¢€œsuggestionsÀ¢€Â…
    If only one of our fellow bloggers, with the “necessary connections” could talk to Senator Sarney, whom, despite any possible links to corrupt politicians, is undoubtedly a logical man! I could scarcely believe that Mr. Sarney would approve what is happening in Bahia… Like many other Brazilians, he is bound to share most of our views…
    Would you agree?

  • João da Silva


    One of the most fascinating and thought provoking comments ever written by a Brazilian commentator in this site and please do accept my congrats.I think that you are spot on. There are many ill informed readers both overseas and Brasil about the real reasons for our Military to intervene in 1964 and your comments are clarifying. I agree that certain excesses were committed justified or not. I have been accused of defending the Military government of that period right in this site and it did not bother me. Your comments re vindicate my views.

    [quote]Naturally, there would be unfortunately consequences, such as immediate termination of the rather ineffective Mercosul; likewise a large number of condemnations and/or recriminations from various international capitals would indubitably follow suit… However, despite any temporary political and/or economic price, as well as the provisional lift of freedom (in order to save LIBERTY in the long-run) should be regarded as the necessary toll which most Brazilians should be willing to pay for maintaining the priceless independence of their beloved, peace-loving nation![/quote]

    I have always maintained that under the Globalized economy, we would have done better with some real leaders. As you have pointed out correctly, we are friendly and fun loving people that can conquer the world with our charm. Now we find ourselves governed by demagogues who are blaming the entire planet for our failure to aproveitar opportunities presented on a golden platen and instead joining the losers. We are sooo happy to receive that “Caudiho” Raul & CO and make jokes about “ChulÀƒ©” if the reporters try to throw the shoes at the visiting “dignitories”. Pathetic.

    Anyway, it was a great essay and hope the readers don’t classify you as a big villain like they did to me last year. 🙁

  • forrest allen brown

    i SAY LIFT THE BAN ON cuba
    i WOULD RATHER GO TO cuba than brasil , at least you know you are going in harms way
    with castro at the helm .
    I say let 2 or 3 million people from the US go ,be a guest lay on the beaches ,by the food (if there is any ),take a ride in a vintage car , if you can find gas.
    stay in a state owned hotel , try to get a state paid person to do something ,with out tiping them .
    the hole cuba thing is a political deal with the cubans in mimia any way , the munit you open up cuba for people from the they will head south to cash in .

    MY self i would rather go to CUBA than porto rico any way

  • ch.c.

    Lula “”People, please, nobody should take their shoes off. Since it’s too hot here, we’ll notice before it can be thrown due to the bad odor.”
    So true.
    Those present at the conference had bad odor from their socks due to lack of hygiene…despite their official titles !

    The problem they should also had SHUT UP…..their mouth smelling is even worse than their socks odor.

    Glad no one talked about their underwear…..not changed for the last 30 days due to their family BUDGET AUSTERITY !!!!!

    Someone at the conference may have said…..”strange their are a lot of mosquitos….in the conference room”

    DO I AM SO WRONG ?????? not so….sorry for brazilians.
    Just re-read your own stats in the other article published today talking about the Brazilian Toiletries Industry and do the maths :
    Brazilians spend an average of US$ 4.- per month for soaps, liquids soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants !

    Sorry…sorry…this is your own stats….not mine !
    I can only suppose the average for women are US$ 5.- and US$ 3.- for men, or $ 6.- for women and 2.- for men !
    Or could it be….US$ 7.- for women and Us$ 1 for men ?????

    Brazilians, please stand up and tell us your opinions…if you disagree !

    😮 😮 😮 😮

  • Augustus

    To JAY / SAM / C-CH – Unfortunately, in agreement…
    Wearing my “American Citizen” hat now, I must agree with each and every statement youÀ¢€™ve entered above, for the despicable ACTS of the VILE Brazilian (Labor) President must represents not only a source of enormous shame for many (if not most) Brazilians of conscience, but it must also a BURDEN for the entire nation which, the repugnant Lula unfortunately embodies; for there must always be consequences for one’s deeds!

  • ch.c.

    And the USA and the EU sends back the millions of illegal Brazilians…….in Brazilian ships that contained Soyabeans meals returning empty to their HOME ports !!!!!

    Why pay them the luxury of an air ticket ?

    and to Sam…” but merely junior varsity; second string.”….. A Brazilian string of course …very small & expensive !
    True 98 % of the profit was not made in Brazil textiles plants !

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😉

  • Augustus

    While I have never respected the seemingly foolhardy Brazilian À¢€œrulerÀ¢€Â, I must admit that his clown-like behavior is responsible for (most of) us to have underestimated the extent of his radicalism as well as the actual danger his administration (in association of with Venezuela, Cuba, and Bolivia) truly represents now to all BraziliansÀ¢€¦ Frankly I suppose many Freedom-Loving individuals could now forecast significant dangers ahead, with the dawn of a Red Horizon in the skies of coastal Bahia, bearing the jovial sounds & colors of Cuban salsaÀ¢€¦ One could scarcely have foreseen that even such a foolish official would totally succumb into the scheming mind and manipulating hands of Hugo Chavez and host this absurd travesty of international events.

    Because this serious developments are transpiring during the time whenan economically weakened Washington is in a period of transition, whereas also busy with two significant conflicts (which in fact are even more serious for they are being engaged in order to prevent the far greater danger of Islamic Fundamentalism), the traditional Brazilian source of Law and Order must act NOW. It must fall upon the wisdom of the Brazilian Armed Forces, acting as valiant knights À¢€“ this time around all alone in the dark – to take the very hard, painful, but indispensible steps in order put an end to this INTOLERARABLE, highly dangerous charade, and thereby preventing, once again, the dangerous shackles of a Neo-Leninist totalitarianism threatening the peaceful, fun-loving Brazilian people. Unfortunately, all Brazilians should ask our uniformed protectors to rescue the nation, once again, from the threat of (Bolivarian) Tyranny, seeping through then porous northern / western borders, and take ANY necessary (domestic) steps À¢€“ including a temporary suspension of freedom of speech, detention without Habeas Corpus, following expulsion of dangerous prominent À¢€œundesirable elementsÀ¢€Â who can not be À¢€œeffectively eradicatedÀ¢€Â À¢€“ along with breaking of relations, freezing (those deemed necessary) economic assets and expulsion of any representative of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

    Naturally, there would be unfortunately consequences, such as immediate termination of the rather ineffective Mercosul; likewise a large number of condemnations and/or recriminations from various international capitals would indubitably follow suit… However, despite any temporary political and/or economic price, as well as the provisional lift of freedom (in order to save LIBERTY in the long-run) should be regarded as the necessary toll which most Brazilians should be willing to pay for maintaining the priceless independence of their beloved, peace-loving nation!

  • Augustus

    While some of my radical views may often be considered distressing, and the occasional source of discomfort for some liberal-minded bloggers, there are moments when I deem indispensible that such hard-line positions be broadcast in order to either inform, but rather elicit support for causes considered fundamentally important. These are the moments when such views can scarcely be refrained or otherwise controlled, for the circumstances appear to suggest that society (local or global) is exposed to significant danger! As such, with this important consideration I must regrettably announce that, after reading this exceedingly outrageous, highly insulting editorial – which describes a development potentially detrimental to the political future and the precious liberty currently enjoyed by Brazilian citizens, I would like to urge that our Heroic Military Protectors, take action…

    Despite all the injustice and many other afflictions (such as inequality, poverty, and corruption) which has historically plagued Brazilian society, and brought so much suffering to its citizens À¢€“ regardless of ethnic race & social class À¢€“ the fruits of liberty have hardly ever suppressed – only when absolutely necessary, and in very relative terms, from 1964 through 1985, when it became necessary that our Guardians in Uniform took the necessary measures to protect the nation, even if at a great price for many citizens, whose made valiant sacrifices and endured hardships in order to prevent the dangers of Totalitarian Leninism from taking over the country.

    Given the above conjecture, what do Brazilians find this week, as they shockingly read their newspapers, magazines and websites (while remaining entitle to the choice of media/publishes – although greatly endangered), following nearly 6 years of lies, corruption, and populism? After nearly swallowing their strong coffee, Their baffled minds must have undoubtedly suffered a temporary halt as they attempt to grasp and comprehend the true colors of their laughable, dangerous ruler, who, frequently behaving like a clown (bearing no education or competence), is finally displaying his true concealed revolutionary, extreme left-wing colors. When Lula provided so much clout at so broad and prominent forum to ignoble, dangerous creatures from Bolivia and Venezuela, he turned into the À¢€œde factoÀ¢€Â RULER he tends to name himselfÀ¢€¦ Into a brand new Brazilian À¢€œcaudilloÀ¢€Â in the making; since these actions signify that the uneducated Labor President has inescapably thrown his dice towards Caracas & La Paz, by joining their À¢€œDictators-in-WaitingÀ¢€Â allies in a joined À¢€œformal embraceÀ¢€Â of the detestable Castro Totalitarian À¢€“ the father of all Lat Am Hard-line Revolutionaries!

    In Bahia this week, the world has witness each Latin Stooge as he vomited vile words towards the Civilized World while ridiculing the historical democratic institutions by sponsoring and formally embracing the vile Cuban despotic regime in their midstÀ¢€¦ Such vile act represents the very antithesis to Freedom and Liberty, and it clearly took advantaged of the current À¢€œchange of guard in WashingtonÀ¢€Â and its resulting weakness due to exposure to two major conflicts along with the overwhelming financial crisis, which has been plaguing the Global EconomyÀ¢€¦

  • sam adams

    And Lula Ignacio de Silva chose to remain sitting. And Bush being the gentleman that he was came and shook his hand without rigard. You can take the President out of the favela, but you cant take the favela out of the President. Latin America is a collection of the international dysfunctional. It is not so much that they are not 1st world, but merely junior varsity; second string.

  • ch.c.

    And a special note for Joao in particular !
    Hopefully you had read my recent comments on the currencies !
    What a good signal it was !
    In my view….we stopped….possibly TODAY ! Therefore I liquidated all my Non US$ currencies long trades and some cross currencies trades. A nice killing in ONE week !
    Now I am ready (slowly this time….since we have not really reversed the uptrend) to build up short positions in the Euro, Yen, Swiss Francs (against the US$) if they continue their upward move !!!!!!!
    And I already shorted them lightly…just to hedge partially my non Us$ stocks.
    I had no idea and even less a clue (outside of the Euro 1.31 technical break) these currencies would go up by 10-12 %….in around ONE WEEK !!!!!

    Hey…hey…. Not bad !!!!!

  • ch.c.

    it is even worse than that !
    Morales also asked for a continued favor for Americans of free textile exports to their country because that favor was cancelled !
    Such big exports…totalling US$ 21 millions !
    Guess what the MERCOSUR did : they reduced their Bolivian textile imports tariffs to zero up to US$ 30 millions of goods to compensate Bolivians loss !

    South America (including Brazil of course) feels free to insult the USA….but then feels the USA are unfair when they reduce or stop their TAX FREE goods imports from them.
    I just remind you that Brazil export US$ 4 billion annually to the USA….TAX FREE ! When 2 years ago, Bush eventually wanted to eliminate that favor, Brazil obviously said….HOW UNFAIR IT WOULD BE !!!!!!

    BUT….BUT….BUT…..does Brazil provide reciprocity to the U.S. goods exports for a similar amount…..due to the USA huge Trade Deficit ?????

    Hopefully the new U.S. President will change all this UNFAIR TRADES !!!! Be it with Brazil in particular, South America in general, and China and other Asian countries !!!!

    And the same is true for Europe !


    In my humble views…the 2010 decade theme will be …..RECIPROCAL TRADE & MORE BALANCED TRADE !


    Just think about it !!!! And prove me wrong….if you can !



    All of South America should refuse to admit American tourists.
    Not accept US DOLLARS from any Tourist.
    Not allow South Americans to travel to the United States.
    Put an Embargo on the US.
    Refuse to use any American Technology, Shut off the INTER NET connection to America. Refuse IMF Loans itˢ۪s just an AMERICAN TOOL.

    Talk is cheep, and the tool of small people. Action is of the strong and brave.

    Yea GO for it.

  • asp

    there it is, from morales lips, those sweeping mandates that suggest something really stupid.there is nothing wrong with wanting the embargo lifted from cuba by the usa, but, suggesting some really grandiose bs like this is exactly why no one can relax in south america now with leaders like chavez and morales

    for any thinking brazilian, the writing should be on the wall now about the trustworthyness of its neihbors like bolivia, venezuela, equador, and paraguay.its not that you cant do business with them, but, the bs antenna should always be up.

    what a peice of crap coming from morales

  • bo

    “Then when president Bush came in, everybody got up. But I together with Kofi Annan (then UN’s secretary general) didn’t get up. ”
    I’ve always said, Brazil is the classic example of biting it’s nose off to spite it’s face. 😉

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