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Paraní¡ Is Brazil’s Number One Chicken Producer

Paraná, state in southern Brazil, is the national leader in poultry production, representing 25% of slaughtering in the country. The state is ahead of Santa Catarina (18%), Rio Grande do Sul (17%) and São Paulo (16%).

The information is in the research on livestock, milk, eggs, leather and stocks, by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), which was released last week.

In the first quarter of 2006, there were 1.014 billion chickens slaughtered in the state, which meant an increase by 12.21% over the first quarter in 2005 and of 1.17% over the fourth quarter of the same year. The period was considered one of the best in the sector.

In the comparison of the first three months of 2006 with the same period last year, the sector had an increase in 8.42% in revenues with exports to the Arab market.

According to the Union and Association of Slaughterhouses and Poultry Producers of Paraná (Sindiavipar), sales increased from US$ 69.3 million to US$ 75.1 million.

The quantity exported, however, dropped 10.29% in the period, going from 74,000 tons to 66,400. The main reason for the reduction, according to analysts, was the avian influenza, which reduced world demand for the product.

The countries from the region that consume poultry from Paraná are Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Comoro, Djibouti, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman and Qatar.

The IBGE study revealed that the state of Paraná also has an important participation in the production of chicken eggs, occupying the third position.

In the first quarter of the year, the segment’s expansion in the state was of 5.47%. National production reached 510.855 million dozens. Ahead of Paraná were São Paulo, responsible for 34% of national production and Minas Gerais, with 13%.

Omar Nasser works for Fiep (Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná).



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  • syed ehtesham husain

    we are looking fr halal frozen chicken boiler n griler both pls send yr full detail.


  • syed ehtesham husain

    sales manager
    Our company access international trading company working united arab emirates from last 15yrs. we are looking fr halal frozen chicken boiler n griller both pls send yr full detail to proceed further.


  • mark

    executive director
    Hi Sir
    l am turkish international trading company.And l would like know more information about company.if l order whole chicken for turkey or middle east how long take time.

  • Neal Benner

    Director of Operations
    Dear Sirs: We are importers and exporters who trade in the countries of China, Malaysia ,Thailand and the Middle East. Wehave contrcts for chickenfeet in the Orient and chicken carcasses in the Middle East. We are looking for processors of these products from Brasil. What companies can you suggest that can provide volumes of 500 tons per month chickenfeet and 15,000 tons per month of chicken carcasses. regards;Neal Benner


    International Exporter
    I will like know more about your export of chicken produce

  • Shaji

    I would like to know the details of a few good broiler producers in Brazil who can provide us the frozen whole chicken and parts ( Private label ) on aregular basis. If interested may please contact the id shaji108@gmail.com.

  • Guest

    To previous poster – Brazil is a big country – so it is possible for output in Parana to grow while output on a national level falls as production may fall in other regions.

  • Guest

    Funny or Phony ????
    Providing the 2006 first quarter on July 4th is fine but not really a news.

    Because below are news concerning the first quarter, dated mid April and in contradiction with the above numbers :

    – 10 April –

    Bird Flu Forces Brazil to Cut 25% of Its Chicken Production.
    In an attempt to balance supply and demand, Brazilian poultry breeders have decreased their production by 20-25%.

    “We were exporting 250,000 tons of chicken monthly in the last four months of last year. This quantity fell to 200 thousand tons in January, 190 thousand in February, and rose again to more than 200 thousand tons in March.

    – 18 April – Poultry Sector Lays Off 15,000 Since February

    The poultry sector has laid off 15,000 workers at meatpacking plants throughout the country due the fall in demand from abroad.

    As you can see…..numbers rarely match…..depending of the official sources.

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