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List of 2.900 Brazilian Officials Charged with Fraud Has Judges, Governors and Mayors

Brazil’s TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União), a Brazilian watchdog agency, which is actually a court that examines government spending, has delivered a list of 2,900 public officials charged with malfeasance.

The list was sent to the TSE (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral – Federal Election Board and it contains no less than five former governors, nine judges and 1,500 former mayors.

The president of the TCU, Adylson Motta, explains that the list does not have any immediate consequences because each case has to examined by the TSE and then there is the possibility of appealing any unfavorable sentences.

As many of the people on the list are candidates in this year’s October elections, Motta points out that if found guilty of malfeasance, even if elected, they can lose their mandate and be expelled from office.

Most of the crimes the 2,900 people on the list are charged with are misuse of public funds, fraudulent or manipulation of contract bidding or purchasing products at inflated prices, which leaves room for kickbacks.

All the cases of malfeasance on the TCU list have been proven but no one has been found guilty of any crime, yet.



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    Sad Situation / Good Justice
    Congrats to the Brazilian government. Policing one’s self can be the toughest thing to do. Though I do not celebrate in others demise, I only feel comfortable sending a salute to the Brazilian government for making a step in the right direction especially if they follow-thru in a fair manner. Any way, well done from an America views the citizens of Brazil with great admiration and hope. By: Bobby (Chic.) acommonthought@aol.com

  • Guest


    “All the cases of malfeasance on the TCU list have been proven but no one has been found guilty of any crime, yet.”


    The corruption hits you in the FACE….it comes knocking on your DOOR!!!

    Those have been PROVEN guilty but no one JUDGED guilty….yet.

    Ya know what I want to start doing???? STEALING FROM BRAZIL!!!

    Because NOTHING happens to you!!!

    The american mafia should come to brazil!!!

    They’d own it in about 10 years!

  • Guest

    Typically Brazilian !
    Politicians, judges, mayors, could loose their mandatre and be expelled from office.

    All the cases of malfeasance have been proven…..BUT no one has been found guilty….yet !

    Yet….In Brazil means NEVER !

    Simply because the ones at the TCU and the justice are as much corrupted as the 2900 peopled named.

    Just have a sick pedophil judge another sick pedophil. Immunity is almost guaranteed !!!!
    And having the same thinkings…..why should they stop….since they will never ever have a judgment based on ther laws ?????

    You corrupted people have even voted laws….THAT PROTECT THEM AND GUARANTEES IMMUNITY OR A NON GUILTY JUGEMENT !!!!!

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