Book on Palestine and Israel’s Wall Launched at Brazil’s Lower House

This Tuesday afternoon, July 11, in the Brazilian capital city BrasÀ­lia, was the launching of the book "Palestina – A construção do muro" ("Palestine – the Building of the Wall") in Portuguese.

Organized by the Special Delegation of Palestine in Brazil, organization equivalent to an embassy, it gathers translations into Portuguese of the United Nations Organization resolutions on the separation wall being built by Israel in the West Bank, as well as the judgment by the International Court of Justice, which is of the opinion that the construction is illegal.

The release of the book took place in the Noble Room of the House of Representatives, at the invitation of the president of the House, Aldo Rebelo, and counted on the participation of members of parliament and diplomats, like the secretary-general of the Brazil-Arab Parliamentary League, the representative Jamil Murad, the ambassadors of Syria and Lebanon, Ali Diab and Fouad El Khoury, and the head of the Department of the Middle East and Central Asia at the Itamaraty, the Brazilian Foreign Office, ambassador Sarkis Karmirian, and the ambassadors of Portugal and France.

The president of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Sarkis Jr., and the Marketing vice-president at the entity, Rubens Hannun, were also at the event.

"The book will help people understand better what is happening in the region," said Sarkis. The book gathers material from the UN produced between the 27th of October 2003 and 20th of July 2004, as well as maps and photographs.

The elaboration of the book was started while the ambassador Musa Odeh was still heading the Palestinian representation in Brasí­lia and was concluded by the current ambassador, Mayada Bamie, who took the office of head of the delegation in January. Musa left the position at the end of last year to take over the Palestinian embassy in Spain.

It is his, however, the presentation of the book. "This book aims at being a reference in documenting the consulting opinion of the International Court of Justice on the wall that Israel is building in the occupied Palestinian territory, including all resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly in this respect.

"It therefore approaches the legal and political aspects of a conflict that has been part of the United Nations agenda for nearly six decades," says the diplomat in the preface.

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