Ten Brazilians Killed by Israeli Bombing in Lebanon

Among the more than 300 people killed in Lebanon by Israeli bombs 10 are Brazilians. Itamaraty, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, confirmed today, July 19, the death of seven.

The latest Brazilian victim, whose name wasn’t revealed, is a 60-year-old man according to the Brazilian authorities and he was killed in the Bekaa Valley region.

Yesterday, July 18, the Lebanese-born businessman naturalized Brazilian, Rodrigo Aiman Daher, 34, was killed in Sur, a town 62 miles from Beirut. Daher was eating in a café next to a building hit by an Israeli missile.

Three other Brazilians who were with him were also killed, but the authorities don’t know their names because they weren’t carrying any identification document.

A seven-year old boy from Fox do Iguaçu, in the state Paraná had been killed previously. And last week, while vacationing in Lebanon, teacher Akil Mehri, 34, his wife and two children, also from Foz do Iguaçu, died due to the Israeli attacks .

Michel Gepp, the Brazilian consul in Beirut, says that there isn’t much that he can to help Brazilians willing to leave Lebanon since Brazil has little resources.

The only plane helping in the evacuation is the Sucatão (the Big Wreck), the Brazilian aging plane that used to be Brazil’s Air Force One. The old Boeing 707 can’t carry more than 100 passengers.

We need a ship or more planes for the rescue effort, says Gepp, who cited the examples of France and the United States, who are using boats and ships to take their citizens to Cyprus.

Many Brazilian are also stranded in the Valley without a way to reach Beirut since many roads and bridges have been damaged or destroyed by Israel’s bombs.


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  • newguest

    for more info.
    If anybodyÀ‚´s interested to get more info. he can read this book for Judith Palmer Harik
    ” Hezbollah: The Changing Face of Terrorism”

  • newguest

    catch your mind for a sec.
    you can sit on your chair and watch a scary movie, and your heart will start to beat fast, or maybe if you are watching an American-romantic film you will start to cry at the end when the two lovers dies… but if you are watching the news in Lebanon and how the Israelis are killing the innocent civilian people you will not mind if they continue doing that, why? can i ask you, or i have to give you the answer? well, thatÀ‚´s because you are a stupid closed mind or you are a Zion-Israeli-Jewish.
    In the whole wars history never happened that a country attack another country just because two soldiers were kidnapped .. so how about destroying a whole country and killing about 2 thousand civilian?!
    Hezbollah, letÀ‚´s talk about him for a while, what is Hezbollah? the Islamic resistance. well, many of the people donÀ‚´t know anything about them only what the west news says, this movement was born beyond the Israeli occupation, and her job was to resist this occupation and force them to go out from Lebanon till they get free every single rock of there land, and every captive in the Israeli prison.

  • Mujahideen

    The Jews can go just kill themselves, I dont care about the Jews nor the US. And this killing of innocent Brasilians just p*sses the South American countries off more. Israel and the US are going to have to stop being so careless at what and who they aim their weapons at. Otherwise, are so called “allies” will turn into our enemies and we will be fired upon our own land. Not only are most of the Arab nations already against us, but we are going to drag in Brasil, Venezuala, Cuba, China, Russia, and North Korea. And if we keep it up, more nations will follow them on the path of destroying the US. We can’t just sit here and try to justify what we do, we got to compromise, make people like us, not force people to like us. God is against murder, no matter who you are, or what you do, and as long as we continue to fight, we will be fought against. As far as war goes, the US is completely and utterly f*cked no matter what it does. We can either do nothing and sit back while other countries develop nuclear weapons and aim them at us, or we can fight them now, lose thousands of soldiers lives, and civilians, just to keep the killing outside of the US. We are going to be experiencing a new revolutionary war, it’s going to be highly disliked, but it’s either that, or total annihilation of the US as we know it. Praise be to Allah and Praise be to my brothers and sisters.

  • Guest

    Most Americans, Canadians and Brazilians in the south of Lebanon are Shi’ites, and many are tainted with the stench of Hizbollah.
    May God preserve the innocent, but I think the Israelis are justified in killing those assholes who partied when Israel was raided and her young men kidnapped – may the granny who handed out candy suck on a bomb!
    As for the infrastructure, the Lebanese government deserves the loss because they lacked the cojones to occupy their own country.

    Am Yisrael Khay!

  • kit

    Truth to Stupidity . . .
    Gerinho, you are just another moron of the left.

    Let the facts be displayed so simply that even a skunk-brain with the attention span of a hamster like you can understand them:

    If the Arabs quit fighting, there would be peace.
    If the Israelis quit fighting, there would be a bloodbath.

    This simple truth is enough to illuminate right from wrong for all but the most retarded.

  • Gerinho

    Israel is to blame !
    Let’s see, steal land from indigenous peoples that have populated it for centuries, dis-arm and silence in prisons some of them that protest the loudest, put them on reservations with no natural resources and force them to depend on handouts, sounds like the USA against the american indians? No Israel against the Palestinians. Bows and arrows against rifles and bullets now it’s rocks against tanks.

  • john

    objective , informative artcle . comments above are completely out of line with the example shown by author though.

  • reason

    Brazi\’s take on the Middle East crisis
    we all know that given the ethnicity of Brazil, combined with one of the world’s most biased medias, everyone in Brazil thinks that Israel is to blame for what’s happening. So, you have Globo, Folha, etc., reporting only about civilian casualties on the Lebanese side, nothing about who instigated the fight, and nothing about “std” warfare and how most sane regimes don’t house their soldiers (or in the case of Hezbollah, terrorists) in houses where FAMILIES live, or next to SCHOOLS. No, that’s all overlooked. So, when Israel retaliates, as it has every right to do, for strikes against it, it goes to the source of the problem, which unfortunately for all involved happens to be apartment buildings, or buildings next to apt. buildings, where Hezbollah store their arms, make their bombs, etc. Any newpaper outside Brazil or most of the middle east (although even Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have said this is not Israel’s fault) will confirm this. So, we have all these pissed off uninformed Brazilians upset that their citizens who chose, of all places in the world, Beirut to go for a vacation, (to visit their relatives), and now they want help out. Because Lula and the Brazilian govt are too proud to ask for help, they won’t, and their citizens will remain trapped in Lebanon. Lula would never ask the U.S. for help because most brazilians think Bush is the anti-christ. Brazil wouldn’t ask Portugal, which has a navy and is relatively close by, because they are too proud. Lula is still saving up his slush fund money for when the truth gets out about him, so I guess the coffers are too low to bail people out. Bummer. Here’s a great country with a booming economy, a growing group of “intellectuals”, yet the people have the wool pulled over their eyes by the media so much that they really only know one side to the issues

  • Judge Dread

    Little Brazil can do?
    Why don’t you send ula’s plane to collect your guys? Lula won’t mind, he’s a man of the people. He’ll understand. LOL.

  • ch.c

    …..ooops…typing mistake : (not saying how many….of course)

  • ch.c

    …you will create 10 times more problems, as 10 Brazilians died, as the same shitty things you did when Your Jean Charles died in the tragedy of the London bombings !!!!

    Of course, you have already forgotten the hundreds of innocents Brazilian citizens killed by your own police….annually ! Even Lembe, recognized some (not saying of many….of course) innocents were killed during your SP chaos.

    Before requesting others to do justice……just look in your own mirror ! Quite dirty, greasy and stinky !!!!!

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