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Brazil Wants Google to Cough Up or Leave the Country

Brazil’s Justice Department wants to fine and if needed to close the Brazilian bureau of Google if they don’t comply with several requests to disclose information on users of its Orkut service.

Brazil is charging the American Internet company with causing moral damages to the country, presenting illicit contents in its invitation-only relationship site and then protecting criminals, refusing to name those responsible for posting illegal material.  

The Federal Prosecutor should file in the coming days two lawsuits against Google: one civil and another criminal. The civil action will be for collective moral damage and will require that the company pay a daily stiff fine till it complies with the judicial order. The criminal action charges the company with protecting criminals and disobeying orders from the Brazilian justice. 

Google has responded to the charges saying that it always cooperates with the Brazilian authorities when it is asked to comply through the company head office in the US. The company’s press department released a note telling that the site has developed "tools to detect and remove inappropriate content in the site."

They also said that in the last two months, for example, they made available information for at least eight lawsuits and preserved the data in more than 60 other cases so that investigations can continue.

The Federal Prosecutor in the state of São Paulo, Sérgio Gardenghi Suiama, however, tells another story. He says that he got a court order compelling Google Brasil to release the data from the creators of 27 Orkut communities but the information was never turned in. Five months after getting the order Google hasn’t yet complied, according to Suiama.

The prosecution says it is acting against Orkut users who create criminal profiles and communities that spread child pornography, preach hatred against other races and ethnic groups. They are also after those who promote the practice of murder, suicide, pedophilia, satanic rites, rape and gay bashing.

"It is inadmissible that a company comes to Brazil to make money and refuses to help solve crimes being investigated by the country’s authorities. You need to take steps so that the judicial orders be fulfilled. We don’t want to shut down the company, but they are the only Internet company not complying with court orders," says Suiama.

SaferNet Brasil, a Non-Governmental Organization specialiazed in investigating charges of Internet crimes has conducted a study from January to August 2006, on the most common complaints against Internet criminal activities and found out that 94.6% of 86.188 cases were against profiles or communities on Orkut. 

"It is no use taking  the page off the air. New profiles and communities are being created all the time. Moreover, the company must keep the crime’s evidence (the page)," says SaferNet’s president.

From the 81,549 charges against Orkut, 42% (34,161) were for pedophilia and child pornography. SaferNet estimates that Orkut exhibits more than 44,000 pictures of children and teens in pornographic poses. Thiago Tavares Nunes, the president of the ONG accuses Google of being remiss in answering the charges.

While Google never caught up in the US, the service is all the rage in Brazil. For millions of Brazilians Orkut is the Internet. It’s believed that 3% of the Brazilian population (do the math: Brazil has 187 million people, 3% is 5.6 million) has an Orkut account. 66% of all Orkut users are Brazilians, followed by Americans (13%) and India (7%).


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  • yhwh7

    Google owned by mafia
    Google are owned by Mafia: http://mafiawww.com

  • keith jones

    google are mafia run
    google are responsible for porn from trafficked women as well as child porn: http://sabaoth.community.officelive.com/Documents/index.html

  • Abusando.org

    UNDERSTANDING Brazil`s ccTLD, NIC.BR, CGI.BR, Lula`s ex-guerrilha government members.
    English version of vaitomarnocu.com.br

    CGI creates its own rules in Brazil operating ccTLD.br Under the control of NIC.br 5 million dollars monthly (on domain registration revenue and IP delegation to business & government) alone are at stake when CGI.br NIC.br coordinating Registro.br are controlled and monopolized by the same group of people.

    Buy trying intimidating some members of ABUSANDO in Brazil & USA Demi Getschko and some other CGI members filed lawsuits in Sao Paulo & Parana state as it turns out CGI is obviously having some great losses pertaining to these law suits in fact one judge from Parana labeled CGI as an illegal entity representing themselves as government officials when in fact they are NOT an official and legal Brazilian government body.

    Read all about this law suits on abusando.org and follow this great battle for Internet governance in Brazil.

  • Steve

    Thoughts and rebutaal to the above mentioned comment

    The legal age of voting in Brasil happens to be 16. World Vision, Safer net et.all make millions from scandal, simply lowering the age EVEN to european standards or the right to vote would take the steam out of many of these ‘good-doing’ NGO financial engines. How are you allowing Brazilians to have their own destiny by allowing outside NGO interlopers to aggravate the country on behalf of their surrogate sponsers in the more ‘enlightened’ countries. If it is independent destiny that you are concerned about then Vladimir Putin and former president Ernesto Zedillo demonstrated it amply , the former fining one of these parasties &167,000 last week and the latter ordering them out of Mexico when they decided to attempt to dictate the internal poicies of Mexico.

    It is hard pressed to see what good these organizations are actually doing in works to help those who they claim are so victimized. In this particular case of Orkut the majority (not all) are teenager to teenager and that is not going to stop no matter how much the English speaking countries in their absoulte fits of morality are stuffed down the rest of the world’s throats. Who is to say that the morality of the US is so good. Perhaps it is time to debate these issues rather then issue broad condemnations without thought. (By the way, since you are so concerned about the protection of children when it comes to child porn) you might want to turn your attention to the less evil practice of the death penalty for minors in the US and the increasingly numerous practice of trying ‘children’ as adults!!!

  • Geoff

    you call them witches huh?
    Steve, if the Brasilian government has found this to be a major source of child porn, and you argue against eliminating that, you deserve the fate of the witches of salem

    ANYONE who harms children, especially in this way, deserves no mercy, there is no ‘cruel or unusual punishment’ for them…go take your conspiracy theory where it belongs, with the star trekkies….

    Let the brasilians have their own destiny…..or maybe that doesnt fit into your economic model ….

  • Steve

    Witch hunt continues
    Naturally it is the NGO parasites once again looking for scandal to promote their $$$ causes. Perhaps all this ‘morality’ is not wanted.

  • Louis

    the last paragraph…
    Interesting article, but it must be pointed out that although Orkut has never caught on in the US, Google has to be, arguably, its most popular search engine.

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