Three Brazilian Stewardesses, Orphans of Varig, Make the Cover of Playboy

After five months without getting payment from their moribund employer, Varig, these three stunning Brazilian flight attendants were ready to do anything, even take their clothes off.

That’s when Playboy came knocking with an offer that showed to be impossible to refuse: pose in the nude for the magazine and in return get money worth many years of work.

Now the three beauties, who dared to bare it all, have become the cover girls of the Brazilian Playboy’s September issue and instead of the unemployment line they found a place in dreamland and are making big plans like buying an apartment, going back to school and starting a business.

The newest Playboy bunnies are Patrí­cia Kreusburg, 29, Juliana Neves, 26 and Sabrina Knop, 27. They ended up posing – not very original – inside a little jet. At least for them the sad story of Varig, which fired more than 5,500 employees had a happy ending.

It’s not the first time that Playboy takes advantage of jobless and destitute girls. The same happened in 2002 after the Enron debacle. At that time the magazine took off the clothes of several former employees of that company. 

Sabrina, from Porto Alegre, in the Brazilian south, had already some brush with fame in 2001 when she was elected Varig’s Queen of Stewardesses. She says that she had never dreamed she would be one day on the cover of a magazine, much less in a so-revealing pose.

But she already knows what to do with the money she got: the belle will buy an apartment and finish college. Her brother didn’t like the idea of having her naked on the corner’s newsstand, though, but she teased him: "How many people do you know whose sister appeared on Playboy?"

Patrí­cia says that it took her some time to decide, but the money was too good to insist on having scruples. With her part of the loot she will get a Master’s degree, a car and there will be still some left for retirement. And she found an unexpected fan: her husband, who according to her is very proud to see her baring it all.

As for Juliana, she is using the money to advance her career in Aesthetics. Her family, at first, didn’t like the idea of her nude modeling, but changed their mind on hearing all the monetary advantages the young lady would get.


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