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Argentina Complains Brazilian TV Calls Malvinas Falklands

Brazil’s main television station international signal, TV Globo refers to the Malvinas Islands as "Falklands", complained the Argentine agency DYN.

The controversy is over a special program on the Falklands’ wildlife, which the Brazilian TV Globo station is promoting including in Argentina.

The program is a chapter of the "Globo Reporter" and refers to wildlife in the Falkland Islands, "also known as Malvinas".

DYN points out that the TV Globo promotion comes as a surprise since the administration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has always supported Argentina’s sovereignty claim over the Malvinas, "which were illegally taken over by the British in 1833".

In 1982, Argentina and the United Kingdom went to war over the Falkland Islands, after the Argentine military occupied the British dependency of South Georgia on March 19, 1982.

Argentina ended up surrendering on June 14, 1982. It was a bloody war with almost 1,000 dead: 649 Argentine soldiers and 258 British.  Although England won the war Argentina shows no sign of relinquishing its claim to the islands.

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  • joao augusto zimmermann

    i am a gaucho i living in rio grande do sul , brasil,all my people in the most southern sate of brazil think LAS MALVINAS SON ARGENTINAS all of that bullshit was made because the media in brazil is over private rulers,someday i watch tv and see a campain with one american boy with clotes of american footbal teaching the people to take care of themselves and think wy one american propaganda is on the rede globo and watch more in other chanels i see programs with many words to hipnotyze the people preparing the mind for a not distant future,but the hermanos dont have to be so hursh the mercosul wil never like one base from european union over oyur coasts it is only a matter of tyime to all south america take the rule over the malvinas by the sovereign of argentina,like the brazil want to realize our sovereign over the limit of 200 miles over the sea,the americans pray for 50 miules to rest of world and 200 for themselves and brazil want this to it is amter of time…….remember the rio grande do sul is the most powerfull army from brazil the argentinians have only to increase the relantionship wioth this state and if convince all off us the rio grande will gho to war with argentina.even if vbrazil not.remember the brasil made all that can in the 82 war we sent planes to supervising the coast and we even participate to operation exocet.behind the line off course but the argentinian service of information know this,the asrgentina loose the warr because they are so weak on tath time but now is diferent and wil be more and more….

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