Brazil Has Already Exported US$ 94 Bi with US$ 32 Bi Surplus

According to figures  released today, September 18, by Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Brazilian exports brought the country US$ 3.1 billion last week, an average of US$ 623.8 million per working day.

In the month’s accumulated value, shipments added up to US$ 6.1 billion, or US$ 612.9 million per working day, which gives us an average 21% above that registered in September 2005 and 3.3% greater than that of August this year.

External sales already yielded US$ 94.3 billion, this year, an increase in 15.2% in comparison to the same period in 2005. The country’s imports reached US$ 62.6 billion, an increase in 23% in relation to the period from January to the third week of September last year.

The resulting surplus is of US$ 31.7 billion. Last week, imports added up to US$ 1.8 billion, with a daily average of US$ 367.2 million.

In the month, external purchases added up to US$ 4 billion, with US$ 402.5 million in average per working day, an increase in 33.8% in comparison to September 2005 and of 1.4% in relation to August this year. The commercial surplus last week was of US$ 1.3 billion and, in the month, of US$ 2.1 billion.


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