Brazilians in London Get Five Years in Jail for Printing Fake Passports

Lucas Fernandez Jesus, 26, and Werleson Rodrigo Ferreira de Oliveira, 25, two Brazilians living in the United Kingdom were sentenced to five years in prison for managing what the London police believe was one of Great Britain’s biggest fake passport factories ever busted.

They had been arrested last November. After serving their jail time they will be deported back to Brazil.
The Brazilians were arrested after a tip from a stationary store owner who grew suspicious after the young Brazilians bought a very large quantity of special equipment, paint and paper.

He called the police. The authorities would soon find out that they were delivering their goods since January 2005. Both Brazilian were carrying illegal documents when arrested. Oliveira had six different IDs, all fake.

In the "factory," located in the Stamford Hill district, the British police found scanners, computers and printers, able to manufacture 12,000 passports for European Union countries as well as hundreds of other documents, like birth certificates and driver’s licenses.

They also discovered that each passport was sold for up to 1,000 GBP (US$ 1900). While US$ 210,000 were found in the "factory" by police, authorities believe that they could have made as much as US$ 23 million.

According to prosecutors, the material seized was of very high quality and the passports being delivered could be used for international trips without arousing suspicion. The only thing missing was the watermark.

While the defense argued that the documents were only supplied to Brazilians willing to work in other European Union countries, the judge observed that the material could also fall into the hands of terrorists.


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  • Luigi Facchini

    Love Brazilians – Great Nation
    How ignorant can someone be??? To make such statement must be from someone that lost a girlfriend to a brazilian man or something like. I have been to Brazil many times over the last 10 years and I have to say, yes there are social problems although things are getting much better economicaly as the Country is growing so rapidily. What can I say about Brazilian, they are happy go people, they know how to enjoy life in a way that nobody do, people that think that brzilian girls are easy, this is all not true thought my own experience and been foreigner (italian) there myself… One last thing, you ignorant people that critise the best nation on earth, try to go to Brazil and spend sometime there yourselves, see how wellcome they are, how much love they have within thenselves…. I just wish I could been Brazilian myself….. But I am still a proud Italian and I have to say that make me proud to know that I can count many Brazilian as my true friends…. Brazilian culture forever… Great people and great nation…. Learn from them and dont be envious of this great nation… Luigi Dolcemascollo Facchini. Baci XXX

  • xyz

    We are sooooo tired of the brazilian loosers. They need to be denied access to ALLLLL countries. They will not work are whores and thiesves, criminals very low class monsters. They should be put to sleep the world would be a better and more tranquil place. In Portugal we despise them, they come by the scores to try to infiltrate other european countries and ultimately the USA. I don’y like them at all, They uggly monkeys a sub specie of civilized man. Parasites.
    The good news is they have screwed so much eventually no one will let them in, I hope very soon. I would gladly teach them a lesson.

  • nick

    brazilians are racist
    it saddens me to see so many brazilian criminals pouring into europe i think they shoukld all go back to brazil

  • Dave Stock

    Stereotyping is correct LOL
    Quote À¢€œIf you don’t think brazilians are stereotyped according to their behavior, you would be the only stupid one hereÀ¢€Â

    Donˢ۪t be so ignorant, just because people like you do it doesnˢ۪t make it correct.

    So according to you the stereotypes are correct and its right to do it, get out into the real world and stop showing your ignorance.

    With regard to the person above who wants to draw a distinction between legal and illegal; I say look to your own Government.

    I know many Brazilians living in the UK and they all work and pay tax and national insurance, this money I collected by the UK Government, they know full well who has a visa and who doesnˢ۪t but they donˢ۪t do anything about it.

    How is it that many of the people I know have no visa yet are still employed and paying tax, many work more than 1 job and most work about 50 to 60 hours a week, why do the Government except tax and national insurance from people they say are illegal?

    Just for information to people who donˢ۪t know the UK I can tell you that there are loads of illegals living and working here with the tacit consent of the UK Government.

  • heyhey

    LeiazÀƒ£o I don’t see how your point of view is correct, by only distinguishing brazilians who live here, in brazil, and brazucas living there, abroad europe or us.

    But…. BEING ILLEGAL is NOOOOOOOOOT a green light to KIIIIIIIIIIILL THEM, THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! Of course, if you are the country of GuantÀƒ¡namo, or supports this system, then things are much explained.

    Other is many ignorant gringos hold instantaneous sterotypes against brazilians! haha (sarcastic)

  • heyhey

    Look pessoas you better fix this odd site cause everytime i place an smiley i return without any of my content!!! that’s going to be my THRID time rewriting this thing.
    Which i now haven’t got any time to write anymore and lost completely my fragile sense of HUMOR!!!!

  • leiazao

    Good evenning guys,

    I did not expect that my comment would be followed by many other comments, so I would like to defend my point of view!!!

    What I wanted to say first is that people should distinguish Brazilian people by the fact living here or not, before stating there opinions.

    Brazilian people in Brazil are having a hard time making ends meet, this results in crime, prostitution, etc, etc. (you will never see rich Brazilians killing inocent people, at least no more than here)

    By my comments above, I was talking about Brazilians who are living here!!! They come to Europe (USA JAPAN) with the aim of prospering, making money to return to their own country. In this quest they do not cause many problems, e.g.crime, rapes, fights, etc, etc.

    To clarify my conclusion I will compare Brazilians with other foreigners: We do not look for problems with indigenous citzens, we adapt to the environment we live, people in europe trust brazilians (they have the keys of the houses where they work at), indigenous people are not affraid of us!!! This in contrast with arabs, for instance. (majority of them are good, have a few arabic friends)

    About being polite in the person’s presence (comment of Blah) and holding specific generalizations about a culture. Yes that is true, and it is a very normal thing everywhere in this planet. And I understand it too. We all have prejudices. And it is comprehensible that indigenous people dislike the fact there are so many aliens living in their country. (In amsterdam for instance, there are more foreigners than dutch people!!!)

    But people, what would you do if you were in their position???? I bed you would do just the same, if you had the chance!!!


  • heyhey

    I understand brazilians are multiplying all over the world and doing their “business” (Fiiigures !!! lol). But it is go a bit far saying this kind of news is what give brazilians a “bad name”. What about the tons of BS news we hear from America and else where and you don’t hear brazilians say “…that’s why we find them ignorant perverts war mongers…” and what ever.Maybe that should be the case?? lol! You people shoulda admit you hold stereotypes against brazilians, for your own goood!!! lol

  • Guest

    re: who’s the stupid person above…
    well my friend, when a country has a population of 1 million plus in a country and 70-80% of them are there illegally, when they’re caught doing whatever, or in the case of the young brazilian who was wrongfully and mistakenly killed in london last year, 9 out of 10 times they’re found to be in said country ILLEGALLY.

    Then you find that groups of brazilians are setting up printing presses and faking passports, drivers licenses, social security cards, etc. Just a few months ago they busted a group of brazilians in massachusetts doing the very same shit as they found in england. Gets old after a while. If you don’t think brazilians are stereotyped according to their behavior, you would be the only stupid one here. And unfortunately, you have no one to blame except the vast majority of your brethren that obviously have such a dreary reality in their own country that they’re willing to finance their lives and risk jail terms as well as deportation to get out of brazil!

  • blah

    The problem leiazao is that generally Europeans are fairly a polite lot and theyÀ¢€™ll not, at least in your presence, speak ill of your nationality. ThatÀ¢€™s not to say that they donÀ¢€™t hold specific generalizations about your culture. Maybe the do, maybe they donÀ¢€™t À¢€“ the point is that youÀ¢€™ll never really know. Place a microphone in front of you average Londoner and they boast the blessings of multiculturalism, pull that same individual away from the public record, and politically correct police, and they tell you something completely different.

    Truth be told, yes, Brazil is known for À¢€œfutebolÀ¢€Â (this is a given when you look at how popular the sport is in Europe) although I highly doubt anyone knows what À¢€œSambaÀ¢€Â is or from where it comes. Nor do I think they actually care.

    For those that actually have some information about Brazil generalizations usually fall into two categories.

    First. The women are easy. This stems from Gringo tales of getting tail while visiting Brazil, as well as the legions of hundreds of thousands of Brazilian prostitutes working in Europe right now.

    Second. Brazil is one of the most violent countries on Earth. And this is a no-brainer. Itˢ۪s not a generalization; it is a factual and statistically verifiable truth.

    All that being said, I doubt your average European possesses any real opinions about Brazilians in general. We enter in contact with so many people from all around the world; weÀ¢€™ve grown numb and – given how immigrants respect our countries À¢€“ a little disillusioned and disappointed with them. Tell them what they want to hear, and hope they go away.

  • Dave Stock

    Its 2006 not 1806
    Serotypes R us is a very ignorant attitude to have in 2006, all English are snobs, all Yanks are war mongers and ignorant about the outside world, all Brazilians are thieves, all stupid and ignorant things to say.

    Your above post says far more about you than anything else.

  • Stephen

    Leizao ‘s comments !
    How is it showing disrepect to Brazilians if you are an innocent tourist spending money in five * hotels, restaurants etc and some robbers invade your hotel, rob you , try and kill you? Brazilians do not have agood repuation abroad, I used to hire Brazilians at very good salaries but they are lazy, want all and give nothing back, insult my clients.. wake up ans smell the coffee!

  • leiazao

    What kind of stupid person is this above????!!!!!
    I am a PROUD Brazilian who’s living abroad since 1990!! I have been in many countries in Europe.

    Till now I have noticed that people here in Europe like Brazilians a lot. We represent Samba, Football, party and other good things!!!

    I am someone who follows the news daily and I have not noted substantial negative news about Brazilian who live abroad.

    But you, tourists, who go to Brazil showing no respect for the people, will be a target for Brazilian criminals!!


  • Guest

    and brazilians wonder why they have a “bad name” internationally.

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