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Brazil’s Lula Might Win Reelection and Still Lose His Mandate

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is headed toward a first-round victory Sunday in Brazil’s election, a new poll predicts.

Silva’s strong showing in the poll released, yesterday, September 26, amid a political scandal that has shaken his center-left Workers Party with allegations that it sought to purchase a dossier that apparently contained damaging information about a key opponent.

The survey by the Sensus organization predicted Silva would get 59% of the vote if the elections were held now, compared with 32% for chief rival, former São Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin. Silva needs just 50% to avoid an October 29 runoff.

The telephone survey of 2,000 people was conducted Friday-Sunday and had a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

Silva’s party is accused of trying to purchase a mysterious packet of information that supposedly contained incriminating information about Alckmin and José Serra, who is favored to beat PT candidate Aloizio Mercadante in the Sao Paulo governor’s race.

Alckmin said Tuesday that Silva should be investigated.

"The PT (Workers Party) and people linked to the president of the republic bought a dossier for 1.7 million reais (U$ 781,000), and no one has yet said where that money came from, how those dollars entered the country, and that is a crime that has to be verified," Alckmin told reporters.

A close aide of Silva was named as an intermediary in the alleged scheme and Silva’s campaign manager stepped down in connection with the investigation last week.

Brazil’s electoral court gave Silva ten days to present his defense to charges he participated in the scheme.

Chief electoral Judge Marco Aurélio Mello has said Silva’s candidacy could be ended if he is found to be involved in any wrongdoing. But a verdict is unlikely before the October 1st election.

If the court rules before January 1st, when Silva would start his second term, his election could be declared null and new elections called.



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  • heyhey

    Banco Central divulged this wednesday (27) that exchange currency institutions register operations total amount and money buyer/seller personal information. In any event, these information are PROTECTED by BANK SECRECY and its access depend on the authotization of the competent authority.

  • heyhey

    Lula is not a popular president in Brazil, just check how many anti-Lula/ anti-PT communities and members there are.

    This is the president who said that about our neighbors “Chile is a s…, a joke. They make their little agreements with the Americans and they are give no s…. about us. They want us here to go f…. ouserselves”, which was published in a non-authorized book about Luis InÀƒ¡cio Lula da Silva. I see what a great role model he is for people here!

    Also, he is the one who says that “everything MUST be investigated”, but until today, the Brazilian Legal Ministry (MinistÀƒ©rio da JustiÀƒ§a) after one week and a half after the disclose of the illegal dossie, did not ask for the account owners of such amount of money to the ‘Brazilian Federal Reserve’ (Banco Central). MÀƒ¡rcio TomÀƒ¡z Bastos, Ministro da JustiÀƒ§a (Legal Minstry) was today notified to explanain the reasons. On the occasion of theMensalÀƒ£o case, the bank account of Burati’s janitor, the current Economy Minstry’s ex-assistant, was disclosed whitin 2 days, under whose orders?

    Sure this is tiny account over what Lula does and says throughou Brazil.

  • Dave Stock

    Well said
    Marco, How refreshing to read some reasoned and intelligent comments on this site.

    I agree with you above and I know from family experience that Lula has changed the lives of millions of the poor in Brazil over the last few years.

    Let us not forget this is the first time for many years that the Brazilian Government has been able to Govern Brazil without interference from the IMF, the World Bank or the Bank of America, Lula did the right thing in untying the hands of the Brazilian Government before turning to domestic problems.

    If you look at the major financial institutions they are all predicting that in 8 to 10 years Brazil will be the place to invest if the eccomany keeps going the way it is going now and that is down to the policies of the Lula Government.

  • Marco Antonio de M.Almeida

    These denounces against Workers Party (PT ) is a weapon of the right against a popoular president who improved the quality of life of the poor Brazilian people. The prices are get down mainly food: rice, bean, corn, soya oil, meat. The ex-president Fernando Henrique Cardosoalthough intelectual is provoking serious controvertial polemics since he considers himself a smart man, the owner of the truth. His government, he stayed in the power for 8 years was a disaster, no impact social measure was taken toward to the poor diffrent of LulaÀ‚´s government where is a better sharing of the Internal Gross Product. Ridiculous the strategy taken by LaulaÀ‚´s government denouncers about dossie against members of PSDB, oponent party of the President, since he is in the top of the polls. Brazilian now is more politically developed and on Oct. 1st, FHC, Alckmin and others who wish create confusion will have a reply: The re-election of the most popular president of Brazil. Lula loves Brazil and the people and came from the lowerest stratum of the society, a very poor immigrant from the Northern of Brazil and experecied the hunger and misery. He is a valuable man whho deserves be re-elected, in spite of the foolish words of his opponents. There are conservative organs in Brazil already predicting and certainly will ask for the impeachment in case of being re-elected. In spite of the everything the democracy will win. Those long times of military dictatotship nurted by the conservatives are over. Thhannk you very for having opportunity to express my opinion about my country, about democracy, about anti-democrats, about elite always hungry for power and in defense of its interests.
    Marco AntÀƒ´nio de M. Almeida

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