Air Force Brigadier Calls Lula and the PT Brazil’s Biggest Gang of Outlaws Ever

For the third time since the beginning of Lula’s campaign for reelection former members of Brazil’s Armed Forces high command have broke their silence to harshly criticize the president and the ruling Workers Party.

In the latest attack, on the eve of Sunday’s (October 29) presidential elections, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the PT are called the "biggest gang of graduated outlaws ever in national history."

The most recent assault, published in the homepage of the Military Club’s Internet site, is signed by reserve Air Force brigadier, Ivan Moacyr da Frota, who is also the president of the Brazilian Air Force Club. The manifesto is called "Poor Brazil Country."

The abrasive note starts by saying that "The electoral polls for president suggest the embarrassing indication that more than half the Brazilian population is conniving with corruption and the criminal hoaxes that the current government has been charged with."

Frota continues, "The country seems to have been occupied by a true gang that, supported by a political party assembled  the biggest gang of graduated outlaws ever in national history. (Brazilian Penal Code: Article 288 – Gang formation).

The first step Lula and his gang took, says the manifesto, was to infiltrate the State and strategic sectors of society with members of the Workers Party. For that end, congressmen were bribed,  bankers and businessmen were extorted and PT militants were placed in strategic positions all across the country, including public offices, media and artistic milieu. 

"Finally, it became evident, with use of public money, the insidious and humiliating tactic of buying the electoral adhesion of several million innocent voters from the poorest social classes especially in the country’s North and Northeast, in exchange for the institutional alms represented by the  Bolsa Famí­lia (Family Voucher).

"The dramatic conclusion to all of this, as widely reported by the press, is that if this government is reelected, it will have been by the rotten side of the Brazilian society, each component having been bought for a price."

The statement goes on to say that the first round’s campaign was already filthy and corrupted while the second round exposed whatever rotted bowels had remained hidden. 

"In the unexpected runoff, the felons’ supergang was taken by despair when faced with the threat of losing their privileges and jobs – the extorted private posts, and the inflated public ones."

The document also accuses the government’s machine of probably using public money to offend the family of the opposition candidate. It also charges it with committing terrorism when it spread the rumors that the opposition wishes to privatize state-run companies. 

"What authority has a government that sells out the country’s patrimony, with several members sued for corruption, to accuse anybody of venal privatization of public property, when, recently, it ratified itself law 11.284, of 03/02/2006, that encourages the indiscriminate use, for 60 years, of public forests in the Amazon region, which constitutes an explicit transfer of parts of the national territory to foreign ownership?"

The note goes on to accuse the Lula government of auctioning oil-rich areas to foreign companies to explore. 

"So much falsehood, hypocrisy and deceit, put in the unsuspecting mind of the less enlightened populations!"

The retired brigadier, who was already a presidential candidate by the PMN party, urges other Brazilians to get out from this hypnotic trance and do something to prevent what he calls the big looting of the Nation, and the threat of an institutional destabilization.

People have to take sides he says: or they are part of the gang organized to rob the nation or they choose to belong to that side that abhors corruption. And Frota concludes with a short comment:

"I want to make it clear that I present this statement as a citizen, as an individual, and, not as the president of the Air Force Club. The national present moment is very serious and, having to choose between verbal nonsense and omission’s cowardice, I opted for the first."


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  • Reality

    the previous post is correct :
    Brazilian leaders, whoever they are, from left to right or the Army, are PREDATORS even against their own citizens ! After having canibalized their own society, they want now to canibalize the rest of the world with non reciprocal rules and laws !!!

    In the Brazilian dictionary the words Reciprocity, Justice, Fairness DONT EVEN EXIST !!!!!!

    You will fail miserably and lamentably….ONCE MORE, just as you failed during the last centuries. You can only export iron ore and some other ores, meats, grains/meals for cattles feeding, sugar and ethanol, orange juice.
    And the remaining exports such as cars/trucks etc etc are not only from foreign companies established in Brazil but also with their own technologies, NOT YOURS !

    Brazil is a backward country…where nothing is smooth except corruptions, corruptions, corruptions, red tape, bureaucracy, taxes, taxes and taxes, violence, insecurity and crimes that are growing at a far higher rate than your economy !
    You have a small minority (The Predators) living as well as the people in developed world, but YOU keep the majority of your society in comparable situation to SUB SAHARAN countries and societies !
    Even a World Bank director and report says so !

  • ch.c.

    finally….the truth….from a Brazilian !
    – The accusations are dead right…on the corruptions !
    – Lula is proud of preserving the Amazon, due the the reduction in deforestion, while at the time, he was in favor of Law 11.284 saying the exact opposite ! That is how Lula shines…in his own muddy contradictions !

    On the other hand, it is quite strange that the Army critizes Foreigners….in the Amazon….knowing that 95 % and more of the deforestation is made by Brazilians and not foreigners.
    Also quite strange that the Army critizes the oil exploration from foreign companies, knowing that Petrobras controls well over 80 % of this inudtry in Brazil.
    And if they are against exploration and production of oil from foreign companies,
    Why do they agree that it is quite normal that Petrobras explore and produce oil in the Gulf of Mexico (U.S. side) and in many foreign countries ? Same thing for Cia Vale
    who not only is buying foreign companies and explore and produce iron ore, alumina, and other minerals in many foreign countries !


    Conclusion : Whoever was/is/will be at the helm of the country, Brazil will remain an archaÀƒ¯c country, ready to have the benefits of the globalization process but not providing the reciprocity to other countries !!!!!!

    That is why at this tricky and dirty game, where Brazili cheat all the time everyone, they will not win.
    Just compare your economic growth rate with the economic growth rate of ALL the other developing countries and Brazil is at the queue of the queue. Chose yourself the timing of the comparisons, 1 year, 2,3, Lula first mandate, and earlier if you wish.

    And with all your cheating even internally, you are the country with the highest poverty rate when compared to your GDP per capita.

    And sadly Brazil prefers to export US$ 50 billion in agricultural products annually, instead of feeding in priority the tens of millions citizens under nourrished and the millions in hunger ! Only this fact…..demonstrate your own INJUSTICE, that you wish
    to export all around the world : Everything for a few Brazilians, the residues for the vast majority !

  • alltheway

    In the U.S. you will not see active duty (he is not retired) speak out like this. Bravo, for a real patriot, one of the first I have seen in 16 yrs in Brasil. putting his country ahead of himself in what is expected to be a losing cause (albeit a winning election for Lula) But does it really matter?, Fenando was thought of as the great hope and look what he did. As i have learned it can all be summed up on one word — BRASIL

  • ex pat

    They sound pissed
    Is this the same gang of military mighties that produced that veiled threat of a military coupe just one month ago?

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