Brazil: British Tourists Robbed in Bus on Way from Airport to Hotel

A group of 18 British tourists were robbed from all their hand luggage just minutes after leaving the airport while still in the bus that was taking them to the hotel for the start of their Brazilian adventure.

They had landed in Rio’s Antônio Carlos Jobim international airport the night of Saturday and were on their way to their hotel in Copacabana when their bus was cut in by a Mitsubishi Pajero with four men aboard at around 11:15 pm.

According to the police the robbery occurred close do Rio’s Modern Art Museum (MAM) at Aterro do Flamengo (Flamengo beach landfill) in the city’s south side.

After cutting in front of the bus, three men who identified themselves as policemen ordered the bus driver to open the vehicle’s door.

The driver told police later that one of the robbers was carrying a grenade while the others had a gun. Once inside the bus their first action was to hit one of the tourists with the gun butt. They then proceeded to take all the hand luggage the tourists were carrying.

Before reaching Le Meridien Hotel in Copacabana the driver took his passengers to the  9th Police Station, in Catete, and also to the Deat (Tourist Assistance Bureau) in Leblon.

Witnesses say that the 18 tourists seemed very scared when they finally were left at their hotel’s door, escorted by a military police car. If the incident doesn’t make them change their plans they should stay in Rio until Wednesday, November 29.

Eurides Fonseca, the bus driver told police that the criminals threatened to explode the grenade several times. After cleaning up the tourists from their possessions, he said, they drove towards downtown. .

The foreign tourists were shown pictures by the police in an effort to find out who had assaulted them. Rio’s authorities say they already know who robbed the British. But nobody has been arrested.


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  • penelope schroeder

    i canceled.
    Just when i was ready to rent our apt in Ipanema Adios Brazil shame on youand your hospitality.

  • andy murphy

    man,brazil is getting deadly to all the tourists.sorry about the fate of the Italian Businessman and the Britts. Atleast the Britts were not killed

  • ch.c.

    Why then Brazilians are surprised…..
    that their tourism industry is growing only…..SLOWLY, while it is booming elsewhere ???????

    There are tens and tens of other countries……so much better than Brazil !
    Even Brazilians agree, your tourism “account” is in deficit, meaning more Brazilians travel outside Brazil than Foreigners travel in Brazil.

    Furthermore their thousands of miles of beaches are mostly polluted, full of dirt and garbage, because they dont really care to clean them.
    In many places around the world, most beaches (those getting the most people) are cleaned daily ! Yesssssss,daily with mechanical beach cleaners, not manual cleaning. And elsewhere they are cleaned once a week.

    As I said several times, going to Brazil once, eventually, but that is all !

    Enjoy your Tropical mud !

  • Simpleton

    3rd time only? Ruskies, Japonesa, Brits, more? Investment advice – do the wait thing, prime tourism and vacation rental property in Rio is going to get very cheap. The hold ups in the tunnels and at a couple of well known corners around town were bad enough issues. Now I think everything dies in Copacabana.

  • alltheway

    The newspaper, The Daily Record in the UK reports the following today, although inaccurate of course:

    BRITISH holidaymakers have been robbed on a coach by bandits wielding automatic rifles and grenades.
    One of the 18 Brits was smashed on the head with a gun butt when he refused to hand over his valuables
    The four – strong gang pretended to be cops when they pulled the bus over in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    The party had only arrived in the crime-ridden South American country a few hours earlier and were on their way to their hotels.
    The gang escaped with luggage, passports and cash in the hold-up near Rio’s famed Ipanema beach.
    The area has been hit by a recent violent crime wave

  • alltheway

    no passports, no id, no credit cards, no cash, no air tickets, = no fun, this will be all over the press in the U.K.

  • Gringo

    Could have been worse….
    RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) — Brazilian police on Friday found the body of a kidnapped Italian entrepreneur Vicenzo Nazzaro on the floor of an apartment in downtown Blumenau, in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

    Nazzaro was hit with a bottle of champagne, which resulted in his death, according to an initial report.

    Besides, Police found Carlos Larcerda Jr. asleep next to Nazzaro’s body. He declared himself as the entrepreneur’s bodyguard, but Nazzaro’s sister-in-law Tatiane Lourenco da Silva, who had also been kidnapped, identified him as one of the kidnapper.

    The 55-year-old Nazzaro, who owned 42 pieces of property in Santa Catarina, was kidnapped on Thursday evening after arriving at the airport in the state’s capital of Florianopolis, according to Police Chief Walmir Padilha.

    Silva, 26, said that two men, who identified themselves as federal agents, pretended to have orders to arrest the entrepreneur, and took them to the apartment in Blumenau.

    They demanded 200,000 U.S. dollars from Nazzaro, and Silva was sent to another town to get the money. But she failed to accomplish the task. Meanwhile, neighbors called the police, saying that they could hear fighting sounds coming from the apartment.

    When the Police arrived, there was blood all over the place. They also found four bullets in the ceiling, shot from a gun that was in the bedroom, the police chief said.

    Larcerda Jr., who pretended to have serious injuries in his leg, was admitted to the hospital and charged with kidnapping and murder. Policemen are now tracking the other criminal who locked the apartment and ran away.

  • DavidB

    British Tourists Robbed
    This may have been a inside job.
    It seems funny that this is the third time this has happened and the robbers know the bus route each time.

  • Stephen

    What!!! No arrests? Is anyone suprised, I think not. Poor buggers… I thought that the tour/transfer operators were providing armed escorts for their buses but I guess not.

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