Brazil Dedicates a Day to Solidarity with Palestinians

Brazilians expressed their solidarity, yesterday, November 29, to the people of Palestine, an Arab country located in the Middle East that struggles for the recognition of its territory as a nation.

In addition to manifestations in legislative assemblies and city councils in many different Brazilian states, the Federal House of Representatives held a solemn act in the early morning, which was attended by politicians, diplomats and leaders linked to the Arab world.

The president of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Sarkis, and the Palestinian ambassador in Brazil, Mayada Bamie, participated in the solemnity.

The act was organized by Federal Representatives Nilson Mourão and Jamil Murad, who is also the secretary general of the Brazil-Arab Parliamentary League.

The session was opened by the president of the House of Representatives, Aldo Rebelo.

"Brazil is a nation of generous people who came from all continents, people who know what it means to suffer, and who sympathize with the suffering of the Palestinian people," said Murad. According to the Palestinian ambassador, the news of acts of solidarity taking place in Brazil and the world over on this day reach the Palestinian people.

Yesterday was declared by the United Nations as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. "The Brazilian people are always sympathetic towards those who suffer and fight for their freedom," said Mayada, who also claimed that Brazil represents the integration of different people, since it welcomes immigrants from many different parts of the world. "There have always been strong ties between the Palestine and Brazil," said the ambassador.

Murad said that the solidarity shown by Brazilian politicians towards Palestine is in keeping with a popular sentiment. He recalled that in 2001, former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso expressed his support to the Palestinian people in the UN, and that current Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva established a consulate in Ramallah, in addition to promoting the Summit of South American – Arab Countries, from which declarations were quoted in favor of the Palestinian cause.

"These are leaders who confront each other domestically, but they share a common desire that comes from the people," Murad claimed.

Representatives of several Arab embassies and diplomatic bodies in other parts of the world attended the solemnity held at the House of Representatives, which lasted nearly two hours. Brazilian parties such as PT, PMDB, PSDB PDT, PCdoB, PPS, PTB, Prona and PL sent members to the ceremony. All of them expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Ambassador Mayada claimed that Palestine expects the collaboration of Brazil so that Palestinians can enjoy freedom and peace. Since 1967, the House of Representatives has held sessions expressing its support to the Palestinians.



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