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Brazil Police Break Top-Class Prostitution Ring With Clients in US and EU

Officially Jiselda Aparecida de Oliveira was a plastic artist, art dealer and the owner of Jiji Models, a modeling agency  operating in downtown São Paulo. For the Brazilian federal police, however, she is Jiji, Brazil’s most powerful madam whose modeling agency was just a front for an international women trafficking gang.

This Thursday, December 14, the Brazilian authorities unleashed an operation called Aphrodite – the beauty, love and sex Greek goddess –  in order to arrest seven people involved in the sex scheme, which supplied prostitutes to rich Brazilians as well as clients in the United States and European countries.

According to police chief FlΓ‘vio Luiz Trivela, Oliveira, acted as madam for over 30 years and her book of models contained more than 1,000 prostitutes ready to travel anywhere in the world.

Jiji was one of those taken by the police who had seven warrants of arrest and 17 search and seizure warrants. All other people arrested were men: Rogério Aparecido Rodrigues, Walisbalde José dos Santos, Raimundo Marcos Pereira, Glauber Gonçalves Santos, Elisângela OlΓ­Β­mpio dos Santos and Claudinei Luz.

They are being charged with gang formation, women trafficking, pimping, and helping to transport a person to practice prostitution. The sentences go from one to eight years of prison for each offense.

The operation relied on about 100 federal agents who made their arrests and seizures not only in the capital but also in Juquitiba and Santo André, both in the Greater São Paulo. In three apartments,  which police said belonged to Jiji, they found  appointment books, computer files and other material that would incriminate the gang.

The police also came across several paintings signed by Jiselda in her atelier at Amaral Gurgel street in downtown São Paulo. They suspect, however, that she paid other people to create the paintings.

The police investigation, which lasted six months, started after  some anonymous tattling. Authorities found out that clients got in touch with Jiji through email in which they described what kind of woman they were looking for, including age and eye color. Apparently several girls were minors, but the police haven’t determined this yet.

Clients in turn would receive pictures of the girls so they could pick their choices. Some international programs with top-of-the-line beauties might cost as much as US$ 7,000 for one night. They were also marketed as escorts in packages to Europe with prices going from 500 to 1500 euros (from about US$ 700 to US$ 2,000) a day. US packages cost more: from US$ 2,000 to US$ 3,000 a day.

"You must be careful to not slander the modeling profession," said Trivela, "but there is a lot a prostitution in their midst. The women got from 30% to 50% of the money charged the client. And they were high level, very pretty."


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  • xyz

    Brazilians don’t need to be organized to sell their @sses because it comes natural, to them it beats working, that’s why such a rich country is filled with poverty, laziness crime, thieves, ect, then they impose their nastiness to others and expect to be let in our countries. Personnally I think they should stay in their country ans sell their @sses as much as they want for what I care.
    They are just dirt bags, an error of nature.

  • 2true

    P you forgot to add the people mentioned in your comment are the pimps in Brazil

  • p

    its not the prostitutes of brazil that need to be arrested
    its the prostitute politicians,senior government officials, police & business leaders that have been fucking the good people of brazil for years that need arresting!

  • bo

    [quote]If i want a prostitute…18 to 20 . What is the best way in Brazil? Please email me..if you have experince

    buddy, you’ll be hit in the face by them when you get off the plane. Travel to brazil, that’s all you need to do. Doesn’t matter where, they’re everywhere!

  • kirk

    Want a girl
    If i want a prostitute…18 to 20 . What is the best way in Brazil? Please email me..if you have experince

  • guest

    Prostitution is illegal however…..
    Selling Sex a Deadly Game in N.J. City
    – By WAYNE PARRY, Associated Press Writer

    Selling sex on the streets of this gambling capital is a dangerous pursuit: Streetwalkers have been strangled, smothered, slashed and set ablaze.

    So far this year, six prostitutes are believed to have been killed in or near Atlantic City, a seventh survived after her throat was slashed. Countless others are believed to have been assaulted but chose not to report the crimes to police.

    The latest worry for those who make their living in the sex trade is that a serial killer was to blame for the deaths of the four women, ranging in age from 20 to 42, whose bodies were found face-down in a ditch last month behind a string of seedy motels just outside the city.

    “It’s dangerous, but all you’re focused on is that next dollar,” said a prostitute known on the streets as Spazz, who is now looking for a gun or a knife to protect herself. “It kind of clouds your judgment. You’re not focused on the situation you’re getting into. That’s the scariest part about it.”

    Authorities do not believe the four bodies found Nov. 20 just off the Black Horse Pike in neighboring Egg Harbor Township are related to the attacks on three prostitutes earlier this year along Georgia Avenue in Atlantic City. In each of the three earlier attacks, the prostitutes’ throats were slashed; one survived.

    Atlantic County Prosecutor Jeffrey Blitz said the Atlantic City cases were sufficiently different from the Egg Harbor deaths to make authorities believe they were carried out by different attackers. He also resists speculation that the four ditch bodies were the work of a serial killer, noting that autopsies could not determine the cause of death for two of the women. No arrests have been made in any of this year’s attacks in and near Atlantic City.

    In any case, the attacks illustrate how dangerous it is for prostitutes, who are statistically 18 times more likely to be killed than other women, and 40 times more likely to die from other than natural causes, according to national studies.

    A study of the murder rate among prostitutes from 1981 to 1990 found that an average of 124 hookers were murdered each year in the United States, according to a 2004 article in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

    The nation’s most notorious prostitute killings were committed in the Pacific Northwest by a single attacker who came to be known as the Green River Killer. In pleading guilty in 2003 to the murders of 48 prostitutes, Gary Leon Ridgway told a judge he targeted street walkers “because I thought I could kill as many as I wanted to without getting caught.”

    “They were easy to pick up, without being noticed,” he said in court. “I knew they would not be reported missing right away, and might never be reported missing.”

    Like many prostitutes in similar situations, Spazz, who said she was beaten by a “trick” two years ago, didn’t call police when it happened. Like all four hookers found dead behind the motels in Egg Harbor Township, and like 85 percent of prostitutes nationwide, Spazz has a drug problem.

    “I froze,” she said. “I was afraid he was going to shoot me. So I just took it.”

    Spazz, who said she is 23 but looks twice as old, said she has been turning tricks in Atlantic City for five years since arriving from New York.

    “I really don’t want to be doing this,” she said. “I want to get my GED and become a child’s counselor. But I get sick and I gotta get well,” she said, referring to finding drugs to satisfy her addiction.

    The violence has prompted Atlantic City hookers to arm themselves. Christine, 37, who works out of a cheap motel on Pacific Avenue near the entrance to several casinos, bought a canister of pepper spray after the bodies were found in the ditch.

    She said she and other working girls she knows have stopped accompanying men on trips to motels on “The Pike,” preferring to stick closer to home and meet clients in cars or motel rooms.

    “It scares the hell out of me,” she said. “We’re all talking about it, and I’m still ready to jump in the first car that comes along.”

    Bunny, a prostitute in her early 20s who also works on Pacific Avenue, said she has temporarily stopped hooking and switched to peddling drugs.

    “This is no kind of life,” she said. “None of us graduates from high school thinking we’re going to end up doing this.”

  • Guest

    In almost all of the U.S, being a prostitute is a crime. There are only a few counties in the state of Nevada where prostitution is legal.

  • Allen Brown

    look the other way PM , PF
    stop in the states and pick up a prostitute talk money and you get a free night in jail

    but if you are a senator you can do any thing in the US and Brasil and get away with it

    Palocci Well you got me there

    so as one defence is to say i did not pay for sex i paid her to leave

  • ch.c.

    To Allen Brown
    Sorry but going with a prostitute is not a crime, wether it is in Brazil, Europe or the USA.
    What is a crime is being a pimp and making money out of it !

    Otherwise Palocci, should already be in jail ! Dont you remember….already ???? smile .-)))))

  • S

    So prostitution is actually illegal down here? You’d never know it… πŸ˜‰

  • jorge

    I guess the crime ring forgot to pay all of the government officials.

  • Allen Brown

    NOW lets get some other names out there .
    from the U.S. and EU thoes will be doing jail time
    as far as the Brasilians well it will be more than likely hid some where till someone needs a favor from one of them

    now police go down on the streets and get the PM that do the same thing and turn a blind eye to it till they want money from a tourist

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