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Brazil 3-0 Soccer Loss to Argentina in Beijing Drives President Lula Mad

Soccer fans of Argentina and Brazil The president of Brazil, Luiz InΓ‘cio Lula da Silva criticized sharply the spirit of the national football team, which on Tuesday, August 19, lost an Olympic soccer game to Argentina in Beijing 3-0, excluding the country from a possible gold medal in that sport.

The team coached by Dunga suffered a humiliating defeat in the semifinals of the Olympics and in another failed attempt in the race to conquer the gold medal – the five-time world champion in football has never won a gold medal in that event – probably the only honor which Brazil's passion sport is longing for.

"I've never seen a team with such a poor winning spirit," said Lula to members of Congress from the ruling coalition that regularly meets at the Political Council of the Coalition. "I've never felt so furious in my life" added the president according to Jovair Arantes, the leader of the PTB (Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro – Brazilian Labor Party) in the House of the Representatives.

Legislators present at the meeting said the Brazilian President compared the performance of the Brazilian squad against Argentina as "the worst days of Corinthians", the Sao Paulo team of which he's a fan since a boy.

But the President went further and pointed out that the Brazilian national team had surpassed those terrible days of his beloved Corinthians "because of the lack of quality play and spirit displayed." Corinthians no longer plays in the Brazilian premier league.

The speaker of the House, Arlindo Chinaglia, from the ruling PT (Workers Party), suggested that head coach Dunga should get the pink slip. According to him, the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) should have fired the coach a long time ago.

Dunga was defended, however, by the Senate President, Garibaldi Alves. from the PMDB, who wants the coach to continue in his post. "I agree in many things," he said, "with Arlindo Chinaglia, but not in this case. I believe that Dunga should be given another chance in the national team."

Besides having to suffer three goals from Argentina, two from Aguero, Maradona's son in law and a penalty kick from Riquelme, Brazil had two players expelled from the field, Thiago Neves and Lucas.

The Argentine-Brazilian football rivalry is a question of national honor for both countries, which makes defeats so painful.

Next Friday the Brazilian team which on Tuesday was led by world star Ronaldinho will face Belgium for the bronze medal.

Argentina plays for gold on Saturday against Nigeria, which defeated Belgium 4-1.



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  • Simpleton

    Nao Nao
    Joao, don’t be poking fun at a decent enough bloke for getting a bit giddy then thinking of getting jiggy widdit one night. He’s young (relatively speaking). I can remember the night I lost myself a bit and started massaging calves and feet of the less than reputable right there in broad public view (there are even pictures to show my indiscretion!). At least I didn’t lose myself so completely so as let me forget to go and wash my hands before thumbing my nose at anyone.

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]Greeting to you honourable Double-Dot..been some time!![/quote]

    Indeed a long time, esteemed Four-Dots. You seem to be ignoring old friends lately and I cant blame you for that, for you have better things to do (such as drooling over the shapely women in your country during the summer time). I was really saddened by your unwarranted interference into the “energetic lives” of our First family and attributing it as the cause for failure of our Soccer team to conquer Argentina once and for all.

    [quote]like the one that happened to one of the former star players[/quote]

    Alas, this fat lad in question has not learned to differentiate between a male and a female. πŸ˜‰

  • ….

    Greeting to you honourable Double-Dot..been some time!!

    I was not implying any state “relations” between Mr and Mrs Squid rather the team, but I am sure they were careful in China with no public embarrassments like the one that happened to one of the former star players in Rio a few months back πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  • Double-Dot

    [quote]…too much sex again before the game????[/quote]

    Esteemed Four-Dots, are you implying that our President engaged in such disgusting (but delightful) activities before the game?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]can u offer a coach for team india so that ,india can atleast qualify for world cup..bcoz india got 105 crore people..still not qualified for world cup…a humple football fan[/quote]

    Indian soccer clubs do have some Brazilian players. If I were you, I would choose one of them, instead of going for well known “Brand Name coaches”.

  • Sony

    can u offer a coach for team india so that ,india can atleast qualify for world cup..bcoz india got 105 crore people..still not qualified for world cup…a humple football fan

  • ….

    …too much sex again before the game???? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  • ..

    Brazil 3-0 Soccer Loss to Argentina in Beijing Drives President Lula Mad
    Defeat can be turned into a golden opportunity. President Lula should use this excuse to fire the Minister of Sports and dismantle the entire ministry, thus saving the tax payers some money.

  • Breckenfeld

    Indeed a very serious matter!

  • forrest allen brown

    last post from china FYI
    over 80 groups filed papers to protest in china during the games .
    the goverment sent the papers to the judge to look over , along with his vacation papers
    he is to report back to work 3 days after the games or over and his first rule should be on the right to protest !!!

    in the food courts not cleared by the chinese goverment there is a political officer .
    makeing sure the people dont cheat the gringoes , and any tips or handed over the goverment ,
    and any profit over 2% is given also .

    the chinese people that were to preform in the games were put up in camps for years
    doing nothing but tranning 7 days a week year round , thoes that did not earn a medale will be delt with
    if the goverment feels they did not do there best .

    china is now looking at world cup to be done here .
    and other international sporting events as they can do it cheeper
    than any other country can .and have the best sports staudims around
    with air buss and train , hotel rooms , the works can be rented .

    some 1300 chinese and other peoples have been placed in holding cells
    135 people have been deported .
    death toll unknow due to depending who you talk to .
    at least one US citizzen was killed , after the crack down started with more unform military on hand .
    all the numbers are not in as of yet on how much was spent and how much was made .

    as with all dicatorships they alter the numbers to look better than they were for natinoal pride

    sounds like several other countries we all know .

    also chaves had his people here looking at the games to be held in his country ????????????

    all have a good day

    i am out of here

  • forrest allen brown

    poor brazil
    IF they would have won LULA would be the hero and have them all up for ipc and beer .

    they loose and now he is ashamed mad . gone nuts over it ,

    what will he do if brasil does not make the gold in mens & momens beach vlooyball ?????????????????????

    he should be happy his country has the freedom to do so .

    am glad the team is not getting any news from brazil unless i give them theis web site

    i can do that .





  • Ric

    I Hate This
    Coming across as pedantic, that is.

    But after I picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing, now I have to comment.

    “Makes President Lula Mad” would indicate that he didnΓ€β€šΒ΄t appreciate the loss. HeΓ€β€šΒ΄ll get over it, though.

    “Drives President Lula Mad” means, and there is no other possible meaning, that the loss has pushed him over the edge and now heΓ€β€šΒ΄s, if you will pardon the expression, nuts.

    As in the old Spike Jones song, “Stop! YouΓ€β€šΒ΄re driving me sane!”

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