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Chí¡vez Says in Brazil His Socialism Will Help All of South America

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said this Thursday, Janeiro 18, in Rio de Janeiro, during the Mercosur's summit, that talks with Brazil regarding the so-called Gas Pipeline of the South are advancing.

"The presidents of PDVSA and Petrobras (respectively the Venezuelan and Brazilian national oil companies) have advanced significantly in the matter of bringing gas from Venezuela down, first crossing through the northeastern state of Pernambuco," he said, on arrival at the Copacabana Palace hotel, in Rio de Janeiro, where the Mercosur Summit is taking place.

According to him, "Brazil does not need to worry as all the gas that the country needs, mainly in the North and Northeast, is in Venezuela."

The Gas Pipeline of the South is an ambitious project to cover a distance of 8,000 kilometers that, if developed, will bring gas from Venezuela to Brazil and from Brazil to other South American countries.

When asked whether the "socialism of the 21st century" – the term he conned on being sworn in for his third term as president of Venezuela – may harm the Mercosur, Chavez said it could not.

"It is the socialism of the 21st century, it is aimed at strengthening Venezuela and this will be favorable to South America, and if one party is strengthened, the rest is too," he finished off.


Foreign ministers of the Mercosur member countries and the undersecretary general for Economic Affairs at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Mohamed Obaid Al-Mazrooei, signed a statement reporting on the status of negotiations between the two blocs for a free trade agreement.

"It is with great pleasure that we sign this statement, attesting to the advanced state of negotiations for the agreement between Mercosur and the GCC," said the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim.

Amorim also said that the agreement is quite ambitious, therefore it has not been concluded yet, but that various sections of the agreement are already agreed upon. Al-Mazrooei expressed satisfaction with the signing of the statement and reaffirmed that the final agreement will be inked in June. He qualified the Mercosur as one of the world's most important economic blocs.

The document was also signed by the foreign ministers of Argentina, Jorge Taiana, of Paraguay, Rubén Ramí­rez Lezcano, and of Uruguay, Reinaldo Gargano. The agreement will regulate the trade of goods, services and investments, and went into negotiation in May 2005, at the Summit of South American – Arab Countries, held in Brasí­lia, the capital of Brazil.

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  • ch.c.

    Yessss…dead right Steel !
    And are the majority of Brazilians and Venezuelians not living like….30 years ago ?

    And who put risk money, technology and skills, to drill and produce oil in Venezuela ?
    Laugh !
    Chavez is so bad in his rethoric. He is for democracy but closed a TV channel because it was in the opposition.

    The Venezuelian currency has lost well over 50 % in the last few years…..against the US dollar, itself a weak currency. Good policies….Chavez !
    Chavez is so smart that he has one of the highest inflation rate….in the world.

    Even local businessmen dont trust him. Since 1999 when Chavez was elected, their investments in the country fell to 4 % of GDP.

    How can a country with the world largest oil reserves, as per Chavez, have
    so much poverty ? And how can such a country….have a declining oil production ?

    Worse : how can Chavez these days be so much for an OPEC reduction in oil production, when HE is cheating by overproducing his actual quota ?

    Yesssss……Chavez is a Clown and a real Junkie. He is quite happy to sell most of his oil
    to the USA. What else can he produce and sell ???? What else can he export…after oil that is produced by foreign companies anyway ? Even his new refinery…is built by….Petrobras….not PVDSA !!!!

    Sadly, Chavez is only a dictator disguised in a democrat.

  • Trent Steel

    I am guessing his 21st century sociaism won’t be anymore successful then the 20th century version. The only reason Chavez can even ponder such things is because he has a lot of oil revenue. Cuba has really prospered in the last 50 years hasn’t it?………..in fact I think they are driving the same cars from 50 years ago…………socialism really works……..

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