In Quality of Life Brazil Ranks 48, US 5, France 1, Iraq Last

France offers the greatest quality of life in the world, according to the latest ranking from International Living magazine, a leading resource for helping people live, travel, and prosper overseas, while war-torn Iraq remains in last place.

An interesting fact in this year's edition is that Argentina figures in the top ten of the world quality of life index and many of the countries that showed the greatest increase from a year ago are from Latinamerica.

Other Latinamerican rankings include Mexico 25; Uruguay, 28; Panama, 34; Ecuador, 38; Costa Rica, 43; Dominican Republic, 47; Brazil, 48; Chile, 49 and Cuba, 108.

To produce the annual index, International Living considers nine categories: cost of living, culture and leisure, economy, environment, freedom, health, infrastructure, safety and risk, and climate. International Living uses statistics from a number of official government, non-profit, and media sources for much of the number crunching. IL also includes the input from International Living's extensive roster of correspondents from around the world.

International Living's 2007 Quality of Life Index Highlights: Leaders: 1. France 2. Australia 3. Netherlands 4. New Zealand 5. United States. 6 Switzerland; 7 Denmark, 8 Italy, 9 Luxembourg, 10 Argentina, 11 Norway, 12 Belgium, 13 Germany, 14 Spain, 15 Austria, 16 Finland, 17 Malta, 18 Croatia, 19 Liechtenstein and 20 Portugal. United Kingdom figures number 37 and Canada, 25.

Despite high taxes, bureaucracy, and a high cost of living, France "has a good climate, unspoiled countryside, and great health care. And its capital, Paris, is arguably the world's most beautiful and romantic city on earth," said Laura Sheridan, Managing Editor of International Living magazine, who conducted the study.
"Add to all this world-competitive infrastructure and you can understand why we'd name France the world's best place to live."

The United States, which had ranked at the top of the charts for an impressive 21 consecutive years until being dethroned in last year's survey, regained its footing, and climbed back to the number 5 slot from number 7 in last year's survey.

The United States' fall in the rankings last year was due to a decline in its freedom score. That score remains significantly lower than its peer countries at the top of the chart, and is one of the primary reasons it is not higher in the rankings.

Six of the top 10 positions in this year's survey were taken over by European countries.

Other highs and lows: Lowest cost of living: Nauru (it's an island in the Pacific). Best Infrastructure: United States. Most Corrupt: Haiti. Best for culture: Italy. Best climate: Zimbabwe. Best to register a new company: Australia. Longest life expectancy: Andorra.

Fastest Risers: Dominican Republic up 50 positions, El Salvador up 49 positions, Vietnam up 46 positions, Botswana up 42 positions, Kuwait up 42 positions, Costa Rica up 38 positions.

Falling behind: Iran down 43 positions, Russia down 43 positions, Swaziland down 43 positions, Papua New Guinea down 38 positions, Israel down 37 positions.



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  • boo

    yo mofo
    nicee 😉

  • pwnzer

    [b]written by Luca
    Rome, Barcelona, Lisboa, Rio….Who the hell wants to live in sad Zurich! [/b]

    Dude … how can you say that about RIO?


  • Luca , ITALY

    I don’t care about indexes, I want to live in a big city near the cost…where there’s sun most of the year and within the western culture.
    Rome, Barcelona, Lisboa, Rio….Who the hell wants to live in sad Zurich!

  • Dan

    France is a bit overrated.
    France doesn’t deserve to be at the top, but I think the US has it right at #5.

    This article that the release came from has a lot of good information, about pretty much every country.

  • Ric

    If French women that donÀ‚´t shave their armpits is a legend, then we have actually seen a legend! Because thereÀ‚´s no doubt about what we saw. This is wonderful news. Not everyone can say that they have witnessed that which doesnÀ‚´t exist.

  • Trent Steel

    If France is so great why is their unemployment rate chronically 10%?

  • Andreas

    International Living Magazine?
    What? Who?

    France is a great country to live but possibly not the best. Basing your decision of your own personal opinion that Paris and the french countryside are beautiful dont really qualify for criteria to rank countries. Italy, Spain, China and many more other countries have just as beautiful cities and countrysides if not better. I am 100% sure that this is one of the most poorly written and compiled rankings for countries.

    Even The Economist’s Rankings for Standard of Living could be considered for a reliable ranking.

  • caseras

    completly daft

    I really doubt your daughter was surprised to see the french women didn’t shave their armpits. It doesn’t exist, it’s a legend. Actually according to a british survey the french are as clean as any people and sometimes cleaner. check it out by yourself :

    CH. C.
    As for the quality of living If you already went to zurich you coud really doubt on this survey… indeed.
    As for the criteria and to know which survey is the more serious, the survey about cities has been made thanks to 39 criteria, if you pay attention you could see by yourself that the one which has been made about countries have more than 39 criteria… and you come here to tell us how the one about cities is more serious or it’s just because it fits with your agenda ?

  • Ric

    Might want to check it out before moving to France. As a kid, my daughter was surprised by French women who didnÀ‚´t shave their armpits, wearing sleeveless dresses. If you enjoy that sort of thing, France may be for you.

  • ch.c.

    Hey Hey !!!!!!!
    And this comes only from a Magazine.
    But from more serious sources such as Mercer Consulting :
    “10 April 2006: Zurich and Geneva score highest for quality of living, Baghdad ranks lowest

    Cities in Canada, Europe and Australia dominate the top of the rankings

    Honolulu is the highest ranking city in the US; Houston is the lowest

    London remains at position 39; Birmingham and Glasgow both climb one place to joint 55th position

    Zurich ranks as the worldˢ۪s top city for quality of living, according to a survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. The city scores 108.2 and is only marginally ahead of Geneva, which scores 108.1, while Vancouver follows in third place with a score of 107.7. In contrast, Baghdad is the lowest ranking city in the survey, scoring just 14.5.

    The analysis is part of an annual World-wide Quality of Living Survey, covering more than 350 cities, to help governments and multinational companies place employees on international assignments. Each city is based on an evaluation of 39 criteria, including political, social, economic and environmental factors, personal safety and health, education, transport, and other public services. Cities are ranked against New York as the base city, which has an index score of 100.”

    PARIS is ranked 33

    And NOOOO city from South America, Latam or Caribean is ranked in the top 50 !

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