3 French NGO Workers Knifed to Death in Brazil with Refinements of Cruelty

Police car from Rio, Brazil The Brazilian policemen who first arrived to the crime scene were shocked at all the blood and terror images they found in the Copacabana (Rio) apartment in which three French were murdered this morning.

According to them, the floor, furniture and objects were smeared with blood and the victims' bodies presented deep cuts and signs of being subjected to extreme cruelty.

Three French nationals – two men and a woman – were found dead after a neighbor heard screams and called the police. The military police who answered the call discovered the bodies mutilated and tied to chairs. It's believed that the victims reacted since the place had clothes and drawers spread all over.

According to authorities, two of those slaughtered were a couple with a two-year-old son who lived in the ninth floor of the building.

The victims were Delphine Douyère and Christian Doupes, the directors of the NGO Terr'Ativa (Active Earth) and Jerome Faure, an employee at the organization. Apparently the couple's little boy, Max, had been taken by two friends of the family before the tragedy.

They lived for 12 years in Brazil and worked on the third floor of the same building for Terr'Ativa, a Non Governmental Organization dedicated to improve education of children of poor communities.

Witnesses say they saw three men entering the building around 8 and going to the ONG's office in the third floor. Police were able to arrest Tárcio Wilson Ramirez, 25, when he tried to leave the building carrying a safe. Ramires was helped by Terr'Ativa and worked for the organization for 10 years.

He told authorities that he worked for Terr'Ativa and was diverting money from NGO with the complicity of Delphine Douyère, the executive secretary of the organization. Gonzaga said that the embezzlement had been discovered and that Douyère was denying that she had anything to do with it.

That's when he decided to hire some people "to give the French guys a scare." Yesterday, they bought masks, surgical gloves and knifes in downtown Rio. Today the scare turned into a bloody, cruel massacre.

Another suspect arrested by the police, Luí­s Gonzaga, confessed the crime to the policemen of the 12th Police District in Copacabana.



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