United South America Will Change World’s Power Balance, Says Brazil

Presidents Lula and Bachelet Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, upon inviting presidents of the South American countries to sign the Constitutional Treaty that creates the Unasur (Union of South American Nations), last Friday, May 23. in the Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia, stated that the organization is going to influence international political relations.

"A united South America is going to change positions in the chessboard of global power, not to the benefit of one or the other, but to the benefit of all."

According to Lula, Unasur should now forge ahead with innovative projects in areas of priority such as, for instance, financial and energetic integration, improvement of regional infrastructure, and of highway and railway connections. The president also cited cooperation in social and educational areas.

To the heads of state gathered in the capital of Brazil, Lula stated that South America has become increasingly important, given the need for sharing energy supplies and preserving the environment. Regarding the global food crisis, the Brazilian president claimed that food scarcity threatens social peace.

Lula defended the democratic process in South America and mentioned the democratic way in which leaders were elected. "The fact that some regard our continent as unstable is a sign of political life, there is no democracy without the people on the streets, without confronting different ideas and proposals."

The creation of the South American Defense Council was brought up by Lula. According to him, a concept of defense must be devised for the region based in common values and principles, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each nation. Lula invited the countries to hold a meeting in Brazil in the second half of the year to discuss the aims and workings of the council.

Lula also summoned all Latin American and Caribbean countries to become members of the union. "Thus the Unasur is born, open to the entire region," he asserted.

The meeting was attended by the presidents of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, of Chile, Michele Bachelet, of Bolivia, Evo Morales, of Brazil, Lula, of Colombia, ílvaro Uribe, of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, of the Guiana, Bharrat Jagdeo, of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte Frutos – and the elected president Fernando Lugo, of Peru, Alan Garcia, of Suriname, Ronald Venetiaan, of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and the vice-president of Uruguay, Rodolfo Nin Novoa.



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  • ..

    [quote]Waiting your comments !!! [/quote]

    [quote]Who was/is the best player :
    The smart Brazilian Bin Lula, your dear President, who is building his foreign exchange reserves containing over 60 % of a currency that went down by the week for the last 6 years

    You answered yourself that it is our dear President, who is building HIS foreign exchange reserves. Don’t you know that in a chess game the pawns are perfectly expendable?

  • ch.c.

    To : “As I am a fairly good chess player,……)
    Let me test you :

    Who was/is the best player :
    The smart Brazilian Bin Lula, your dear President, who is building his foreign exchange reserves containing over 60 % of a currency that went down by the week for the last 6 years


    the one who has over 30 % of his foreign currency reserve built in GOLD that more than doubled instead of going down, and around 50 % in the EU


    Let me tell you that in 2007 ALONE, Brazil made a loss of over $ 25 billion in their “smart” vision, why my country did a profit of $ 8 billion…..ONLY in their gold investments, because we were/are more idiot than your President vision.

    Waiting your comments !!!

    Laugh….laugh….laugh….laugh….laugh !!!!!

  • ch.c.

    “U.S.S.A (United States of South America). ”
    Sure….just look at how good you are…the USSA.
    You have far more citzens than the USA, but all together your GDP is only a fraction of them !!!!

    Finally…..just saying and promising is easier than doing it !
    But in populists societies this is what make them swallow….the lies !

    Your said and promised the same….for the last century…..but never delivered !
    And Saying this time is different is in fact Noooo different from when you already said and promised it……already several times….the same.

    Your promised have been heard time and again. We are still waiting because the wealthier you will be the better it also will be for us. We have many value added products to sell you that you dont buy, or restrict through HEAVY import taxes, due to your OWN failures.
    While from our side, the only restrictions we have is on agriculture.
    But agriculture represent only a very small part of the overall GDP in developed nations.

    Do you really think it hurts developed nations to have high oil prices ?????? Certainly not as much as emerging and poorer nations….to my knowledge.
    It goes much further : while in developed nations ONLY the agriculture is subsidized, in many of emerging nations……agriculture, fuel prices and many industries are effectively
    subsidized…..leaving less money in the budget…..for infrastructure construction, healthcare and education.

    You can also see the contradiction of the emerging nations critics : when agricultural products prices are low….it is due to the subsidizes of developed nations. Right ?
    Then why are emerging nations criticizing when agricultural prices are HIGH…as they do these days….and still criticize developed nations…of course ????
    Fact being that one the reason, untold of course, is that some of the HIGH selling prices is due to EXPORT TAXES ! Export taxes from Argentina….is obviously NOT helping lower prices and higher production by farmers !!!!!!

    Stupid question : at the end what emerging nations want ? higher or lower agricultural prices ? Just ask Haiti, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines, China, African countries, to name just a few.
    You are never sastified anyway !!!!
    The answer is quite easy :the buyer expect the lowest price and the seller expect the highest prices.

    Funny that Brazil criticizes developed nations of their agriculture subsidizes but find totally normal to provide HIGH subsidises to COFFEE…that Nooooo developed nation produce !!!!!!!

    Hmmmm your argument dont add up….whatever way you look at ! You just add up contradiction after contradiction in your UNcommon sense !!!!!!
    Lets face it, you provide subsidizes to your COFFEE exporters, because other poorer nations can produce at a lower cost than Brazil !!!!!

    Simple demonstration of your Total UNcommon sense.

    You are looking ONLY at ONE WAY trade….despite your already high trade surplus.
    But not high enough for the crooks that you are.

  • ..

    [quote]”A united South America is going to change positions in the chessboard of global power, not to the benefit of one or the other, but to the benefit of all.”[/quote]

    In my opinion, UnaSur should be renamed as U.S.S.A (United States of South America). Our President is right, U.S.S.A will certainly change the “positions in the chess board of global power”. As I am a fairly good chess player, I perfectly understand what our Prez is saying.

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