Protests and Toughest Security Scheme Ever Await Bush in Brazil

A sign protesting Bush's visit to Brazil Brazilian social movements and workers unions are vowing to bring thousands of people to the streets to protest the visit of American President, George W. Bush, which starts this Thursday night, March 9, in South America's largest city, São Paulo.

Using the slogan "Off with Bush and his Brazil and Latin America Policy" the protests organizers wish to bring 10,000 people to Avenida Paulista, a central thoroughfare used for political rallies and for big celebrations like the World Cup championship. The manifestations should also target some of the most obvious American companies like McDonald's and US banks.

The manifestations against Bush should start March 8 before the US president sets foot in the country. Protesters want to use the occasion to also celebrate the International Women's Day, which happens today. Created in 1909 in the United States, the date was celebrated initially on February 28.

There will be a little cat and mouse play between the Brazilian authorities and the demonstrators. While the protesters vow to "chase Bush wherever he goes" the São Paulo federal police promise that the US president will never see any of the protests. 

Bush's schedule in Brazil hasn't been made public and according to Flávio Luiz Trivella, chief of the Federal Police's Institutional Defense Police Bureau, the protests will not be forbidden, they will just be kept far away from the Yankee president.

"There are several manifestations scheduled," said Trivella, "and the police in concert with the Army, is monitoring everything and making plans so that the US president will never even notice them."

Trivella disclosed that the Brazilian authorities will use top security procedures during Bush's visit in what is called "level one operation." The actions have been discussed for two months with Washington and everything is done by mutual agreement.

The police chief wouldn't reveal, however, how many policemen will be taking part in the operation Bush. It's estimated that 400 Brazilian men will be used. Bush is expected to bring another 300 American agents some carrying even anti-missile weapons.

All his movements by car will be followed from the sky by Brazil's Air Force helicopters. Upon arriving in São Paulo the US president should be taken to a hotel whose name hasn't been revealed but that had already been closed to any outsider since Monday.

The fact that the US is in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan complicates things:

"It will be the same kind of work that we do every time we get an authority of this level," said Trivella. "However, since it's Bush, and due do the war being fought by the United States, the situation gets a little more delicate."

The Avenida Paulista protests are being organized by feminist groups plus over 30 national entities that are part of the CMS (Coordenação dos Movimentos Sociais – Social Movement Coordination). They include the Unified Workers Federation (CUT), the Landless Workers Movement (MST) and the National Students Coalition (UNE).

In Brasí­lia, the capital, some leftist congressmen are  promising a public manifestation by the Congress entrance ramp. Protesters are also getting ready to go to the streets in other Brazilian capitals like Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul state) and Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais).

The so-called "anti- Bush journey" has already started yesterday, March 5, with the distribution of leaflets and pasting of posters. One of the signs compares Bush to Hitler, showing a doctored image of the US president with a Hitler-like moustache. The protesting leaders intend to lambast Bush for what they call "the United States' imperialistic policy."

For Sônia Coelho from the World Women's March equality of sexes and abortion rights are going to be brought up during the marches together with protests against the Iraq war: "The world in which Bush puts forward his war is the same world in which women live. They also suffer the consequences of war and of Bush's imperialistic policy."


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  • The Professor

    Bush deserves a good kick up the….
    There will be massive protest against Bush wherever he goes in Brazil and throughout Latin America.It’s time Bush, US imperialism and the deeply corrupt capitalist elites which suport him throughout LatinAmerica are made aware of the fact that millions upon millions of people and workers are SICK TO DEATH of the present massive poverty,the highly unjust,vicious and obscenely corrupt and wholly undemocratic and oppressive system of capitalism which people have suffered over the last few 100 years and all US imperialist interference in Latin America over the last 100 or so years of, military backed coups dictators,econmoic and social destabilisation,neo- liberal capitalism,structural adjustment,privatisation,media control and cultural invasion which have resluted in the rich becoming ever more rich,wealthy and corrupt,societies becoming ever more violent and impoverished with milions and milions and millions of people and workers living in degrading poverty and violence.Bush can stick his insulting

    Viva el pueblo Brazileno
    Viva el pueblo Venezelano
    Viva el pueblo Argentino
    Viva el pueblo Bolivano
    Viva el pueblo de Ecuador
    Viva el pueblo Chileno
    Viva el pueblo de Uruguay,Parguay,Peru, Gatemala,El Salvador,Costa Rica,Nicaragua,Honduras,Columbia y Mexico….



  • By a brazilian

    Silly protest
    Yes it would be great if Brazilians can protest against domestic issues, crime and corrupt politicians. We need to use our heads.

  • Ric

    This visit provides
    A bestado and Costa-bosta a chance to make themselves some nice placards and get some fresh air protesting in real life instead of just blowing off steam in Cyberspace. Win-win proposition, plus the chance to get on someoneÀ‚´s data base.

  • A brazilian

    A magnet to rednecks
    This website must be an irresistible magnet to rednecks. [b]FORREST, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST LIAR ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH[/b]. The other option is that you live in the brazilian equivalent to your beloved inbreeders rednecks.

    The sequence of affirmations about “women” in Brazil is the most laughable piece of crap I have ever read in my life. From all stupidities this one is priceless:

    [quote]but at least they have a better chance of going to school than young women and men in brasil have [/quote]


    Go to hell, redneck!

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    to aes & is the man
    i am married to a brasilian woman , form PE .
    i know her family very well
    back in oct in the recife news papre in the headlines 4.500 women this year had bin killed by there husbans or exlovers

    go to your local chopa it is full of men whom have wives at home , while they are out playing the field

    It is the brasilian man thing to do .
    i even know one brasiliam man was out with a very young gril for about 3 weeks then he found out whom her mother was , you might say he was doing his own daughter

    yes some women doctors in iraq were killed , but at least they have a better chance of going to school than young women and men in brasil have
    how much money did your wifes family have to send her to school .
    does she do the house work and raise your kids or do you have a very under paied young girl doing that

    look at the numbers of women in brasil that are forced into the sex trade , to keep from starving or letting there kisd starve while there men go out running around .
    dont get me rong i have meet several very honrable men in brasil but they are all part of the lower class and ages are 45 and above
    never got into the IIII MEMEME lifestyle

    you dont see any middle eastern country on the sex tour guide do you ???

  • A brazilian

    [quote]the lowset level of women in iraq
    are better off than most brasilian women[/quote]

    I wonder why the feminist groups aren’t complaining about it then. Maybe it’s because IT IS NOT TRUE!? You are really pathetic.

  • istheman

    “the lowset level of women in iraq …are better off than most brasilian women”

    What a pile of bullshit. While Brazil has its problems, and it is a milder version of the macho societies found elsewhere in Latin America, woman are far, far, far better off than they would ever be in Iraq. I know; I live here. I’m even married to a Brazilian woman who happens to be a doctor. In Iraq, a female doctor’s life is hell. Many have been killed just because they’re women.

    I’m as quick to criticize Brazil for its shortcomings as anyone. But the poster’s comment is absurd.

  • A brazilian

    [quote]A DROP IN AN OCEAN, from a city with a 18 millions population ! [/quote]

    Tell that to the black movement. Last year they were proudly claiming that ten thousand people attended their manifestation, in a city of 18 million.

    For a comparison 1 million people went to see the Rolling Stones in Rio.

  • A brazilian


    Your commens are always terrible to read due to the bad grammar, no respect for proper punctuation, mispelled words, etc. It gives a really bad impression about yourself. The quoted text above is one of your trademarks and everytime I see it I imagine a snake. It’s not funny because you didn’t have the intention of imitating an animal talking, like in Disney movies, it’s simply stupid.


    As world citizens, Brazilians should give Bush the welcome he deserves: massive protests and indignation. As an American, I join them in telling Bush he’s a war criminal and a liar. But I have to agree with one comment above. I too wish Brazilians would show the same indignation about their own government.

  • ch.c.

    same world in which women live ????
    I suppose SÀƒ´nia refers to BRAZILIANS WOMEN ! Is Brazil not a country where males easily beats their wife or their partner ?????

    I suggest SÀƒ´nia reads more on that subject ! No doubt she just writes propaganda paid by the illegals Caixas 2, 3 and 4 from the corrupted
    Brazilians politicians.

    And is Brazil not in a state of anarchy, in a state of war like in Iraq ? I am afraid you do since you have far more crimes deaths than in Iraq !

    Enjoy your rubbish country where the dreams of so many millions citizens are : get out of that fucking country…….even if we have to pay for ! Is that not what millions of brazilians do and far more millions dream of ????? Yessssssss…..sadly !

  • ch.c.

    Organizers wish to bring 10,000 people to Avenida Paulista !
    A DROP IN AN OCEAN, from a city with a 18 millions population !

    Furthermore it is typically the Brazilian way of life and thinking, to criticize your largest trading partner, but then licking his ass to obtain some favors, such as reducing their import taxes, while Brazil has in fact far far far higher import taxes that you find……SOOOOOOO NORMAL !!!!!
    Dont you have a 100 % import taxes on foreign cars ? Yesssss you do !
    Thus in my view the USA and the EU should put a 100 % import taxes on your dirty ethanol, that creates far more poverty than money for a few large farmers !!!!!

  • aes

    reply brown
    lowest level of iraq, wtf
    do you know any brazilian women?

  • ch.c.

    No doubt that……
    ….Bush bodyguards wont ONLY watch if something happens…….as was the case when your Chief Justice was robbed in the highway recently !

    Yesssssss Brazil Security is worth……NOTHING ! Trusting your police forces is worthless, sometimes almost like in Comic movies but other times also like in Horror movies when they kill many innocents citizens……ON A REGULAR BASIS……NEARLY DAILY !!!!!!!

  • aes

    re: bo
    ‘the thieving brazilian politicians’ odd isnt it?

    ‘the imperialists’ it is like a time warp.

    ‘bush’s war’ the world trade center, the pentagon. . .

    such intellectually astute protesters globally and morally concerned citizens begin at home, tend to your own house.

    who are these organizers?

    something is fishy, a red herring.

  • bo

    [quote]For SÀƒ´nia Coelho from the World Women’s March equality of sexes and abortion rights are going to be brought up during the marches together with protests against the Iraq war: “The world in which Bush puts forward his war is the same world in which women live. They also suffer the consequences of war and of Bush’s imperialistic policy.”[/quote]

    Wouldn’t it be nice if they could organize like this against the groups that have a direct effect on their daily lives? The thieving brazilian politicians. Guess they know better, they know that heads would roll.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    the women in IRAQ
    the lowset level of women in iraq
    are better off than most brasilian women

    looks like the only way the unions want to protest in a big way is when bush is around
    at least they get some notice , and wont get shot at by the brasilian police

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