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Violent Protests and Naked Beauty Welcome Bush in Brazil

Naked model Janaí­na Ribeiro protests Bush's visit to Brazil

Naked model Janaí­na Ribeiro protests Bush's visit to Brazil Pretty girl Janaí­na Bueno, 25, who presented herself as an actress and model, was among many Paulistanos (a São Paulo resident) waiting on the sidewalk on the route of American President George W. Bush's motorcade on its way from the international airport to the Hilton hotel.

Wrapped in a Brazilian flag she ended up being charged with indecent exposure after a suspicious policeman ordered her to show what was under the big green-yellow flag and found very little. She was arrested in the corner of Arizona street and Luis Carlos Berrini avenue, minutes before 9 pm and a little before she could protest Bush's visit.

Her intention was to expose herself to the passing chief of state, the most powerful man in the planet. Her message was short and bilingual, scribbled over her naked painted-in-black breasts: "Out, Fora, Bush." The phrase was repeated on her exposed legs. And Bueno wasn't naked. She had a micro panty covering her most intimate region.

"I was incensed because São Paulo stopped to watch Bush passing by," the model said after her short detention. She also said that she hated Bush because she could not get a Visa to enter the United States. Janaí­na had to stay in the police district for close to an hour, until lawyer Alexandre Castanha interceded on her behalf.

"I didn't want anybody to see my body. Only Bush," she told reporters. For Castanha if there was any crime it was committed by the policeman who forced the girl to remove the flag covering her body.

Bush arrived in the Air Force One with first lady Laura at about 8 pm, local time, at the Cumbica International Airport, in the city of Guarulhos in the Greater São Paulo. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and the United States Trade representative, Susan Schwab were also in the plane.

The president was received by São Paulo mayor, Gilberto Kassab and the new Brazilian ambassador in Washington, Antonio Patriota.

Bush waved and smiled at the reporters, kept at a distance, at the airport. To cover the US president's arrival reporters went through an X-ray then their working material was sniffed by two dogs: first the American sniffer and then the Brazilian one.

After that they still weren't allowed to take their purses or cell phones to the tarmac. All for a smile of Bush, who immediately went into his limousine escorted by a 40-car motorcade that rushed to the Morumbi Hilton, 25 miles away.

Most of the protests against Bush's visit happened before his arrival in Brazil. A showdown between demonstrators and the military police a little after 5 pm in Avenida Paulista, São Paulo's main avenue, ended up with at least 22 injured between policemen and protesters.

A rally that had started at 3 pm and had been peaceful for over 2 hours turned into a little war when some demonstrators lay down on the pavement interrupting the traffic in both sides of the avenue.

To clear the road the police went against the protesters with their clubs. The demonstrators, most of which seemed to be students, responded by throwing stones and sticks at the police.

The military were then reinforced and escalated the war shooting rubber bullets and launching tear gas and pepper gas against the crowd.

In thousand of signs carried by an estimated 6,000 people Bush was called among other things: imperialist pig, fascist and terrorist.

There were also protests in other cities. In Rio de Janeiro, protesters threw stones and red paint against the building that houses the American consulate. Other noisy demonstrations happened in Salvador, capital of the northeastern state of Bahia and Porto Alegre, capital of the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul.


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  • Kenneth

    Bush, they hate him for nothing. he is a good man!

  • Tom Hutch

    University of California manager
    JanaÀƒ­na Bueno should be invited to the US! I know of many american males that would marry her.

  • Steven

    There is a difference between Bush and America
    To the various posters…

    It is possible to like America and also, to dislike Bush. It it possible to want to visit America while dislking the policies of the Federal government. This is not a contradiction.

    America is not its Federal Government. The Federal Government is an institution in America much like the USA Army or the state government of Texas are also institutions within America but are not themselves America.

    Why is that so hard to understand?

  • Brian from Southern California

    I agree, strange how people want it both ways. It’s not just California though. We should all hope for new technology that is sustainable. No one knows exactly when oil will run out but eventually it will. Might as well start working on a solution right now. Brazil has done a great job with it’s alternative fuel program. I think only 10 per cent of their oil is imported. My company car gets 14mpg. I hope to be getting a bio-diesel VW here pretty soon. They get about 40 or more mpg. Hopefully we’ll get more ethanol pumps and eventually hydrogen pumps. It’s a huge undertaking to make that kind of a change but it’s like everything else, you gotta take that first step. Ric isn’t saying we should fight for oil to drive gas guzzling cars as the solution to our problem is he? I don’t think that’s a very good solution.

  • DSF

    Do only idiots read this Web site?
    A dismal showing here in the comments section so far.

  • all american


  • Ric

    Or Maybe a
    Capixaba, capiche?


    Fuck Bush!
    Fuck Bush! This motherfucker and his gang are all scumbags, full of shit. Fortunately after 2008 they will get to see what is like to
    be out of power. If this asshole comes to SÀƒ£o Paulo in 2009 there wonÀ‚´t be 2 people wainting for him after customs and he will have to come in a normal flight. This asshole has enough BAD KARMA for his next 100 incarnations, possibly in the next one he will
    be an Iraqui.

  • bo

    Brian from So. Cal…
    is just trying to get laid. Don’t think Janaina reads this blog buddy, nice try though.

  • Truth Teller

    Just so you Gringos know, Bush is gay
    And so are the vast majority of the top Republicans, especially the ones who actually work at the White House. They all get into marriages of convenience as a disguise, but they can’t fool anyone who is even slightly observant. For instance, the “decent guy” convicted criminal Libby Scooter (so nicknamed because he gives guys lots of rides) is so effeminate one can tell he is a homosexual just by watching a few seconds’ worth of footage of him walking or getting out of a car.

    As for Bush himself, just check out this site. It makes a very convincing case. [url]http://mindprod.com/politics/bushismsgay.html[/url]

  • Ric

    You do understand, donÀ‚´t you, that Southern Cal canÀ‚´t have it both ways? No drilling rigs off Gaviota, SB, etc., pull out of Iraq and watch it turn into a bloodbath, leave everything, and yet the SoCal lifestyle is 100% dependent on OIL. No more Pacific Electric, no public transportation from Ventura to Saugus, from Bellflower to Brea, from Blythe to Brawley, from San Pedro to San Dimas. If there was EVER an example of CLUELESS itÀ‚´s SoCal Greenies and Anti-Iraq protestors. Where is the gas going to come from for all those Escalades with 20 inch wheels and $500 rubber bands?

  • Brian from Southern California

    Chuck Must Smoke Really Good Bud
    Chuck, I should clarify what I meant. Bush through shear dumb luck inherited a surplus and because of his policies will be leaving America with an enormous debt. The war is expensive. You don’t have to be an Einstein like yourself to figure that one out. It’s also killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s while the person responsible for 9/11 is still running around free. The Iraq war is senseless. Let the Iraqi people vote on whether or not America should occupy their country and fight for democracy for them or whatever it is Bush wants. My guess is they would vote against American occupation. Let the American people vote on whether or not we should be there. My guess is they would vote against American occupation. I hope Bush is taken out like Gray Davis. You can’t just spend and spend and spend and make one bad decision after another. Well, you can if your name is George W. I’m glad to see other people worldwide express their view of what they think of Bush’s policies and doublespeak. Take another toke Chuck so you can continue to believe everything Bush says. According to most polls, all of which come from very credible sources, most of America and the world doesn’t share your view. Definitely not JanaÀƒ­na .

  • john_doe

    George Washinton was an illegal combatant.
    he stock market has risen 20% and the underlying fundamentals have more than doubled in the last 5 years. Budget deficits as a percentage of GNP are lower than they have been for decades. GNP is well over 13 trillion. Terrible…

    Smoke and mirrors. The US dollar lost at least that much so yeh the stocks are up with & worth more Yankee Funny money.
    George Washington was an illegal combatant BTW. Now do 2 peole have to work to make the same amount as 1 person
    working in 1975? Wake up!

  • Chlorocardium

    A lot of us DON’T like him
    Bush’s approval is at an all time low in the US also for good reasons. He has damaged the middle class terribly. He lied us into an unending war while ignoring the real causes or terrorism. Why should the average Brazilians want him? For the type of freedom he spreads? No thanks. For his offer to deforest the country to grow Alcohol. Forget it.

  • Rocky

    Brazilian leftists are mentally ill
    Leftism is a mental disorder. America was, is, and will always be hated by all small-minded, mentally challenged people. Whether in the U.S. or Brazil, Paraguay, or dare I say, Guyana, you’re all the same. Cupiditous, covetous, jealous, puerile, and unable to shake your sense of uselessness and inferiority. How unfortunate that a great country like Brazil has an intelligent, educated, free market-understanding, coservative minority that can’t number more than three percent of its population, at the most.

  • Ric

    Guess I Qualify
    Born in LB, grew up in Cypress, I like Bush, but some will say, “Oh yeah, ORANGE COUNTY!”. Right, but just across Coyote Creek. Not math challenged.

  • Chuck

    Are Southern Californians math challenged?
    Mr. Bush is bankrupting America. Let’s see: Unemployment is 4.5%. When Jimmy Carter was President, current theory was that 7% was as low as it was possible to go and we were several points above that level. Middle class wealth hit an all time high this year. Economic growth is high and has been high for all but the first year and a half of Mr. Bush’s presidency. The stock market has risen 20% and the underlying fundamentals have more than doubled in the last 5 years. Budget deficits as a percentage of GNP are lower than they have been for decades. GNP is well over 13 trillion. Terrible…

  • Ric

    So be surprised already
    Because lots of us like him.

  • Free Minded Guy

    written by Kenneth, 2007-03-09 14:46:03

    Bush, they hate him for nothing. he is a good man!
    Tipical narrow-mind Republican. It surprises me that guys like you are able to breathe and think at the same time. What a progress!!!!!

  • Brian from Southern California

    I’m an American and don’t like Bush’s policies at all (like how he is bankrupting America fighting his war in Iraq). So I totally understand the protests and can’t blame anyone for being against his policies. This is another perfect example of how messed up his immigration policy is. His policy lets in millions of citizens of Mexico that come here illegally but won’t let a pretty girl like JanaÀƒ­na Bueno in. I’d let her in this country and then kick out all of the people that broke the law ruining it for everyone else. I give kudos to JanaÀƒ­na Bueno. If that’s how all protesters handled themselves, the world would be a better place.

  • Lasca

    Let him stay only in America, where some people, despite all the young lifes that HE took, are still selfish enough to support him! Let the intire world end…let only you, North americans from the US survive…and be happy feeding yourselfs from your own lack of roots, industrialized culture and narrow minds! And be sure, WAR SUPPORTERS: The world doesnÀ‚´t have the US, the world hates you and the facist idiot you have as a president!

  • Jay Glenn

    We have at least two types of exposure. She got hers, national exposure for a model, We all fell for it!!!!!

  • all american

    america haters want to come to america!#$%&*
    VISA DENIED !!!!!…

  • Ric

    Got Boobs?
    LetÀ‚´s see if this publicity helps her the next time she applies for a visa. The word boob has at least two meanings.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    dont hate bush
    the president does not make policy on visas

    stand out in front of the embassy , my wife does not have a visa but we still try the right way
    all she did was to get on the radar of the INS

    all this was whiped up by a few people wanting to make a case to the rong person

  • bo

    [quote]”I was incensed because SÀƒ£o Paulo stopped to watch Bush passing by,” the model said after her short detention. She also said that she hated Bush because she could not get a Visa to enter the United States. [/quote]

    If she hates bush so, why is she trying to go to his country?

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