Despite Dollar Fall, Brazil Sells 17% More Furniture Overseas

Brazilian furniture gets more space overseas

Brazilian furniture gets more space overseas Brazil exported US$ 6.74 billion  in furniture last year, representing an increase of 17.2% when compared to 2005, according to the Abimóvel (Associação Brasileira das Indústrias do Mobiliário – Brazilian Furniture Industry Association).

The sutheastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais presented the greatest growth in sector foreign sales, 46.8% when compared to 2005, followed by the state of São Paulo, with 21.8%, and Pernambuco, in the Northeast, 7.4%.

However, in absolute terms, the largest Brazilian exporters of furniture was the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, followed by Santa Catarina, also in the south.

Even with the appreciation of the Brazilian real against the dollar, which affects Brazilian exports, the sector trade balance in 2006 was positive, with a surplus of US$ 819 million.


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  • Just a brazilian student.

    To Ch.c, Compliments from a freshman at I.T.A (Instituto Technologico da Aeronautica) Sao Paulo Brazil.
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  • ch.c.

    Wrong conclusion and wrong stats !!!!
    Your furniture exports grew in USD because the currency was weak but in Reais you exports growth is much much much LOWER !!!!!!

    And your sector trade balance is not that great….for a country with a population of 185 million.

    Your overall exports were around US$ 150 billion, OR LESS THAN USD 1000.- per capita.

    It happens that your overall exports are NOT LARGER THAN SWITZERLAND, a country with a population of 7,5 millions…..meaning
    25 times SMALLER than Brazil !!!!!

    It also means that on a per capita, Switzerland exports 25 TIMES more than Brazil !!!!!

    Keep working hard, you still have a long way to go, before even coming closer !

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