Brazil’s Capital Brasí­lia Reaches 50 with New Works by Niemeyer, Its Creator

Oscar Niemeyer Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil's greatest living architect, at the tender age of 101 (no typo here), has presented the blueprint for a new project, "The Sovereignty Plaza" to be built next to the Ministries esplanade in Brazilian capital BrasÀ­lia.

The official opening is scheduled for April 21st, 2010 when the capital city he designed will be celebrating half a century. The Plaza will include a Memorial to the Republic's presidents and a monument to the 50th anniversary of Brasí­lia.

The blue print was presented to Brasí­lia governor José Roberto Arruda last week in Niemeyer's studio in Rio do Janeiro.

"The monument will have a triangle shape to show progress the country has achieved. It is designed to perplex whoever looks at it," said Niemeyer who underlined his brain-child needs "more open spaces for people to cohabit."

The Sovereignty Plaza, with a parking space for 3.000 vehicles is to be built next to the Municipal Theater and the Republic's Museum, both designed by the leading architect who last December 15 celebrated his 101 birthday.

Another of his projects in Brasí­lia, the Digital Tower to lodge the city's digital television, libraries, restaurants and other leisure spaces is scheduled to begin construction this first quarter.

According to the Brazilian press, Niemeyer still has two more public monuments in mind: The People's Plaza and a Sambódromo, similar to the one in Rio do Janeiro where the world famous Carnaval parades take place.



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