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With New Methodology Brazil’s 2006 Growth Jumps from 2.9% to 3.7%

Downtown Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil

Downtown Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil Brazil's IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics disclosed today, March 28, the revision of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2006. With the new calculation method adopted, the growth in Brazilian economy rose from 2.9% to 3.7% and reached US$ 1.1 trillion (2.3 trillion reais).

The per capita GDP increased by 2.3% during the same period, to reach approximately US$ 6,000 (12,400 reais).

The IBGE also revealed the GDP revision for each quarter of 2006. In the fourth quarter, there was a decrease from 1.1% to 0.9%; in the third, an increase from 0.8% to 2.6%; in the second, a reduction from 0.6% to -0.5%; and in the first, an increase from 1.2% to 1.6%.

One week ago, the institute disclosed the GDP revision for 2002 to 2005. For all years, the new result showed a higher growth than that of the previous calculation. The new method uses a larger number of sources of information, and takes into account 293 products and 149 economic activities.

According to the IBGE, consumption by Brazilian families in 2006 saw a 4.3% increase over 2005. It was the third year in a row with a positive result. Government consumption also rose (3.6%), as did investments (8.7%).

Exports of goods and services increased by 4.6%, and imports grew 18.1%. Agriculture saw a 4.1% growth, recovering from the previous year, when it grew by just 1%. The industry that grew the most was mineral extraction (6%), highlighting oil and gas extraction (5.1%) and iron ore (10.9%).

The greatest increases in the service sector were recorded in the activities of financial intermediation, complementary social security, and wholesale and retail trade.


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  • Carlos rodrigues

    New and better accurate methodology…
    Well, itÀ‚´s so surprisingly gorgeous how the brazilian way can never stop! I wonder if perhaps wasnÀ‚´t it possible to recalculate the minimum wage and see how it would look like… Also about the external debt, a possibility for that also?… Who knows instead of negative it could turn out into positive, not so positive or the international bankers might not believe, we wouldnÀ‚´t have to pay anything no more…

    Also, IBGE do not forget about other sectors of the economy which are growing so fast and its calculation can add more percentages to the GDP:
    The drug comsumption, because the drug dealers are increasing their business…
    And taking the drug dealers out of the spot, letÀ‚´s not forget about the miliciasÀ‚´ business in Rio, in case we could spread this to all the others states…
    Also the corruption of the politicians, because all the money they invest in Brasil, is fantastic and fabulous…
    And finally the international traffic of women…

    Who knows we can get higher from 3.7 and jump up into 9% !!! We could be comparable to china…

  • A proud Brazilian… ever!!!

    Forrest Allen Brown in another one in this site who suffers from “Brazilianphobia”…
    Forrest Allen Brown; Bo, Ch.c are people who shall always speak against Brazil in a wanton way.
    Their comments are full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse; at times, indeed, almost ridiculous À¢€” Almost, at times, they are the fool. . They have an obtuse view of Brazil and any subject they talk about… their comments are indeed, irrelevants.

  • Luiz Alessio

    To forest gump, our dear storyteller
    There goes forest gump again… all right you read some news but have u ever thought about the big picture?? And stop mixing true with lies as u judge convenient. Even if all that were true don’t you think we have a lot of work to do?? of course we know we have so much problems we see it in the news everyday but its not going to change in a day!! this things take time and EDUCATING every brasilian throught basic scholl like they should and how they deserve as its on the constitution but once again it comes over time And we need money and getting our economy right so we can fund these changes so I think is valid somethings you are adressing but saying we put the blame outside our country is nonesense and just naming the problems doesnt make u anything other than forest gump, the storyteller!! now try give me some solutions please

    I LOVE my country and want to help solving the problems!! If u want too come to this forum to say something good and positive so you can help too!!

  • forrest allen brown

    e harmony VocÀƒª Àƒ© burro de dar dÀƒ³
    I don’t know what you would consider handling its internal problem’s .

    telling the press not to report it . put it off till it goes away .

    placing the blame on the united states .

    where i am from fix the problems not place the blame

    look at most the headers on the paper Brazil places most all its problem’s on the

    united states and what it does to poor Brazil and its people .

    while bragging on how grate it is doing while with a population half of the united states

    with double the murder rate , 4 times the reported rapes , the intura suture of the country

    below that of Mexico . governmental officials robing the country blind , drug dealers from

    prison controlling the city of Rio at will . women and children killed at will on the whim of a man to proud to admit his his flats .

    a congress that will not pass a fare wage law on behalf of a labour party to help its own people but want to be paid 11 times more money than the standard minimum wage

    giving .50 cents a day to feed its poor , while the country exports tons of food to other countries to feed there poor , but not take care of its own .

    to keep slaves , to work people is substandard condition’s , to pass tax laws that by there very being prohbits the business owner from running there business within the laws of the land .

    allowing police and other sub officals to supplement there pay by robing the very people they are sworn to protect , to turn a blind eye to selective law enforcement ,

    in your mind it is okay to feed off the lower class , to rob them of any hope to make there children’s lives better than they had , to keep them under schooled , under feed . under foot

  • e harmony

    [quote]written by forrest allen brown, 2007-03-28 19:14:25

    and tourisum is still falling off in brazil and it is not because of one airliner going down[/quote]

    Tourism does not run the Brazilian economy. Brazil is not investing in biofuel production because it is attempting to enslave the entire Brazilian economy to gringo passing tourism.

    Just because a country has 8 or 2 percent growth does not mean it is all of a sudden going to become a superpower in the hemisphere. Colombia’s balls belong to the United States and relies on U.S. military support to handle it’s own internal affairs. Brazil handles its own internal affairs – that’s stellar, strength, and stability. You can sell your hillbilly horse sh*t to the rodeo clown down the street.

  • forrest allen brown

    Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.
    and tourisum is still falling off in brazil and it is not because of one airliner going down

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