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Brazil’s Exports Close to US$ 50 Billion, a 17% Growth

Made in Brazil being exported

Made in Brazil being exported Brazil's trade balance result (exports minus imports) maintained a good level of growth in the first three working days of May, reaching US$ 545 million, a daily average of US$ 181.66 million.

This is a little less than in the last week of April, due to the daily average of imports rising 10.28% over the previous month, whereas foreign sales grew just 2.21%.

Exports totaled US$ 1.909 billion between the 2nd and 4th of this month, whereas imports reached US$ 1.364 billion. With this movement, foreign sales in the year have already reached US$ 48.360 billion, or 16.85% more than in the same period in 2006, and purchases reached US$ 34.829 billion (24.26% growth), and the accumulated result for the year is US$ 13.531 billion, 1.54% over the balance registered in the same period in 2006.

April Best

In April alone, the Brazilian trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 4.203 billion, an increase of 25.20% over the result of the previous year and 35.67% over the same month last year. This was the best monthly balance in the year, and was the result of exports of US$ 12.449 billion and imports of US$ 8.246 billion.

The figures are rising in both areas of trade. Exports grew 18.23% in the first four months of the year, whereas imports rose 24.68%, as shown in the monthly bulletin of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.


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  • AES

    It is about the percentage of growth, regardless of the currency, the percntage remains the same.

  • ch.c.

    To the idiots : AES and Swiss Pride !!!!!!!
    May I suggest you to go to basic school ?
    Because you are dead wrong !

    It happens that when a country has a weak currency, their imports are more expensive !!!!!
    And by definition just the opposite when a country has a strong currency !!!!
    the only exception being the USA since most of the prices are quoted in US$….being their own currency

    Thus your export growth rate in local currency….cannot be the same as when translated in a foreign currency !!!!!
    And world prices will always tend to go higher when the US$ is weak. But in exchange of the goods you sold you receive
    a currency that has lost some of its value.

    A simple example is the oil price having tripled in US$ over the last few years.
    Do you really believe the price tripled in Real or Euro ??????
    NOT AT ALL….idiot !

    To Swiss Pride, sorry for you junkie, but let me have doubts that you are Swiss. Because third grade Swiss students would understand….that it is NOT the same……contrary to what you and AES believe incorrectly !!!!!!

  • swiss pride

    Laugh laugh laugh…Ch.c
    You are an ECONOMICS GENIUS !!! As you say so often “its all basic math” what the stupid Brazilians can’t understand, right? Well is refreshing to know that someone in just 16 words completely destroyed and discredit you with yours 87 words (worthless words) I should say. Any body in the world with any sense of pride ethics and dignity would be totally embarrassed …but not you!!! You raging ignorance is too much for you to see it. Laugh laugh laugh!!!

  • ch.c.

    first, all countries announce their results in its own currency, then translate it to US$ !

    Not so in Brazil !

    When the currency is strong they announce the results in a foreign currency and when their currency is weak they announce their results
    in local currency.

    Great “apparent growth”….GUARANTEED…whatever happens !

    Is this not what is called….STATS MANIPULATION ???
    Reality being your export grow.mostly due to….a depreciating US$ value ONLY !

    The real growth rate being in fact much lower in local currency terms !

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