Al Jazeera and Brazil’s Bandeirantes Are Now Partners in News

Al Jazeera's news broadcast An agreement recently announced between Al Jazeera TV, from Qatar, and Bandeirantes, a Brazilian communications company, established a new direct pathway for information between Brazil and the Arab world. The opinion was expressed by the director general at BandNews, the news channel of the Bandeirantes television network, Humberto Candil, who negotiated the partnership.

The agreement provides for exchange of journalistic material, operational support, and exchange of teams.

"Al Jazeera needed a partner in Brazil, a source in the country, and we needed an exclusive source in the Middle East, which is very important from a technical point of view. They can obtain, for instance, images that the other channels do not have," Candil said. "These are two communications groups that can complement each other in various fields, especially the journalistic one," he claimed.

Before the agreement, Band depended only on international agencies to obtain news from the Arab world, and the same happened with Al Jazeera regarding Brazil. Now, according to the executive, the effect of the direct flow of news, without intermediaries, can already be felt.

"It is already taking place. During the visit of president Bush to Brazil, they put together a structure and broadcasted from here, using our newsroom and our journalistic material," he stated.

"Over the course of four days, exclusive material was broadcast about Brazil, not just urban violence, for instance," he said. The president of the United States, George W. Bush, was in São Paulo in March.

During that period, the Al Jazeera English channel showed news reports about the Arab colony in Brazil, the production of ethanol, and the size of the southeastern Brazilian city of São Paulo.

"We have also been receiving lots of material, and not only about the Middle East," said Candil. In his assessment, the news exchange and the physical presence of professionals from the other network open up possibilities for new guidelines for news stories.

A producer from Al Jazeera in English is already working at the Band premises, in São Paulo, and in around one month's time, a journalist from the Brazilian network will start working in the newsroom of the Arab network in Washington, in the United States. An interview with the former president of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, has already been conducted by Al Jazeera in the Band studios.

According to Candil, the agreement started being negotiated approximately two months ago, and has not been formalized yet, but it is already in effect in practice. Besides television, exchange of material may take place in other media as well, such as radio, for instance.

There is also the possibility for one network producing programs for the other. "We are open to this type of production, it just requires further discussion. The idea is not to get just factual material, but also special material, and even documentaries," he claimed.

Bandeirantes is one of the major Brazilian communications companies. It owns two free-to-air television networks: Bandeirantes and Play TV, three subscription channels (BandNews, BandSports and Terraviva, the latter specializing in agribusiness) five radio stations, one cable TV operator, two newspapers as well as Internet services. The company generates 2,500 direct and 5,000 indirect jobs, according to its website.

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, Al Jazeera English also has studios in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, London, and Washington, and 18 branches throughout the world. Including the channel in Arabic, the number of branches rises to 60. The channel, which has 700 employees of 45 different nationalities, was launched in November last year, after the success of the Arabic version.

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  • AES

    There is a business intelligence to the enterprise. Brazil is and has become an important exporter to a number of Mid eastern countries. Better to familiarize yourself with the consciousness of your client/state.
    Al Jazeera however are more ‘provacateurs’ than neutral journalists. Brazil is becoming an international lynch pin between the Mid and Far East. It is business acumen to have a multitude of connections. I dont think Brazilians are inclined to pray five times a day, no matter how much Al Jazeera they watch. And the beheadings are way over the top even for the taste of the ‘gangstas’ in the Favelas.

    The Hezbolah entrenchment in the South may take heart. But Brazil does not tolerate external incursion for long. If there is to be anarchy it will ultimately be only Brazilian, Brazil is ge politically naive, bit Brazilians are no fools. How is that fence coming in the South? Has it been electrified yet?

  • joseph

    al Jizm
    Nice Brazil, really nice. I am sure the gangstas in the Rio favelas and Al Queda can share good terrorist info bettering both organziations in the art of killing.

  • bo

    Got nuttin’!
    Pal, I post only my username and my username only. Guess again clown!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]No worries
    [/quote]. I am not worried,mate,nor should the others on this site be(except Billy-Bob)

    [quote]other than youˢ۪ll see more anti-zionist videos and not just some 20 year old hottie reading something she couldnˢ۪t write if her life depended on it. [/quote]

    I dont know how long you have been living in this country,but as long as I remember, during the day time you have 20 year old hotties on almost all channels. During the prime hour in the evenings, there are old bags that go on and on for months. I still dont understant what educational value these shitty Novelas have for the public.

    I hope that Bandeirantes will provide some alternative form of entertainment,by teaming up with Al J. Not the violent ones, but some good belly dancers from the Middle East 😉

  • João Pinga

    No worries
    YouÀ¢€™ll not note a great deal difference I reckon (at least from BandnewÀ¢€™s 24 hour news channel), other than cleaner video from Al Jizm. Bandeirantes has always had a steady flow of anti-Israeli, anti-American coverage since its conception. But what would expect from a network founded by JoÀƒ£o SAAD. They have always preferred to say À¢€œ10 dead in the Middle EastÀ¢€Â as opposed À¢€œ20 dead in BrazilÀ¢€Â and so nothing will change, other than youÀ¢€™ll see more anti-zionist videos and not just some 20 year old hottie reading something she couldnÀ¢€™t write if her life depended on it.

  • João da Silva

    There is a big gulf of a difference between you and strategic thinkers, my friend. With this attitude, you will always remain a Bank Clerk at USB. All the best.I always noticed that you like to duck an important issue.

  • João da Silva

    I am responding to AESÀ‚´s comment about Busines Acumen Ch.C.You dont have to get nasty towards me.Let me ask you a question: If there is a “Towel Head” who wants to buy NestlÀƒ© products Made in Switzerland and Brazil offers the same one for 20% less, whom do you think that he is going to buy from? Or are you going to refuse to quote to him just he is a “Towel Head”?. Grow up lad.

    Btw, you have not responded to my earlier question about the Swiss Women? Are you planning to send them all to the night clubs in Beirut?

  • ch.c.

    …Arabs being more or less the same, no doubt you found great new friends.

  • ch.c.

    Brazil is one of the most tolerant societies in the world ! Dead right !!!!
    – laws are not applied
    – corruption is generalized
    – crimes are everywhere
    – lying, cheating and hiding is just the Brazilian daily lifestyle

    Yessssssss… are effectively one of the most tolerant society in the world !!!!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]It is business acumen to have a multitude of connections. I dont think Brazilians are inclined to pray five times a day, no matter how much Al Jazeera they watch. And the beheadings are way over the top even for the taste of the ‘gangstas’ in the Favelas.

    AES,You just went up one more notch up in my esteem.What you said is 100% correct.Brazil is one of the most tolerant societies in the world, as for the religions are concerned. I really cant imagine the Mullahs walking on Copacabana beach preaching their religion! By now you must know that we have lots of Brazilians of Middle Eastern origin (both Muslim and Jewish) who are doing very well in this country and long time ago (to paraphrase A Brazilian) there were “eaten” and integerated into this society.

    Business acumen does need to be above color,religion and nationality.

    I hope Bandeirantes shows some good Belly Dancing beauties from Beirut 😉

  • forrest allen brown

    brazilian guest the long term bo is right
    so the goat Herder has come to lead the sheep .

    wit5h all the anti american news on al jezeera , and all the anti christian news on it how in good faith can the Brazilians believe that it is news in truth , worse than global .

    all they will have to do is keep feeding there version of the news and soon it comes the truth in Brazil

    and the belief in the kingdom , is just what the government of Brazil wants its people to see to show how the people should behave

    will the brazilians protest beheadings as they dont beleive in capitol punsment

    will the 5 times a day to meca stop comerce in brazil ,
    how about no drinking ,
    no looking upon nude women other than your wife .
    no sex till married , well that one is out the window any way
    foods you cant eat.

    live long and pray for your 75 virgins

  • Brazilian Guest

    Bo You are
    a fucking ignorant red neck idiot!!! I also know that you are the same person that writes under the “american guest” name!!! Gotchaaaaa!!!

  • bo

    here we go, Al Jezeera in Brazil, I knew this was coming. The folks in Foz and Ciudad should love this. Can’t wait to see what this place looks like in ten years, probably have chapters of Hezbollah and Hamas in every brazilian capitol.

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