Brazil Promising More Sugar and Coffee But Less Rice and Peanuts

In its second harvest estimate for 2006, which was released on Tuesday, March 7, Brazil’s government statistical bureau (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e EstatÀ­stica) (IBGE) made a slight reduction.

The IBGE estimated grain harvest for 2006 is now 123.9 million tons, down from 126 million tons. However, the IBGE points out that this year’s harvest will be 10.2% bigger than the 2005 harvest.

According to a note from the IBGE, the reason the harvest estimate is lower is due to climatic conditions in the states of Bahia, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul, where there has been less than average rainfall.

The IBGE reports that this year there will be increases in potato, coffee and sugarcane. And there will be less cotton, rice and peanuts.

The total amount of cropland planted this year is up 1.49%, compared to 2005, totaling 47 million hectares.



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    How strange…..
    …are the Brazilian statistics.

    Other reports from the same dept and from others said many times that 2006 crop production will be higher but planted hectares will be….FAR LOWER !!!!!

    And now, the cropland is “apparently” up 1.49 % !!!!!!

    Viva Brazilian “statistics”

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