Another Brazilian Indian Leader Murdered in Land Conflict

Pataxó Indians from Brazil The Brazilian Pataxó Indian Hã-Hã-Hãe Aurino Pereira dos Santos, 40, married and without children, was shot and killed on May 19, 2007 in the region of Taquari, municipality of Pau Brasil, state of Bahia. His body was found near the LetÀ­cia farm, owned by Durval Santana, inside an indigenous area claimed by the Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe as theirs.

Aurino dos Santos was an active participant in the struggle of the Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe people for recovering their territory. In the region where he was killed, he was one of the leaders of one of the most recent reoccupation actions, which was carried out in the region of Braço da Dúvida and Taquari.

The Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe community attended the vigil and burial of Aurino, on May 22, in the Caramuru village in Pau Brasil.

During the ceremonies, chief Ilza Rodrigues said that indigenous leaders would hold a meeting to evaluate the situation and make decisions and proposals in relation to the case. She stressed how concerned she is with the lack of measures on the part of authorities in relation to this additional crime. She also said that she doesn't want this murder to be another unsolved crime case, without the guilty ones being punished, as so often happens.

The tensions between indigenous people and farmers as a result of land disputes are marked by reoccupations of land areas by indigenous people to recover and defend their territory from the degradation caused by farmers' activities in them. But they are also marked by judicial and administrative actions.

The most emblematic judicial action in this conflict is an ordinary civil lawsuit to nullify title deeds which was referred to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) 24 years ago and no decision has been made so far about it. The lawsuit, which was proposed and filed by the National Foundation for Indigenous People (Funai), is aimed at nullifying title deeds to land granted by the Government of the state of Bahia to farmers in the 1960s.

The long time it is taking to judge this case contributes to increase the violence. In the 1990s, as a result of the pressure applied by indigenous people through land reoccupation actions, FUNAI implemented administrative actions to indemnify farmers for improvements made in land areas they were evicted from, which was an instrumental action for enabling the Pataxó Hã-Hã-Hãe to live in about 18,000 hectares of their lands today, which is still much less than the 54,100 hectares they claim as theirs. This advance frightened some farmers, mainly the large ones, who don't even want indigenous people in their region at all.


On June 4, the Supreme Federal Court (STF) will judge writs of mandamus against the official confirmation of the bounds of the Jacaré de São Domingos (state of Paraí­ba) and Raposa Serra do Sol (state of Roraima) indigenous lands, as well as other lawsuits of interest to indigenous people.

The decision to schedule these judgments was made by the chief justice of the STF, Ellen Gracie.

The importance of judging these writs of mandamus lies in the fact that the Supreme Federal Court is expected to adopt the same position in relation to the Jacaré de São Domingos, Raposa Serra do Sol and í‘ande Ru Marangatu indigenous lands of the Guarani-Kaiowá people in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, and in relation to future cases involving actions to challenge official confirmations of indigenous land bounds.

In these three writs of mandamus, the main thesis being discussed is that, according to the petitioners, the President of the Republic cannot confirm the demarcation of indigenous lands whose administrative procedure is being judicially considered in an ordinary lawsuit, as is the case of the Potiguara and also of the í‘ande Ru Marangatu and Raposa Serra do Sol lands.



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  • AES

    I wonder with all the save the tree people and the millions that they raise why there is no aclu non profit fundraising, to create a million dollar defense action fund, in the U.S. or globally. Greenpeace is so busiy saving non homo sapien species they apparently have no interest in fund raising to save indiginous hom erectis species.

    Money buys justice, millions of dollars busy a lot of justice, a milion bucks is chump change in the U.S. any fund raiser, like the Catholic Church for example, seems like they could donate a few ducates to humanity. Helll ifs not even 50,000 heters Its like the KKK but against Indians, the ACLU talks big about little shit along with Greenpeace.

  • Michael

    Nice job NYC but I wouldn’t waste your breath on ch.c

    He replies with a hatred of brazil to every article posted here whether it is posivtive or negative. He’s a loser plain and simple.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Joao, you’re an even bigger asswipe!

    Thanks for the compliment,Ayotullah. You intend joining the Revolutionary Guards of Iran? Be careful,you may end up wiping their asses with your RIGHT hand.

    You embracing other cultures? My arse. Abdul, you may have learnt Farsi and Arabic (amazing that it took you 10 years to do that!),but I dont think you have learnt their cultures nor ours. You are nothing but a Moran,trying to say good things about our country,but really dont mean it.

  • Ryan NYC

    Ignorance and arrogance all wrapped in one.
    You’re not counting English as one of those languages you claim to speak are you, Charlie Chang?
    Unless gibberish with bad grammar and moronic spelling is your idea of “speaking “a language.
    I don’t need to be a linguist to see your “BRAZILIAN” accent in your bad “English”, it is obvious.

    In any event, I wouldn’t waste any of my time on someone as narrow-minded, xenophobic and retarded as you.

    I’m fluent in 7 languages and studying Farsi and Arabic for the past 10 years, both of which, I can speak quite well.
    I, unlike you, embrace other cultures and appreciate the positive aspects of cultures other then my own.
    Furthermore, your remarks about Brazil show an astounding level of ignorance about the country, coupled with the barbaric prejudice
    immaturity and lack of education. Racism is the lowest form of ignorance. If you knew a little about the history of the country you’d understand why
    the system is in the state that it is now, however, it is improving. Instead you choose the path of ranting nonsense and to cast you uneducated opinion about
    an issue you know little about. Your ranting is superficial, over-simplifying, full of generalizations and rationalizations. Silly at best.
    An 8 year old child can articulate a better argument than these absurd postings you have placed here.

    When you get criticized for it, your predictable response is “I speak 4 languages”. Typical self-absorbed reaction of someone in need of affirmation.
    I don’t care where you’re from or how many languages you speak, you’re an idiot for your postings, and I despise people like you, nothing else.

    Grew up, get an education, a personality and stop talking about what you don’t know. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
    I suggest you seek professional help and medication theraphy. Psychiatry has come a long away and you can benefit from it tremendously.

    Joao, you’re an even bigger asswipe!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]in 4 other languages ![/quote]

    A long time ago, I came to know about a Swiss guy who could speak 17 languages. A famous Swiss.Can you name him?

  • João da Silva

    [quote] A true Tropical Mud !!

    Right now, the Southern Brazili is a Frozen mud. In the mountains, the temperature dropped down to -22 celsius (Considering the chill factor). Cold enough to freeze the Brass MonkeyÀ‚´s balls.

    Do you think that the brave Swiss red Cross can air drop some food,warm clothes,heaters, the famous Swiss chocolates and other good things to the marooned people of this frozen tropical mud?

  • eu

    que nada
    que indios que nada, Àƒ© um monte de crioulos que querem chamar a atenÀƒ§Àƒ£o para as safadezas que aprontam.
    SÀƒ³ querem beber cachaÀƒ§a e fazer bagunÀƒ§a na pacata cidade.
    Perguntem a eles dos dois policiais que eles mataram.

  • ch.c.

    Ohhhhhhh….if you prefer we could chat……..
    in 4 other languages !
    I doubt Ryan speaks more than one !!!

    and if you, idiot…believes that of the thousands killed in land dispute but less than 5 % of the murderers are in jail….is the Brazilian FairJustice Dept…….THEN what do YOU mean by……FAIR ???????

    Yessssss……I did not count yet the YEARLY KILLINGS of thousands and thousands of innocents, including many many children… not only the Brazilian policemen….but also by Your World Famous…..DEATHS SQUADS WHO RARELY ARE ARRESTED ! Guess why…idiot !
    Reality being that the Deaths Squads are mostly POLICEMEN !

    Strange isnt it ??????

    As I said many times, Brazil is a rotten and filthy country ! A true Tropical Mud !!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Typical self-hating Brazilian waxing eloquent in broken English.

    Get an education, moron!

    The moron is not a Brazilian. He is Swiss!

  • Ryan NYC

    “Typical of your world well known……INJUSTICE DEPT !!!!!”
    Typical of your world well known?

    What do you mean by that?

    Typical self-hating Brazilian waxing eloquent in broken English.

    Get an education, moron!

  • ch.c.

    referred to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) 24 years ago and no decision has been made so far about it !!!!!
    Typical of your world well known……INJUSTICE DEPT !!!!!
    24 YEARS…in your Supreme Federal Court of Crooks, Cheaters, Corrupted and Liars, and no decision made…of course !!!!

    Who bet that the criminal who killed the Indian will never ever go to jail and even less be found guilty of crime ?

    In Brazil, you easily get a Licence to Kill if you pay for the rights ! With such a card, you just present it to the judge or the investigator and you are automatically…….INNOCENT ! GUARANTEED !!!!

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