Brazil Summit Presents Biofuel as Answer to Planet’s Energy Needs

Brazilian vice president José Alencar The present and the future of ethanol in the world is being debated in the São Paulo Ethanol Summit 2007. "The New Frontiers of Ethanol – Challenges of Energy in the 21st Century" is the central theme of the meeting, which began yesterday, June 4, at the World Trade Center, in São Paulo.

"Brazil is the leader in production of ethanol and has changed from the country of the future, as many people say, to the country of the present in the sector," stated the former prime minister of Spain, Felipe González, who was one of the speakers in the first panel of the meeting.

The meeting covered matters connected to the production of renewable fuels, concerns with the environment and possible lack of food for the inhabitants of the planet.

According to González, the excessive dependence on renewable energies is a challenge for humanity. "The great producers of fossil fuels are not concerned with diversifying their activities," he said.

The former prime minister of Spain called attention to the problem of non-renewable energy prices due to the supposed future lack of fossil fuels. "It is necessary to observe that the evolution of demand is greater and greater than the production capacity," he said.

He also stated that one of the solutions to this problem would be the implementation of a nuclear energy program or the production of renewable energies. In the case of renewable energies, he mentioned Brazil as one of the main hubs and production models for this alternative.

In Latin America, according to González, energies to solve the problems of development of fossil and renewable fuels are not lacking and, in his evaluation, the production of foods will not be affected if the production of renewable fuels is planned.

"I have noticed a false interest behind critics who say that production of renewable fuels will threaten the production of foods," he concluded.

Roberto Rodrigues, former minister of Agriculture of Brazil and current coordinator of the Agribusiness Center at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), stated that the great challenge of the 21st century is energy security, and Brazil has a historic opportunity to cause a revolution in the sector. "For the first time in history, Brazil is not going to be behind anyone. It is the leader of this innovative ethanol project," stated Rodrigues.

According to him, of the ten problems that humanity is going to face in coming years, four will be related to agriculture: energy, water, food and climate change. "Agroenergy provides leverage for development, but it is necessary to promote it," recalled Rodrigues.

And it was exactly about the importance of promotion of the Brazilian project for production of ethanol that the acting President of Brazil, José de Alencar, spoke at the opening of the meeting. "It is this government's mission to spread around the world the importance of replacement of fossil fuels for renewable fuels," he said.

For Alencar, since the beginning of its term in office, the government of Brazil has been working on stimulating the production of ethanol. "President Lula is discussing this matter during his trip to Asia and Europe," he said.

"Brazil has land, water, sun and Embrapa (the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation). For this reason the country can lead this sector of interest to the whole world," he said.

According to Alencar, the Ethanol Summit will contribute to talks about the possibility of biofuels being a new strategy for the planet. "We offer hope to poor countries by joining social development and environmental preservation. Of course this also depends on market opening and the reduction of subsidies granted by some countries," he explained.

The president of the São Paulo Sugar Cane Agroindustry Union (Unica), Eduardo Pereira de Carvalho, spoke about the importance of expanding the debate on the matter. "Instead of meeting, presenting our proposals and applauding ourselves, we want to debate with the society through researchers, thinkers and specialists," explained Carvalho.

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  • PQP

    Subhuman Conditions ??? poor workers???
    Well, cutting sugarcane is very, very hard work…no doubt!

    There is a solution: mechanize the entire process… who will buy these people’s kids milk??? Brazil and many other countries unfortunately need these kind of jobs!

    By the way, you guys need to go visit a ethanol plant and a sugarcane farm… nowadays they have daycare, dentist and doctors…. plus the workers are making R$1,200/month while most of low level jobs pay no more than R$400/month in Brazil.

    If u feel R$1,200/month is a bad salary for the job, please open up a company in Brazil and hire all this workers !!

  • Josue

    Shouldn’t all these potential ethanol investors, especially the international ones, take a little interest in the subhuman conditions of many of the poor workers on these sugar plantations?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Wow! does Joao da Silva know what he is talking about?[/quote]

    Sure he does. Being a bribetaker, you must be a big winner.

  • bribetaker

    Wow! does Joao da Silva know what he is talking about? typical comments of brazilian losers.

  • João da Silva


    This is precisiely the reason the Trio wants a debate 😉

  • ch.c.

    But ethanol is truly great and very fashionable these days !
    So much that the sugar price went down sharply during the last 15 months, almost 60 % from the 2006 top.
    Who knows another agbricultural commodity that wernt down as much ? PÀƒ©ease name it !!!!!

    In my view….you should again DOUBLE your production !!!!!!


    And your ethanol mills are Soooooo profitable that Cosan, the largest ethanol producer, has seen its stock prices DOWN well over 33 %
    from May 2006, despite the BOVESPA is up nicely since then !!!!!!

    Ohhhhh….yessssssss…….you should definitely buil more mills too…as planned !!!!!!

    Laugh…laugh…laugh….. !

    You just cannibalIze yourselves !!!!!


  • João da Silva

    Brazil Summit Presents Biofuel as Answer to Planet’s Energy Needs
    Alencar,Gonzlez and Rodrigues? What a trio. They dont need Researchers, Thinkers and Specialists to debate with. They can research,think and specialize in all fields themselves,including Ethanol production. Great folks and they are and the Brazilian public should give free hand to them to implement whatever they think it is good for the world,including Brazil.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]The president of the SÀƒ£o Paulo Sugar Cane Agroindustry Union (Unica), Eduardo Pereira de Carvalho, spoke about the importance of expanding the debate on the matter. “Instead of meeting, presenting our proposals and applauding ourselves, we want to debate with the society through researchers, thinkers and specialists,” explained Carvalho.


    “we want to debate with the society through researchers, thinkers and specialists,” explained Carvalho.”

    Why not include sugar cane cutters too?

    The debate Mr.carvalho is proposing is going to result in nothing.No conclusions will be reached.

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