Brazil’s GDP Grows 4.3% in First Quarter Reaching US$ 307 Billion

Brazilian factory

Brazilian factory Brazil's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the first quarter this year grew by 4.3% compared with the same period in 2006, according to data from the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE). In the whole of last year, the Brazilian GDP increased by 3.7%.

The GDP for the first quarter reached 596.2 billion Brazilian reais (US$ 307 billion). From that amount, 28.7 billion reais (US$ 14.7 billion) came from the agricultural sector, 147.6 billion reais (US$ 76.1 billion) came from industry, and 334.7 billion reais (US$ 172.5 billion) came from the services sector.

The sector that expanded the most, compared with the same period in 2006, was services, at a growth rate of 4.6%, followed by industry, at 3%, and agriculture, at 2.1%.

Promoting Tourism

Meanwhile, the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism, by means of the Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur), will attend international fairs this month in Spain, the United States, England, and China.

The participation of the Embratur in international fairs is a strategy for promoting Brazilian tourism abroad. In the first half of this year, the Institute participated in 23 fairs in 13 different countries, counting on the promotion work of 335 professionals.

The next event to be attended by the Embratur will be the Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE 2007), to be held in China, from June 21st to 23rd. From June 27th to 30th, the Embratur will promote luxury routes at the Luxury Travel Fair, in London, England.

On the 16th and 17th, the Embratur will also be present at the Third Annual Travel Expo (NBC4), in Los Angeles, United States.

Tourism has become Brazil's third largest source of foreign. In 2004, tourism ended up in sixth place. Only iron ore and soybean exports earned more foreign revenues than the tourism sector.

In 2004, for the first time, the number of European tourists who came to Brazil was greater than the number of Latin American tourists.

The increase is attributed to the commercial promotion program begun in 2003 with the National Tourism Plan, when Embratur concentrated on its activities abroad.

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  • Jony

    You oversimplistic mind get you in trouble everytime ch.c.
    The article does have to close the numbers your idiot … This is not a primary school quiz this is complex economics data which the article can not and should not get involved as a regular information agency. You loose perspective of the journalistic view with your imbecilic reasoning…or lack of… A journalist doesnÀ¢€™t have to be an expert about the article he or she writesÀ¢€¦their function is to publish the news!!!
    Look at the difference of an intelligent comment such as the one made by Conceicao… and yoursÀ¢€¦ you get stack on your personal racist problems and you miss the actual point of the article. By the way you are horrible in math and you know it!

  • ch.c.

    to the idiot : Sergio !!!!!!!
    yesssss I typed too fast !

    But not only my typing mistake…was only a typing mistake, the article errors A) were not supposed to be errorsm still not recognized as error and B) I corrected my mistake right away….but nothing so far from your idiots in the government C) I was off by 3 billion…..NOT BY US$ 44 BILLION AND REAIS 85 BILLION !!!!!!

    Viva brazilians, the only people on earth who will remain idiots for……ETERNITY !!!!!!! GUARANTEED !!!!
    Because Brazilians never ever recognize and correct their errors.

  • Sergio

    should read 511 billion….not 514 billion !

    Impressive how “supposed” educated Brazilians…are so BAAAAAAAAAD in basic and simple maths !!!!

    ooops…typing mistake….

    Impressive how “supposed” educated You…are so BAAAAAAAAAD in basic and simple typing!!!!

    Confused and red faced ? Doubtful. Very Doubtful indeed!

  • ch.c.

    ooops…typing mistake….
    should read 511 billion….not 514 billion !

  • ch.c.

    Nice….but CANNOT be correct !
    “From that amount, 28.7 billion reais (US$ 14.7 billion) came from the agricultural sector”

    And roughly stated, 4 quarters woulkd make around US 60 billion.

    Except that is just slightly higher than your annual agricultural exports !

    And Brazilians dont eat at all ???????

    Hmmmmm…enjoy your junk stats !!!!!

    Ohhhhh and US$ 14,7 billion PLUS US$ 76,1 billion PLUS Us$ 172,5 billion…..DONT EQUAL to US$ 307 billion…. but 263 billion !!!!!!!
    And even in Reais, 28,7 billion PLUS 147,6 billion PLUS 334,7 billion…..DONT EQUAL to 596 billion…..but 514 billion !!!!

    Impressive how “supposed” educated Brazilians…are so BAAAAAAAAAD in basic and simple maths !!!!
    Surprised then than nothing works smoothly in your Tropical Mud ?

    Unless the difference is the actual amount of TOTAL CORRUPTIONS !

    Be proud of your (UN)education !!!!

    Viva Brazil !

    Confused and red faced ? Doubtful.

  • conceicao

    Selling another one billion gallons of ethanol annually at the prevailing U.S. price would add .2% to GDP without counting follow-on economic benefits. George Soros just announced investing $900 million in
    Brasilian ethanol production, betting that the U.S. tariff regime would eventually fail. On the one hand, it is great that Brasil can attract this kind of risk capital. On the other, it is a shame that a
    misguided U.S. policy can rob Brasilian entrepreneurs of the kind of high-dollar solid rate-of-return investment opportunity that could ripple throughout the Brasilian economy through reinvestment
    of high rate-of-return profits domestically.

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