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Brazil Loses 6% of Its Foreign Tourists But Makes It Up in Revenue

Baianas in front of Salvador, Bahia, church Foreign visitors to Brazil last year left an estimated US$ 4.3 billion, up 11.77% over 2005, in spite the number actually dropped and the recurrent air traffic problems in Brazilian skies. Last year, according to Brazil's Tourist Board Embratur, the number of foreign tourists reached just over five million, which is 6.3% less that the 5.36 million of 2005, but "foreigners spent more money, remained longer and visited more destinations in the same trip."

Embratur's Research manager José Francisco de Salles Lopes said that the main reason behind the reduction in the number of tourists was the transitory suspension, since July 2006, of until then Brazil's flag carrier Varig which ended bankrupt and was the airline with the highest international flights penetration in the Brazilian market.

"Varig was forced to cut 1.2 million international flights seats because of its financial shortcomings. At the end the other companies came up with an additional 722.000 seats but the deficit or loss of capacity was in the range of 480.000 seats", said Salles Lopez.

On the other hand problems with the Brazilian civil aviation, the chaotic situation generated by repeated work stoppages from air controllers and insufficient airport infrastructure helped to almost collapse the system beginning October 2006.

Of the total number of foreign visitors, 1.97 million came from Europe which remained for the third consecutive year as the main tourist contributor, followed by South America's 1.8 million, which until 2003 had been the leading source of visitors to Brazil. Considered individually, Argentina leads with 921.000 tourists; United States with 721.663 and Portugal, 312.521.



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  • forest Brown

    go to mexico it is safer
    All the bad press put out about brasil police and murder rate,

    the open theft on tourtist and the gringo is the one whom gets the law shoved up its .

    selitive enforcment of laws on forgin persons
    has gotton out of hand and they have been talking to the world on the net

    brasil you have to clean up your act

  • ch.c.

    And that doesnt include yet the regular yearly prices increase…IN tHE REAL CURRENCY !!!!!



    Cheating, lying and hiding the truth is a Brazilian….DAILY WAY OF LIFE !!!!!

  • ch.c.

    WELL SAID…..JAY !!!!!
    Brazil is a Fifth World Country….even for tourism !

    And they got more US$ revenues….SIMPLY BECAUSE THE US$ WENT DOWN AGAINST THE REAL !!!!!!

    Therefore the statement saying ” foreigners spent more money, remained longer and visited more destinations in the same trip.”
    IS A PURE…..LIE !!!!!

  • Jay Glenn

    The World’s Top Tourism Destinations
    (international tourist arrivals)
    rankCountryArrivals (millions)Percent
    2.Spain 50.952.43.16.9
    3.United States
    4.China 33.041.826.75.5
    5.Italy 39.637.1-6.44.9
    6.United Kingdom 24.727.812.33.6
    7.Mexico 18.720.610.52.7
    8.Turkey 13.316.826.22.2
    9.Germany 18.420.19.52.6
    10.Russian Federation 20.419.9À¢€“2.72.6
    12.Canada 17.519.29.22.5
    13.Malaysia 10.615.748.52.1
    14.Ukraine 12.515.624.92.0
    15.Poland 13.714.34.21.9
    16.Hong Kong (China) 9.713.741.11.8
    17.Greece 14.013.3À¢€“5.01.7
    18.Hungary À¢€”12.2À¢€”À¢€”
    19.Thailand 10.111.716.41.5
    20.Portugal 11.711.6À¢€“0.81.5
    22.Saudi Arabia 7.38.617.01.1
    23.Macao (China) 6.38.331.91.1
    25.Egypt 5.77.835.71.0
    Source: World Tourism Organization (WTO). Web: http://www.world-tourism.org .

  • Jay Glenn

    Lets look at reality Numbers for just one US City.
    Visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2006: 44 million (forecast)
    Visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2005: 42.6 million
    Visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2004: 39.9 million
    Visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2003: 37.8 million
    Visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2002: 35.3 million
    Visitors (international and domestic) to New York City in 2001: 35.2 million

    Domestic visitors in 2006: 37 million (forecast)
    Domestic visitors in 2005: 35.8 million
    Domestic visitors in 2004: 33.8 million
    Domestic visitors in 2003: 33.03 million
    Domestic visitors in 2002: 30.2 million
    Domestic visitors in 2001: 29.5 million
    Domestic visitors in 2000: 29.4 million

    Top-producing countries for international visitors to NYC (2005 figures):
    1. United Kingdom 1,169,000
    2. Canada 815,000
    3. Germany 401,000
    4. Japan 299,000
    5. Italy 292,000
    6. France 268,000
    7. Ireland 253,000
    8. Australia 235,000
    9. Spain 205,000
    10. The Netherlands 147,000
    Economic Impact
    Total visitor spending from New York City tourism in 2005: $22.8 billion
    Total wages generated by New York City tourism in 2005: $14.2 billion
    Total NYC jobs supported by visitor spending in 2005: 333,158
    Total taxes generated by visitor spending in 2005: $5.44 billion
    Each New York City household benefited by an average of $541 in tax savings as a result of travel and tourism.

  • bo

    to put things in perspective…
    the STATE of florida last year had 6.5 million FOREIGN tourists, and this has been reduced from 8 million in 2000. (results in increased security after 9-11).

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