Brazil’s Puts Up US$ 1 Billion for Membership In Nuclear Fusion Club

France's ITER Brazil seems determined to join the world's exclusive club of nuclear research and is willing to contribute with a billion US dollars to participate in the ambitious International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, ITER project in France.

According to the well informed daily O Estado de S. Paulo, Brazil is currently negotiating a nuclear cooperation agreement with the European Community which should enable scientific and development research exchange with one of the world's leading groups in the field.

The agreement hopefully is scheduled to be signed some time next October.

"The agreement with the EU opens the way for an even more ambitious Brazilian project which is the integration to the ITER project," said Odair Dias head of the country's National Committee on Nuclear Energy.

Brazil refers to the ITER project as an "exclusive club" undertaking made up of representatives from the European Union, Russia, China, India, Japan and South Korea and is hopeful the EU will give Brazil its support.

The Brazilian government has said it is willing to contribute with a billion US dollars to be part of the project which, in 2014, will mount in Cadarache, France, a reactor to experiment with nuclear fusion and its possible uses for the generation of electricity.

ITER member countries, which are linked to the International Atomic Energy Agency, have a right to make use, without paying royalties of the possible discoveries obtained from the experimental reactor.

Last week Mines and Energy Minister Edison Lobão said Brazil is planning to build 60 atomic energy plants in the next sixty years, and that in coming months work in the Angra III plant, frozen since the eighties, will resume.



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  • CH.C.

    No doubt it is on purpose that your article DID NOT mention the USA…….. ARE ALSO A MEMBER !!!!!

    Reality being :
    “The partners in the project – the ITER Parties – are the European Union (represented by EURATOM), Japan, the PeopleÀ‚´s Republic of China, India, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA.”

    The least honest people on earth are definitely BRAZILIANS.
    And even within the BRIC members, if you pay attention, you are the LAST ONE JOINING THE PROJECT !
    The RIC are already members for quite some time.
    Another proof BRAZIL is the weakest member of the BRIC, the least developed, the least educated, and the ones always at the queue of whatever CLUB you belong to !

    Even in the Mercocsur CLUB, Brazil has the SECOND WEAKEST GDP PPP.

    But you continue to boast yourselves as being…..THE BEST !!!!!

    But Facts are you prove constantly….THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU PRETEND TO BE OR DO !!!!

    Even in tests made by BRAZILIANS in education, YOU ranked YOURSELVES 46th out of 50 !!!!!

    Prove me wrong if you can !

    Ohhhh and in the ITER project you proposed US$ 1 billion. Is that enough…is not told ! Smiles
    Thus eventually the price is HIGHER, even before being accepted in the club !!!!

    You see you already requested a 50 % discount to Russia to put in space a Brazilian astronaut !!!!!
    Therefore your willingness to pay a fair price is more than….DOUBTFUL AND SUSPICIOUS.

    😀 😉 😀 😉

  • CH.C.

    Brazil refers to the ITER project as an “exclusive club”
    One again you BOAST YOURSELVES !!!!

    It is NOT….an exclusive club.

    Everyone interested can JOIN !

    But the price tag is high !

    Quite a difference !

    Incredible how Brazilians are so pretentious.
    Amazingly pretentious.
    Typically Brazilian style.
    No one on earth are as pretentious as YOU are.
    Not even the countries with 30 years advanced technology..than Brazil has !!!!

    You cant even build a simple car or a whole truck by your own….in 2008 !
    India can and do….if you did not know yet !
    By now they are even the owners of Jaguar and Land Rover !
    Ohhh true…you can build the body bases of some buses.
    Thus in your future Nuclear plants you will provide…the cement for the cooling towers, and the necessary workers.

    😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

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