Brazil’s Laundry List of Grievances Against the US

US Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson is received by Brazilian President Lula US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson received a long list of complaints during his visit Wednesday to Brazil's president Luiz Inรกcio Lula da Silva, said Finance Minister Guido Mantega who acted as the spokesperson of the meeting in Brazilian capital Brasร€ยญlia.

Lula reiterated developing countries insistence that only a greater opening and access to the US and European Union markets for farm produce will save the World Trade Organization Doha Round talks on global trade.

"Brazil hasn't given up the Doha Round," said Mantega who revealed that in the last week the Brazilian President had talked with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in an attempt to unlock the Doha round global trade talks.

Mantega said Treasury Secretary Paulson agreed that the Doha Round can still be rescued from definitive failure, but insisted that developing countries should be more flexible regarding industrial goods and services.

However Paulson admitted that the US is intent in elevating the authorized farm subsidies cap to US$ 17 billion and that the less developed countries would like to see the limit at US$ 12 billion.

"But it's a sensitive issue for the US because US farmers have a strong political representation," added Mantega.

Other issues, which President Lula da Silva addressed and complained about included US duties on Brazilian sugar cane ethanol imports and the current system of representation and nomination in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

"Brazil is convinced that emerging economies, some of them larger than those from long established developed countries, must have a greater say as well as more influence in the nomination of World Bank and IMF top officials," said Mantega.



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  • gringo rio

    the level of discourse here is awe inspiring
    Costinha, you are a tower of intellect.

  • ch.c.

    Congo is not in the Amazon !!!!!
    NO !
    The Amazon is in Congo !
    Same shit !

  • bo

    [quote]The Ugly Americans
    written by C.ostinha, 2007-07-12 15:27:20
    Arrogant condescending idiots…. “Welcome to the Congo”

    Nuf Said!

    Costinha [/quote]

    Huh?? You mean the Congo is not in the Amazon?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • forest Brown

    credit check
    as in most old time countries you have to be checked out for a loan
    the world bank should do so ,
    as far a farm well we could stop all food shipments to the countries the money pats for ,
    can brasil pick that up . or would they out of there own pocket
    as far as arrogant americans
    we are put in that box by people that dont understand how hard it is to be a citisen of this country .

    as fatima says you are judged by the goverment you keep , and when that country goverment sets policys that makes the whole world
    mad at you well it takes a strong person to live with the things stupid people say about the US

    while brasil screams at the top of its lungs like a spolied child that wants to be hurd but no one
    pays attition to him

  • C.ostinha

    The Ugly Americans
    Arrogant condescending idiots…. “Welcome to the Congo”

    Nuf Said!


  • bo

    We don’t we…
    just have a policy of reciprocity as far as taxing imports are concerned?? Whattsa matta? Don’t think Brazil would like that one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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